What you need to know about serving me...

Disclaimer: Serving me is not a requirement to enjoy my recordings or live sessions with me.  I am first and foremost an erotic hypnotist, however I do offer recordings and sessions which cater to those who are curious about and/or wish to explore their submissive side.


Exploring submission and embracing your submissive desires can be an incredibly pleasurable, and rewarding experience.  It can lead to a new sense of fulfillment and satisfaction as you embrace and accept your true nature in a safe, secure environment.


Something you need to bear in mind: I am not like other hypnoDommes.


I have my own style, my own approach and my own ethics.  I do things my way and you’d do well to take some time to research by reading my blog and listening to my samples and introductory mp3s to make sure that I am what you are looking for.  Genuine submission is a commitment – both to yourself and to me, and it’s not one that is to be taken lightly.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t dip your toe in the water (metaphorically speaking) and undertaking some of the “good boy tasks” as well as engaging in sessions with me and listening to appropriate mp3s and videos (after undertaking the initial research outlined above) will give you a deeper insight into whether submission is something you genuinely wish to pursue with me.

Think carefully – is submission to me what you really want? Be honest with yourself. Do you truly desire to surrender, serve and obey? Are you ready and willing to make sacrifices for me and put my needs and desires before your own?

Genuine, voluntary and honest submission can lead to pleasure and satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams.  It is, however a vocation. It is not a commitment that should be entered into lightly so think carefully and don’t rush in.

Desiring to genuinely serve and surrender is okay. Deciding that you simply prefer the erotic side is okay.  What is important that you are honest with yourself and honest with me. You can please me without choosing to serve me:


Pleasing Me:

For when you are not ready or willing to commit yourself to serving me, but want to show your appreciation for a product or service of mine that you have enjoyed.

This is a simple, easy and welcomed way for you to say “thank you” and can be expressed in a range of ways, including:

  • Tribute
  • Amazon.co.uk gift card
  • Purchase items from my Throne wishlist
  • Leave a review and/or testimonial
  • Email me to tell me how much you enjoyed an mp3/video/Skype session.

Serving Me:

Choosing to serve me is embracing a commitment to put my needs and desires before your own.  In return you will receive deep pleasure and satisfaction as well as the ability to truly engage with your submissive needs and desires.

What You Can Expect From Me:

If I believe that your desire to serve is genuine, then I will invest my time and energy into training you through regular paid Skype sessions (frequency of sessions will depend on your budget and mutual availability) – showing you how you can become a better boy for me.  If at any time I feel the dynamic has shifted and you are placing your needs over and above my own, then I will give you a warning. If the behaviour persists then I will terminate your training with me.

I am a big fan of pleasure and encourage my boys to embrace it.  As I train you, mold you to what I desire and you learn how to be a good boy for me, I will reward you with pleasure.  Your service to me should be a positive and fulfilling experience for both of us.

I will discuss hard and soft boundaries with you as well as mutual expectations around behavior. I may push your boundaries from time to time but I will also respect them and never break them.

You can expect me to be honest with you.  I am blunt, but never aim to be rude (unless it is called for, and odds are you will have received a lot of advanced warning before I resort to being rude).

I want and expect your service to me to be a positive, beneficial and pleasurable experience for both of us. I will never denigrate or humiliate you. I will support and encourage you to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be for me.


What I Expect From You:

Honesty and communication are vitally important and if I feel they are lacking this will be brought to your attention.  If lack of honesty and communication is deemed by myself to be persisting then your service to me will be terminated.

I expect genuine commitment. It is okay to explore and discover that service to me isn’t for you after all. As long as you are polite, respectful and I can see that you applied yourself and and made the effort then I will hold no ill will.

If you do decide that you want to pursue service to me then I expect you to make a regular, consistent effort. To show me that you respect me, show initiative, and put my needs before your own.

Things To Consider:

  • I don’t have “slaves”. I don’t like the term or its connotations.  I expect all my boys to willingly choose to serve me.
  • I am not here to tell you what to do every second of every day. Needy boys are not boys I want to have serving me – get some therapy and reclaim some self respect.
  • I train my boys to be independent, confident and capable of using their initiative to find ways to please/serve me rather than always waiting to be told. My control will liberate and encourage you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.
  • Serving me does not give you the right to demand constant attention from me (see above).  How often communication will take place will be part of a discussion around boundaries when we discuss a personalised submission plan for you. Mutual respect is important.  It does pain me to have to write this but I have had a small but vocal minority who have assumed that contacting me multiple times a day and getting upset if I don’t respond quickly enough (or at all) is appropriate so I want to be clear – it isn’t appropriate and please don’t behave that way. Neediness isn’t attractive and it isn’t an indicator of genuine submission.  I want to support you and improve you but also want to ensure my good nature isn’t taken advantage of. It’s a balancing act.
  • I am a big fan of pleasure. I believe that your service to me should be a positive, pleasurable experience for both of us. I am for a balance that ensures we are both invested and rewarded. I invest my time and skills in training you, and you invest your time and energy in serving and supporting me and also taking care of/improving yourself for me.

Good Boy Tasks:

  • Tributes
  • Amazon.co.uk gift cards
  • Review mp3/video/session
  • Email me a testimonial after a live session
  • Aim to practice at least one act of random kindness every day.
  • Be polite – Not just to me, but to those around you.  If you are going to truly serve me then that also means me taking a certain level of responsibility for you.  As such, your behavior reflects back on me. Manners cost nothing, but they are still worth a great deal.
  • Be the best person you can be – following on from the above point, make an effort every day to be the best possible version of yourself that you can.  If I accept your submission to me then you mean something to me – this means I want the best for you, and want you to shine. Every day is an opportunity to improve yourself, and knowing you are doing so in service to me should give you a warm glow as a bonus.  Learn new skills; practice random acts of kindness and never be afraid to share your successes with me, no matter how small. I want to celebrate them with you.
  • Promote me on appropriate social media platforms and websites (e.g. Twitter and Reddit)
  • Using your initiative and finding ways to please/serve/make my life better without having to ask.

Taking The Next Step:

Intrigued? Curious? Want to know more?  I am happy to answer a few general questions.

If you want to discuss submitting to me in a more in-depth way and what that would look like, then given the investment in my time I will require an appropriate tribute.  I value my skills and my time, and whilst I do absolutely love what I do, “give back” to the hypno community as much as I can and do not want to dissuade people from asking questions about my style/hypnosis in general, I also expect people to be reasonable and respect my time and availability.

Just apply common sense;

If you have a few simple questions, that’s perfectly okay – I am happy to help you and no tribute is expected..

If you have more/in-depth questions that will likely take me more than a few minutes to answer, please consider respecting my time by sending a tribute.

If you want to have an in-depth discussion about serving me, what form it would take for you personally, etc, then yes, a tribute is definitely appropriate.  After all, you wouldn’t expect a lengthy consultation from a doctor or lawyer for free, would you?

At present I don’t have a set requirement for tribute amounts. I appreciate that everyone’s financial circumstances are different and I intend to remain inclusive and accessible so my intention is that you take the time to decide on an amount which reflects the time I have invested and also your own financial circumstances. I’m not a FinDomme or a sadist. I have no intention of causing you financial hardship. But at the same time I have rent and bills to pay and as a professional I deserve to have my time respected.  Don’t you agree?