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Learn more about me, both as a hypnotist and as a person.  Find out more about my style, what makes me tick as well as what sets me apart:

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A professional, seductive erotic hypnotist with a devastating British accent who specialises in successfully hypnotising analytical people and those who have previously struggled to trance.


Here’s what you need to know about me:

Years of Experience: A decade of experience with hypnosis means that I have had ample time to hone my craft and am able to tailor my approach to trance in a unique and successful way.

Specialise in working with analytical and/or difficult to trance subjects:  I absolutely love working with analytical subjects and have posted extensively about this in my blog.

Ethical and Non-Judgemental: As long as your interests are legal and consensual, I do not see it as my place to pass judgement. Besides – if everyone liked the same things life would be very boring indeed!

Unique Style and Approach: I use original and unique inductions to create safe and effective trance experiences. I don’t tend to use countdowns, imagery, progressive relaxation, etc.  I much prefer getting creative and have enjoyed immense success with this approach.

As a hypnotist with many years of experience, I have successfully hypnotised many people including people who have previously struggled to trance. My approach and style are unique (I don’t read from scripts or use “standard” inductions) and I use my experience and abilities to help people just like you easily enjoy all of the pleasure that trance has to offer in a safe, non-judgemental space.

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