I am not your average hypnotist…

Learn more about me, both as a hypnotist and as a person.  Find out more about my style, what makes me tick as well as what sets me apart:

Lady Jessica

Lady Jessica

British Erotic Hypnotist

The Hypnotist

I am an experienced hypnotist who has been practising hypnosis for almost a decade.

My primary specialty is erotic hypnosis (including hands-free orgasms).  Other specialties include working with analytical people and/or those who have previously struggled to trance (I have multiple success stories from clients – some who had been trying to experience trance for 20+ years before they met me).  I also offer HypnoDomme services to clients who are interested in exploring D/s dynamics and are curious about and/or wish to deepen their feelings of submission. Embracing these dynamics is not a requirement for enjoying erotic hypnosis – simply an option that exists and can be explored.

Hypnosis is a genuine passion of mine. I truly do love what I do and I like to think my enthusiasm comes across in my work.  My style is rather unorthodox in that I don’t use “traditional” inductions (progressive relaxation, countdowns, etc). My style is much more liberal and responsive – I tailor every live session I undertake to the needs of the individual I am working with.  My recordings also tend to be much more creative in style.

I am used to working with people who are nervous and happily put you at ease utilising a relaxed, informal conversational style in live sessions. This allows you to allay any nerves by asking questions and “settling in” to the experience at your own pace

You can get a better feel for and understanding of my style by checking out my BLOG and reading about other people’s experiences on the TESTIMONIALS page..

The Person

I may be a Hypnotist and I may also be a hypnoDomme, but first and foremost I am a person.  This is your opportunity to find out a little more about me.

I am a woman (obviously) in her early 30s, originally from the UK who is passionate about many things including travel (hence my recent move to Canada – talk about an adventure!); hypnosis (wake up every day feeling blessed that I get to pursue something I love and get paid for it!); animals (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have no doubt noticed the dog pics I share).

Also a fan of music, art, theater, philosophy (or rather philosophical musings), books/reading/words in general and many other things.

My personality is pretty artistic/creative and this tends to shine through in my work.  I love getting creative with hypnosis sessions as opposed to following “traditional” inductions.

Personality wise I am somewhat of an extroverted introvert – sounds like a contradiction but essentially I am generally very outgoing, friendly, warm and approachable but I also enjoy time to myself to re-charge my batteries as it were.  I don’t “need” other people’s company or constantly crave it. On the contrary I value my time and invest it in those whose company I enjoy.

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