“Phenomenal Woman” – a poem by Maya Angelou

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Maya Angelou – if you haven’t, I recommend researching her.  A phenomenal and inspirational woman.

I’ve recorded one of her poems as a tribute to her and in recognition of her inspiration to all about how powerful women are.  Whether you know a woman or are one – this poem is a recognition of precisely how special you/we are.

Phenomenal Woman -

by Maya Angelou | Lady Jessica, Queen of Dreams

Discovering Obedience

I wrote (and later recorded – see below) this piece not particularly as a trance experience (though if you fall into trance enjoying it, rock on my friend!) but more as a musing on definitions of dominance and submission and how safely engage with and navigate what can seem like a rather overwhelming experience to the uninitiated (exploring the world of domination and the desire to submit).

Submission, when done appropriately can and should be a pleasurable and rewarding experience, and I wanted to offer some simple, generalised guidance for taking those first few steps on what could (and should) prove to be a very exciting journey.  It’s obviously subjective – being based on my own experienced and interpretations – but I sincerely hope it proves to be useful for you and would love to hear your feedback!

Eclipse Of The Mind

So the eclipse happening today (21st August 2017) has been in the news (certainly in the US) a good deal recently.  It sparked an interesting conversation between myself and a dear friend about the parallels between eclipses and hypnosis and to that end we both decided to express our thoughts.  My friend me-chan’s story can be found here: Eclipsed (excellently written and well worth a read!) and I’ve included my own thoughts in a recording for you below.

As always, relax, indulge, enjoy and if you appreciate it and/or have thoughts/comments please do share – makes my day 🙂