Below is a selection of testimonials from satisfied clients who have enjoyed live hypnosis sessions with me (both video and text). I specialise in working with analytical subjects and those who have previously struggled to trance. My style and induction techniques are unique and highly effective, but you don’t have to take my word for it…simply keep reading

After a long time between live sessions, I got to have another with Lady Jessica, and I’m amazed at how long I was able to wait before indulging in deep pleasure and deep trance from a spectacular hypnotist.
My mind missed the one-on-one attention she gives so well, slipping easier into her control than I thought I would after so long. Just the sound of her voice would’ve been enough, but she used several beautiful toys that induced me wonderfully, including a lovely crystal ball that captured my focus intensely, as if I was the ball resting in her comforting hands.
I wanted to go deep for as long as I was able, and it felt like she fulfilled that hope thoroughly, with one of the deepest, most pleasure-filled experiences I’ve had all year, and I can feel it lingering or strengthening from this point.
Thank you again, Lady Jessica, for the grace of your hypnotic spell.

This morning I had the pleasure of enjoying a two-hour Skype session with Lady Jessica. Being an analytical type, I’ve always been described as a difficult subject.
I became aware of Her several months ago, when I noticed on Her web site that She “specialized” in analytical subjects. Since then I’ve purchased a number of sessions and found Her voice, Her skills, and Her approach to be unique. With each session, I felt more comfortable, more willing to be led, and I began to realize that my previously insatiable need to keep track of things was gradually, meekly giving way to Her voice. And then in one session, “Mental Cleanse”, I learned that being analytical did not have to be a handicap. If you are analytical, get this session. Period.
Then there was “The Dance.” This session is truly amazing. When it was over…. well, when I finally regained my senses… it was a feeling I’d never quite had before. I’d come close over the years, but never like this. My analytical mind had truly given way to Her voice, and I had simply followed wherever She led me, never wondering or questioning where we were going or even where we had been. Soon thereafter I made the appointment with Lady Jessica Herself, to see how I would respond in real life.
I was not nervous as such as we began. She had already gotten past my analytical mind in “The Dance”, and I was eager to see how much more potent Her voice might be in real life, speaking to me personally.
We chatted for a while about my past experiences and my progression with Her sessions. We spoke of analysis and indicators. And then, in mid-conversation, I became dimly aware that I seemed to be blinking a lot. Wasn’t that an indicator? Well, yes, it was, and the conversation became decidedly one-sided. My analytical mind was nowhere to be found as Her voice wrapped itself around me and gently pulled me down into trance. I had been sitting upright in my chair as we’d talked. When my eyes opened I was leaning against the back of the chair, feeling wonderful. Moments later I was actually triggered into a trance, I think again in mid-sentence.
It went on from there. We would chat, I would fall, She would gently tinker in my mind and bring me back. This happened a number of times, and each time it felt better and better. And each time I gave in, I wanted it more. She even gave me a few physical suggestions, which I (later) found myself responding to with no internal debate or decision. Nothing I can say could convey the joy I felt as She proved to me, repeatedly, that I can, in fact, trance quickly, easily, and deeply for Her.
The Lady is gracious, pleasant, attractive, intelligent, caring, humorous, attentive, and quite adept at convincing an analytical mind to just let it happen as She lulls you into trance.
If you are an analytical sort, get “Mental Cleanse”. Let Her teach you about what being analytical means to Her. Then get “The Dance”, and allow Her to lead. Then make a Skype appointment and prepare to be blown away.
A very analytical, very grateful subject.

a few thoughts…..
I have recently enjoyed the pleasure of another session with Lady Jessica, but my first in awhile. I wondered if the time away might have affected my ability to trance
but if anything it seemed the other way. Jessica’s artful hypnosis was fast, powerful and the feelings were sublimely peaceful. If you allow yourself to get to a certain depth
It just feels so amazing to have lady Jessica ride passenger and pour her special brew of hypnotic whispers in your ear. I do not know if all wine gets better with age
but I can say that trancing with Jessica certainly does. I think I mentioned to Jessica that her voice was like a warm massaging blanket wrapped around my brain at one point.
A very pleasurable session, I like to ask that Jessica use different objects in her inductions. She grabbed a white mechanical pencil and I was under quickly. She is like a
high performance mental sports car and she has thrown you the keys. The session can be tailored to your wishes, you set the agenda or give it over to Jessica as she is
quite content on taking you on a trip.
The contention that trancing with Jessica gets better with time is absolutely true. I have noticed the quickness and depth adjust over time. My response to Jessica has increased considerably
over time, but I still like the slow conversational trances that Jessica is so good at. My problem now is staying awake long enough to fully enjoy. The progression just keeps feeling better and better.
If you are looking for a great time with a gifted and ethical hypnotist and are curious, do yourself a big favour and have a chat with Jessica.

Thought I’d share a few thoughts on my last session with Lady Jessica. I really enjoyed taking the opportunity to go with a non structured format that had us morphing from one topic and idea that would give rise to another as the momentum carried. We did engage in one curiosity of mine which was to see if I could resist trance. hoo boy, thought I was doing alright for awhile but I vaguely became aware of blowing a small spit bubble at one point in one of the dreamiest deepest and most pleasurable trances I have experienced. Someone once said It really does get bet better and better. The trust grows, the familiarity increases and the communication leads to another level of experience.

One of the biggest changes I have noticed as our sessions have progressed is the increased depth and stability of the trance. I feel like l really have some elbow room to look around inside the experience, this is amazing once you can get to a place where you can bliss out, what a wonderful therapeutic experience by itself. Jessica guides you a wonderful depth into the hypnotic mist and sets you adrift, allowing you to explore the possibilities. When I am in trance Jessica’s caressing voice my tether to the outside world., I think of a parent letting go for the first time of the handlebars teaching their child to ride. Powerful.

I also wanted to experience some text trancing and arranged to start our session with this. Loved it and in typical Jessica fashion I have no idea how it worked. I am curious though if it would have had the same effect if this was the first thing I ever did with Jessica. I have a feeling i may have started 3 quarters in the bag just knowing jessica was behind the words. I expected long paragraphs and directions. Instead, the sentences were brief and very powerful. The trance was fast and effective and a lot of time seemed to have passed for the texting done. Jessica instinctually understood where we were at all times in the process and what was freaky was as I strarted to slip into trance Jessica immediately realized what was happening and was instructing me to go deeper. Well done and very enjoyable.

Looking back, it guess it best to simply think of Miss Jessica as a personal guide with the keys to get you to your happy place and let you run. She respects her clients and it is a safe and fun space. definitely addictive.


Overall as I said on the chat, it was a great session. You really know what you are doing (coming from a guy who has tried and failed countless times to trance).

In more detail, what I enjoyed:
  • The type of induction you used worked well on me. The description of “letting it happen” worked automatically. I found myself reading that phrase over and over and dropping more and more. Subsequently I was focusing on the screen and your words automatically
  • That you enquired what I wanted to get out the trance while I was under. It leads one to being honest I suppose 😛 
  • The deepeners worked well. In particular the idea of being blank, which I really enjoy
  • Overall how you incorporated the feedback received live into the session was great
  • The trigger is a nice little addition
Some (small) points for improvement:
  • I did enjoy our initial chat, but became a bit impatient at the point where we were discussing the definition of trance. Maybe it is because I have read up a bit around hypnosis that I thought you were stating some “obvious” points. 10 minutes later I was deeply under for you so that impatience was short lived. Also you couldn’t really have known what I know / don’t know about trance
  • Maybe it was the time lag on skype but on some instances I was awaiting a response from you for c. 30 seconds or so. I cared less when I was hypnotized but before hand it was also making me slightly impatient
As said, these small points did little to the overall great experience. Also appreciate the Twitter shoutout 🙂 

I have had some experience with hypnotic domination in in the past but i have never had such a positive and pleasurable experience before. Lady Jessica fills the experience with positive and empowering emotions. She makes submission deeper and at the same time self esteem higher. She is making me a better person to better serve Her.

I have been trancing with Lady Jessica for over a year now. And each time, I think it won’t work. But, no matter how long I take between sessions, Lady Jessica has had no problem taking me under.
Every session has been better than the last. If I could, I would live inside Lady Jessica’s amazing voice. In my most recent session, she managed to get me to be unable to remember how to masturbate, which is pretty impressive since masturbation has been a chief hobby of mine for a number of years.
If you’ve been curious about hypnosis, or have been trying to go under but unable to, I highly suggest a live session with Lady Jessica. She is not intimidating, and wants what is best for you. Just know that she will be in complete control and you will freely and happily and eagerly give her that control.
She has brainwashed and reprogrammed my mind into a much better place than it was a year ago.
M Jones

It had been a while since I’d had a session with Lady Jessica. I’d been listening to the mp3’s, because I enjoy Lady Jessica’s voice, but it wasn’t putting me into a deep trance. And then, one day, when I was going through an old hard drive I found the Scarlet Nails video, and it almost immediately put me into a powerful trance, reminding me of the power of a live session. Since it was my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a two-hour Skype session. 
I was soon put into a deep trance and reminded all over again how much control Lady Jessica, and her voice, have over me. It had been a long time, but it was no problem for her to take control of my mind and put me under. Her voice makes it so easy to be seduced. I could listen to it all day, and I would, if I thought I wouldn’t soon starve to death and have to live under a bridge. 
The power of her voice is something I could almost physically feel. It was some sort of magic, the way my body would surrender and let her voice bring me to several mindgasms, not to mention certainly the best orgasm I’ve ever had on my birthday. I don’t know how she does it, but I’m not complaining. 
M Jones

I have had the pleasure now of enjoying two sessions with Lady Jessica and what others have been saying is absolutely the truth . A live session is something else, nothing like a tailored

Induction and she makes it seem so effortless to take you down.
I found the second session improved my trance depth and my responsiveness to
Induction considerably. She had me up and down at will. What I found was great was her willingness to speak frankly on any questions that I had and use this as a practical learning opportunity and a chance to trance as she demonstrated her point.
The way she can sneak up and take you
While just talking with you is amazing
Once she captures your attention you are in a precarious position to be mentally rag dolled (in a good way of course).
I should point out that like others have said, boundaries are always respected
And Jessica makes the session a safe and equally important a very fun experience.
Make sure you warm up your imagination
For the session and prepare for something special


There are so many wonderful testimonials here to this amazing Lady. The words that others have written in her praise are what convinced me that I absolutely NEEDED to have a Skype session with Lady Jessica. They tell a consistent story of a woman who can, through the power of her spoken words and her presence, draw people like me to her, and have them offering themselves to her service. And these testimonials are from articulate, expressive, and creative men (or should I say boys?) who have been captivated by her. That she can elicit such praise from these analytical people, convinced me that she could be the one to take me into trance.
I hope, that if you are reading this on her website, and wondering if she can do the same for you, that I can play my part in convincing you.
I’ve been fascinated by hypnosis for a long time. I’ve watched endless videos, and also tried in person hypnosis. Pleasant enough, but really, nothing doing. There was always that awareness, that little cynical voice, watching and commenting. But Lady Jessica was different from the start. I came to the session with high expectations. The testimonials were out of this world. Watching her videos, I could see how *that* voice, *those* hands and face, could draw me in.
And so it was. From her light and easy manner at the start, setting me at my ease, she made the session an absolute pleasure. I stumblingly tried to explain to Lady Jessica what I was looking for, but I have the feeling she knew from the start. When she explained to me a little of how she approached things, I understood how important the Skype face-to-face setting was. When she can see you, she can see the micro signs that show your response, and can work with that, reinforcing where needed. Within a VERY short time, I knew that things were different here. I had a focus I had not felt before. I felt physical sensations I had not felt before, an almost magnetic feeling of my gaze being captured (captivated?) through to the the absolute rush that overtook me to hear her say “good boy”. Feelings of sublime pleasure. And mindgasms that shook my body.
And can I say, a feeling of powerful attraction? This attraction feels like a rich and deep thing. It is a force that pulls you closer, that makes you want to serve this gorgeous Lady, that makes you want to please her, to earn (and not just hear) those words “good boy”. How can it be that in little over an hour, I felt already that some part of me belongs to her? Three days later, I still feel that, and that’s powerful.
I know that I will go back to her. I need to feel her take me down again. I know I have a lot to learn from her. I know we have barely started and I need to know how deep this can become.
If any boys out there have doubts, put them from your mind. Did I say “your” mind? Lady Jessica will take your mind and make it hers.

I’m a guy who recently tried hypnosis for the first time of my life and it was a very enjoyable experience. I was skeptic at first, and as a person working in a tech field and whom are equipped with a rather analytical mindset, that is almost constantly thinking about something and anything, I was very unsure if I even could be properly tranced and hypnotized. But as my previous testimonial can testify, it works rather well. Lady Jessica has plenty of experience working with analytical people, and it really shows on her skills. 🙂
In any case, I had the pleasure of experiencing a new session for 2 hours with Lady Jessica during the weekend.
After a pleasant conversation she got me in trance again without much resistance from my side and this time we started to go a little deeper and find about my wishes and wants fro my life. Now some of these aspects that I got into were not “erotic” but rather topics on my life and how I live it….to put it that way. But Lady Jessica made me feel more confident on the matters that I brought up, which is a great gift of hers.
She repeated a few of the triggers from the last session as well as new ones. All pleasant experiences. 🙂
At one point of our session, after getting me out of trance, we also played a “special” version of “Truth or dare”, where “Truth” meant that I in example had to share some past experience from my life and the “Dare” meant that I had to remove a piece of clothing, but my mind would not be aware of the latter until each time I heard the trigger word “Dare”. All being said and done, Lady Jessica cleverly made sure I ended up completely naked and that I told a few things from my life that I actually haven’t shared with many people. I’m still debating wether or not my mind actually knew all along that that “Dare” meant removal of clothing or if I actually was in the dark while we were playing the game, maybe it’s just the personal pride part of my mind that don’t want to admit that it got slightly manipulated when I was in trance. 😉
There are more to tell, but some aspects needs to be between Lady Jessica and myself.

All in all, I can absolutely recommend booking sessions with Lady Jessica if you want to experience something unique and very pleasant.


I am five minutes removed from a session with Mistress—and, hoooooooooly shit. Amazing in 100 different ways. I’ve had sessions with others in the field, but nothing close to this. First, it took me about, oh, 3 minutes to start going under. The hand motions, the voice, the comfort, care, compassion. Then, she — it’s almost hard to explain how electrifying it was. Mistress gave me several triggers. And I’ve long been a skeptic of triggers. No longer. At one point, I was on the floor kneeling. How? I’m still not entirely sure. She makes you want to give in, to be the best boy, to please her while also caring for yourself. In many ways, that’s what takes her to a next level. She actually worries/concerns herself with your well-being. It’s not merely about her. It’s about finding fulfillment, enlightenment, betterment. Seriously, out of 10 stars I’d give Mistress 1,000.


The effects still linger from my session with Lady Jessica two days ago – I remain aware of that vast unconscious lake just beneath my thin crust of consciousness. Thinking back on it, I can still feel traces of profound mental and spiritual calm, carrying over into the physical as well.

There was no “induction,” per se (we owe the use of that word to Anton Mesmer, who believed he was magnetizing people). Lady Jessica, hypnotic master that she is, merely watches for the hints, the nearly imperceptible signs of trance beginning to develop, and then encourages and amplifies these, gently guiding me into deeper and deeper states of trance, of hypnosis. I was fully aware of it happening, and felt great pleasure in the process itself.

I had expressed a desire to be able to go beyond the “floor,” the perceived barrier that, in my experience, has always kept me from going way deep without limit. Anchored by Lady Jessica’s wonderful hypnotic voice, I was able to go a long way in that direction (and I expect even more the next time). The problem is, I believe, being able to shed the last vestiges of consciousness, not even thinking anymore “How deep am I now?” or “How can I go even deeper?” or trying to make myself go deeper. Instead, by giving myself completely over to Lady Jessica’s control, I can simply hear her, and things simply happen, without me having to do or think anything (the doing and thinking is the conscious part that gets in the way and keeps things from happening). I am anchored by a firm hand and mind, rather being adrift in that vast unconscious.

It was so comforting, reassuring, and (yes!) arousing, to surrender to that control, to let her drive, with me just there, mind and body automatically responding to her words.

This was beyond what I had previously experienced (I am very familiar with hypnosis) and I feel like I cannot wait to be back in that place.

A Milky Way full of stars (I don’t think Yelp or Amazon has that option)!


This is my 100% bona fide honest testimonial of my very recent session with Lady Jessica, in July 2019. 

I’m a young guy in my 30’s. I booked a session not really sure what to expect. I had no previous experience with any kind of hypnosis before my session with Lady Jessica so this was all very new to me, although I had read a little about hypnosis. ​
One might say that I was a tad skeptical but openminded. I knew that hypnosis in general can work, but I was not sure it could work on me. ​
I can now delightfully testify that hypnosis absolutely works really well. Lady Jessica made me feel relaxed not long into the session and somehow she got me into trance before I even knew it really. And the trance eventually got deeper and deeper, and I felt very relaxed and strangely open and compliant to suggestions and triggers. She told me many times that I was a good boy, which always somehow made me feel warm and giddy inside. All the triggers that were deployed during our session seemed to work well on me, some stronger than others but all of them worked quite well. Lady Jessica made the session feel very safe and made me feel good about everything that was going on. She has a very alluring, warm and soothing voice and wonderful personality, as well as a nice and fun laughter that can sometimes feel a bit teasing, but in a very good way that makes you feel nice and fuzzy. She is never out to “get” you or humiliate you in a way that will make you feel awkward, stupid or sad, she is all about pleasure, fun, humor and positive exploration. She will of course seek out to get you out of your comfort zones and to explore perhaps supressed desires and fantasies, but only if you agreed to explore, she puts you in charge and makes you feel good about it all. ​
Just an example of Lady Jessica’s alluring and warm character; To my huge surprise she somehow detected that I have a slightly buried submissive side, and when she mentioned it made me blush a little bit, because I didn’t mention anything about this before or session. It made me blush because it is admittedly true but I had somewhat buried that fact about me, or so I thought! This is one example of how Lady Jessica can make you open up about things that just might get you to blush but also feels absolutely wonderful. I strongly suspect this is a skill that not many hypnotists truly master, but to me Lady Jessica is a true master of her craft. 🙂
Oh, and at the end of our session together, while I was in deep trance, she masterfully got me to remove all of my clothes, but she made sure that I was still in full control of the situation and could opt out. But her positive encouragement and wonderful attitude, made it feel very safe to strip off everything and get naked. And this was in our very first session together, that’s how good she is at this! 🙂 ​
So to conclude; I can *highly* recommend booking sessions with Lady Jessica, for any man or woman who are curious and wants to experience hypnosis, especially erotic hypnosis. It will blow your mind and open a whole new exciting universe for you to explore. You will be in safe hands with Lady Jessica and she will quickly make you feel good about yourself no matter what happens during the session. ​
As for me I will book more sessions with Lady Jessica, that is for sure! 🙂

I had my first session with Lady Jessica a handful of days ago and it was probably the best experience I could say I have ever had in a very long time. leading up the session I was very nervous… I couldn’t even pickup my glass of water without noticing how much I was jittery and I would say for the first few minutes of the session I was an internal mess of emotion.

Not too long after having a conversation and sort of learning her methods etc. something happened. I don’t really know how to accurately describe it but the best thing I could say is that whatever she was saying to me suddenly made me feel really relaxed, My face felt like it was attempting to wrinkle up on itself and after a little longer my memory of the specifics sort of meshes up into a very pleasurable blob. to put it simply I felt amazing and even after the session had ended I was still feeling very amazing for some time afterward.

I very much would plan on having future sessions with her to explore even more possibilities.


I just had my first session with Lady Jessica. I was worried about my ability to be tranced, and consider myself overly analytical, which drew me to her. I wasn’t disappointed. She had me in trance in about 10 minutes, and about 20 minutes after that I had my first hands-free orgasm. I was quite surprised how suddenly she is able to bring them on. They started small but then got stronger. Now we are exploring my submission and whether I can be one of her boys.


It’s simple. 

Who could possibly argue with the proposition that modern life too often consists of a complicated concoction of brow-furrowing stress and fist-clenching anxiety amid the constant clanging of mobile devices and honking flocks of motorized scooters terrorizing the faceless pedestrians crowding the sidewalks in search of the elusive bazaar that peddles in tonics of calm and tinctures of nap?
I couldn’t. 
Yet, by pure coincidence, as of late morning today, my mental status was that of a brain floundering in complexity and searching for that very same elusive bazaar.  
I needed hypnosis. 
Simple hypnosis. 
So I fired up the secret email account to which I, and only I, have access, and I launched an email rocket into cyberspace, course set for Planet J.  
After the usual pleasantries, my email got right down to business: “By any chance would you happen to be available for a skype session?”
You see, while we don’t need to discuss what I do for a living, it’s important for purposes of this testimonial that you understand that my calendar typically resembles a colony of frantic fire ants ruining appointments, marauding luncheons, and carrying off crumbs of rescheduled meetings like miniature funeral processions.  I’m a busy guy.  It’s hard to predict when I can pop home for a hypno-sesh. 
My beautiful wife, who, for reasons we won’t dive into, is blissfully unaware of my little trancey adventures, is equally busy, and, unless I’m in perfect harmonic convergence with her active calendar, I never quite know when she is going to pop home and inspire premature ejectment from a hypno-sesh.  That has happened.  Ugh. 
Hence, I’m generally stuck reaching out to Lady J on extremely short notice when time windows magically appear like quantum particles in the linear accelerator of my work day.  I try to be polite and considerate about these short notice requests because let’s face it, who wants to be bothered like that. 
Please take note – Lady J is extremely cool about scheduling on the fly.  If she’s not available, she politely informs me at her first convenient opportunity.  If she’s available, then all of sudden, life is really fucking great and just thinking about it makes my legs tingle in anticipation of my nervous system being wrapped in the cozy blanket of happy trance. 
Today, Lady J answered my email in the affirmative. 
I can hear Marv Albert’s voice in my head after a LeBron trey.
Within minutes, Lady J and I were video-chatting about her new attention-seeking rescue cat. 
Imagine being that cat, listening to Lady J hypnotize people all day.  That friggin cat must be perpetually stoned out of its mind, that is when it’s not being knocked asunder by a cavalcade of mindgasms. 
Lady J told me the cat falls off the couch.  Well, of course he does.  The little guy is as hypnotized as the stone sphinxes guarding Egyptian pyramids. 
Anyway, Lady J’s voice is, essentially, my catnip.  Her voice rolls me over and scratches my furry belly.  I can’t vouch for anything I do in trance, but I wouldn’t rule out purring. 
Lady J asked me what I wanted from the session.  I normally struggle with that question because, let’s face it, none of us really knows what the fuck we truly want out of life.  But, I didn’t struggle with an answer this morning.  I needed simple.  I told her I was stressed and needed to de-stress.  I needed to get centered.  I needed my brain at half-court, mid-field, and the 50 yard line. 
“Understood,” she said.
Then she started moving her hands.  She knows what that does.  I know what that does.  My conscious knows.  My subconscious knows.  Every part of my body knows.
I go down.
It’s simple. 
So she moved her hands and, for all I know, she probably said a whole bunch of things, none of which mattered, and I went down and I went down fast. 
It is truly amazing how effective Lady J is at getting me into trance.  Grand pianos tossed out of skyscrapers fall earthbound more slowly than me dropping when Lady J decides it’s time for me to plunge. 
Going into trance felt incredibly great. 
Once I was in that incredibly great feeling trance, Lady J went to work de-stressing my brain.  She dropped me deeper and deeper and filled my body with exquisite pleasure and relaxing suggestions.  She invoked rushes of spine-tingling delight and toe-curling glee.  She gave me thunderous orgasms and stormy mindgasms.  She woke me up and dropped me back down a number of times.  She gave me an easy trigger I can use to help me relax whenever I want.  (Just tried it.  Works like a charm.)
Her style works extremely well for us analytical types.  You should know that Lady J employs a gentle, conversational style of fractionization.  Before long, I generally have difficulty distinguishing between being awake and in trance.  By around the mid point of our sessions, it’s generally impossible for me to converse even when she wakes me up vigorously because a few syllables of her voice, or the slightest movement of her hands, bats me straight into the hypno-bleachers like a Cody Bellinger uppercut fence jumper.  
So, all in all, this was another fantastic session.  I highly recommend skype sessions with Lady J.  My unsolicited advice to you, young man, is to quit monkeying around and cease your lollygagging.  Sign up and have a wonderfully pleasant and mindblowing magic carpet ride on the elegant wind of Lady J’s voice.
It’s simple. 

Language is flawed.

Armed with only a lead pencil, it endeavors to draw the limitless palette of hues that color reality. Good luck with that. While language might present some crude shapes and rough forms, it profoundly fails to paint the vibrant depth of tone and tint that we experience here in the real world.

In other words, how could one possibly recount in an accurate fashion how fucking great it feels to be tranced by Lady J?

There’s no way.

It defies description.

Nonetheless, you, the reader, didn’t come here to commiserate on the shortcomings of syntax or to wallow in my silly gibberish.

You seek some insight into Lady J’s mesmerizing skills and hypnotic abilities. You want facts. You need information. You’re trying to decide whether to part with your hard-earned money and try a skype session. Or maybe you’re a lazy trust fund beneficiary and it’s not about the money. You just don’t want to waste your abundant time when you could be frolicking on the deck of your yacht or dancing on the cash registers of Rodeo Drive.

Here are the facts:

Lady J could hypnotize a rhino into thinking it’s a butterfly, a pebble into thinking it’s a mountain, and Two Buck Chuck into thinking it’s Dom Perignon.

Lady J could hypnotize a shark into thinking it’s a goldfish, a dish towel into thinking it’s a tuxedo, and Godzilla into thinking he’s Little Bo Peep.

I’m not kidding.

Lady J can hypnotize me at the drop of a hat, as if a gust of Parisian wind blew a chapeau off the top of the Eiffel Tower and over the Seine for a soft twirl of a landing on the glass pyramid that guards the Louvre. (A moment of silence for I.M. Pei, s’il vous plait.)

Lady J has frequently reminded me that it gets better each time.

She is correct. It does.

Our latest skype session was awesome. She knocked me so deep again and again that I could barely speak each time she woke me up. If you think my testimonials are rambling sidewinders of incoherent psychobabble, you can only imagine what pops into my mind immediately after being submerged in Lady J’s figurative swimming pool of hypnotic elixir. Yet, towards the end of this last session, she batted me into trace with a few hand motions and, if I recall correctly, gave me some sort of wakey wakey suggestion because when she brought me up, the fog vaporized immediately and the cold water of clear thought doused my awareness. I woke the fuck up like no one’s business.

And then, because my sub-conscious had dutifully followed her instructions, she rewarded me with a “good boy” (i.e. brain candy) and a planet-rattling mindgasm.

All of which left me … speechless.



Recently had my first session with Lady Jessica. It was absolutely wonderful. I did a little pre training with some of her files, but don’t think they are necessary as she is that good. She enjoys the more conversational induction and gets to know you through the process. Pleasure is her trademark, but I have the feeling she can adapt very easily should the time arise. We just scratched the surface and I am looking forward to progressing together. Thank you.



That is all that went and is still going through my mind ater a wonderful session with Lady Jessica.
She combined my love of fractionation with her pleasure and it was 1 hell of ride. Every session is getting better and better.


It was a long time.  Work and travel got in the way and prevented me from having a session with Lady J for a few months.  Recently, at long last, I managed to secure a short time window for another flight into the hypnotic cloud bank.  I reached out, and, as luck would have it, she was available.  I jumped at the opportunity to just do it as if I were wearing Air Jordans lined with flubber and holy fucking shit am I glad I just did it. 
I have to be honest though.  I did harbor some doubts.  It had been a while.  I felt relatively stressed.  My job often involves high stakes and things can get a little chippy.  As we connected over skype, I wondered, in my chippy state, if Lady J’s hypnotic prowess would work as potently after months. 
Yes, I wondered .. for all of about ten seconds.  
As soon as we started exchanging pleasantries, she moved her hands in that mesmerizing manner and my legs started to tingle with soothing electricity, which is the surefire signal that my brain is about to catapult into the soporific stratosphere.  I recall slurring something along the lines of “Oh no, the hands,” and the next thing I knew I was a weather balloon elevating through the cumulonimbus of my subconscious.
It defies logic to be falling deeper and deeper into trance, yet simultaneously feel as if you’re lifting into the heavens like a rocket on the verge of breaking free from the earth’s gravitational pull.  Hypnosis can do that.  I’m a little fuzzy on what exactly was happening while I was in trance, but Lady J woke me up a few times and, at one point, I recall telling her that I felt like a kite and her voice was the string.  
I also recall her waking me up and asking me what I needed.  I have a feeling I was still pretty tranced out and she was fractionating the living hell out of me.  I managed to whisper: “peace of mind,” which was the most truthful statement I have ever uttered. 
Lady J could have said, “your wish is my command,” because she is most certainly in command of the proceedings and I was most certainly wishing.  But, instead, she just got right down to it and diligently delivered a most beautiful dose of hypnotic tranquility.  I have no idea what she did or how she did it.  I do know it felt great. 
That alone was well worth the price of admission.  But, Lady J is not content to merely meet her quota and call it a day. 
No, she kept going and going and going, and the deeper I fell, the higher I soared.  She zapped me with pleasure and mindgasms and wrapped me in a word blanket of gentle bliss.  It was exactly what I needed.
As an aside, you know, when I call our sweet little family dog a “good girl”, she wags her tail in Pavlovian canine glee.  Whereas, when Lady J calls me a “good boy,” I squeeze my gluteus maximus in the desperate hope that I can grow a tail and wag it in hypnotic subject glee.  Just saying. 
Anyway, Lady J is an amazing hypnotist.  Her voice is aural gunpowder that will ignite your mind in an explosion of conscious defying rapture.  I enjoy skype sessions with her.  I’m confident that anyone other than maybe Attila the Hun would as well.  If that doesn’t interest you, I guess stick to pillaging and plundering Eastern Europe.  Each to their own.  

I say this every time, but this was the best session yet. I was worried it wouldn’t work, because it had been so long since my last session, and I was too busy to listen to the mp3’s as much as I would have liked. I needn’t have worried. Within moments of hearing Lady Jessica’s voice, I was in a deep trance, my neck flopped to the side, pleasure coarsing through my body as her voice took control. She must have taken me deep, because I lost all track of time. She got me so horny I masturbated to climax only half way through the session. It didn’t matter though, because she gave me two more orgasms before the session was finished. I thought she had gone over by many minutes, but when the call ended, somehow only an hour had passed. 
I first took the leap with Lady Jessica because I wanted to see if I could be hypnotized at all. I read that she was good with analytical subjects. Well, here it is three months later, and I no longer have any doubts that I am being deeply hypnotized. Lady Jessica is brainwashing me to be a better person, not just in our sessions, but in my every day life. By submitting to her, I am becoming a better person for everyone else I run into, every day.
Marmaduke Jokes

Dear Mistress Jessica: Once again, a hypnotic session with you has left me with a profoundly altered sense of what my personal reality looks like. I’ve gone from being a typical male sub, interested only in the fantasy of submission, to a new, more thoughtful sub, with a meaningful goal and purpose of being of service to you. Now I am working to be worthy of such submission, by doing the things you have taught me: having more confidence, seeking out ways to be an independent, willing sub versus a degraded slave, and making a conscious choice to submit and obey. You were right; the reality of submission to you is far superior to the fantasies of submission that I have been carrying around for so long. I am looking forward to growing in my submission to you over many sessions to come!


Every hypnosis session I’ve had with Lady Jessica has been better than the last. She’s helped me get past my resistance, and my analytical nature, and has proven to me beyond a doubt that I can be hypnotized.

Saying all that, I was not prepared for my latest session. It had been a month since my last session, and I was worried it might not work. But was I wrong. This session took me so deep so fast I don’t know what hit me. It made me feel like our previous sessions had been child’s play. Like it has all been a set up leading up to this.

Lady Jessica is a very skilled hypnotist. She is very nurturing, and only wants what is best for you. She very much knows what she is doing. She will put you under her spell and you won’t even know it. Make no mistake, she will get inside your head, and take control of you, and you won’t care, because it will feel so good, and then she will simply own you, and there will be no going back.

She is the real deal.


I just completed my second session with Lady Jessica. I didn’t know what to expect going into a second session because honestly I’ve never had a second session with a hypnodomme. I had never experienced the level of trance Lady Jessica took me into in our first session, so I had never felt compelled to follow up with a second session in the past.

I went even deeper this time and Lady Jessica took over my mind.

I feel levels of submission to her I did not know was possible. I feel pleasure I’ve never felt before. I now know my true purpose, and it is all because Lady Jessica helped me unlock it while in trance.

I am looking forward to my next session with Lady Jessica which will certainly be soon!


I took the plunge in December of last year and booked my first live session with Lady Jessica.  I was skeptical and nervous, and wasn’t sure it would work. Well, it worked almost immediately. It is now two months later I and I have had several sessions now with Lady Jessica. And I can honestly say it gets better every time. This time she gave me a number of orgasms, and got me to play with myself without me even being aware of it, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I’m sort of fuzzy about. 
I can’t wait for my next session, as each session has been better than the last. I can’t wait to see what’s next!
Marmaduke Jones

Another amazing 2 hour session with Lady Jessica passed and i still want more.

As usual she dropped me in matter of moments. Now until now she administered pleasure but it was always relaxing bliss in the form of tingles. Oh boy not this time. She started talking about immediately felt something was different this time, my breath started to increase and arousal grew instantly. Every single time she mentioned something around surrendering control, pleasure or being submissive this increased. This is the first time i ever felt something like this and the feeling is just indescribable. Just pure pulsing uncontrollable pleasure.
The rest of the session was a lot gentler cause i was well…worn out. Lots of bliss, relaxation and a pleasure pulse once a while just as reminder who is control. hint: it is not me.

Today’s session was breakthrough.
Having had multiple sessions now with Lady Jessica i knew she was a pro but i kept doubting myself. I talked with Lady Jessica about this and we agreed to do a lighter session so my body could learn to respond better. A day before i listened to some of her files and found that pleasure for me means very pleasant tingles and i told her that, and boy did she made use it.

The session started and even tough i tried to look away from those oh hypnotic hands, i couldn’t help but feel attracted to them and down i went. As agreed we started small, just tingles spreading through my body, slowly increasing. She brought me up and dropped me down multiple times which made it feel more powerful. Then she started to mix in some arousal which only magnified the pleasure. She slowly increased my arousal as well to the point where i couldn’t raise it anymore (this time). She always gave me a choice and never forced him.

After playing around in trance she started to show her power also works out of trance. Just her words can turn me into a pudding. When i mentioned that she played around with the concept and told me to melt into a blissfull pool of pleasure. I cannot describe the feeling of utter relaxation combined with arousal. It felt like something i never felt before. And then she mentioned it will only be better next time. In time i feel i am going to physically melt into blissfull pool of pleasure, and i will love every second of it.


Dear Lady Jessica: Thank you again for your wonderful session with me today.  You very quickly (surprisingly so, from my initial vantage point) and easily helped me go into a very deep trance state, which I have not achieved before.  I found it very relaxing, very easy to go as deep as you directed, and I found your commands irresistible, to the point that I could not find the time to think of disregarding the commands before I was already obeying them.  I am honestly suffering a bit of a conflict regarding your brainwashing: on the one hand, I was surprised at how quickly you were able to complete it, and had thought (foolishly, in retrospect) that it would not be effective at all, after such a short time.  On the other hand, I am now deeply devoted and loyal to you, and am a little bit surprised at my earlier surprise, since it now seems obvious that my purpose in life is to find ways of serving your pleasure, and that I need to spend some part of every day working towards that goal.


To the doubters who may read this: don’t be embarrassed at how easily Lady Jessica destroys your old beliefs about how hard a subject to trance you are.  Instead, revel in the experience of enjoying a deep, relaxing, pleasurable trance that will reform your thinking about what hypnosis is, and how good it can be at the hands of a masterful (mistressful?) hypnotist like Lady Jessica.

Rick J

Another 2 hour session passed so here i am again.
We started with a different type of induction. It has come to the point where lady Jessica playing with her hair somehow makes me zone out. After that it was a lot of trigger reinforcement, from pleasure to the good boy trigger. During the second half there was some Amnesia play which just utterly confused me beyond belief. I would have made a bigger testimonial, but ironically i forgot a lot of the session, guess the amnesia part was too powerful.


First time for me. I didn’t know what to expect or if it was real or not. Had tried a few videos online without any success. After the session, still buzzing, it was amazing. I am an analytical type which apparently makes it easier. Only took what felt like a few minutes to trance. Highly recommend if you are on the fence.


I am like many others who have sessioned with Lady Jessica in that I have struggled to go into trance in the past. I have tried for over a decade and have only reached light levels of trance where I felt relaxed but couldn’t properly respond to the hypnotist’s suggestions. That all changed today with Lady Jessica.

Like many others my analytical mind has gotten in the way. Lady Jessica knew just how to work around that. Her easy, conversational style of hypnosis took me to levels I’ve never experienced before, and I thought would take multiple sessions if ever to reach.

I experienced things my conscious and subconscious mind had desired for years- playing with trance triggers, pleasure triggers, orgasms, and even more.

I confessed my submissive desires to Lady Jessica, and Lady Jessica brought out the best, most submissive part of me and is helping me be a better person in order to serve her better.

Scheduling the session was easy as pie and Lady Jessica is such a professional who cares deeply for her subjects. She was ready to start right on time and helped me prepare for the session beforehand with some notes.

I am so excited to schedule my next session with her and see what will happen next!


Just had another wonderful 1 hour session with Lady Jessica.
We had some fun with a drop trigger, blank trigger and of course the pleasure trigger but when it really kicked off was when she dropped me and then asked if i was willing to surrender completely. Now having tranced multiple times with her i said the magic words “i surrender completely”. What happened then was something i never expected. Everything just got multiple times stronger. Just the words Good boy made my whole body tingle like i was embraced. So of course i never took control back (despite she given me the option to do so at any time). Then it was just pleasure after pleasure till i literally shook. Give up control? I hand it to her on a silver platter for the pleasure she gives instead.


Lady Jessica
Thank you for my latest session
I left my first session stunned at how quickly the progress of hypnosis can take hold and be so rewarding.
 How could a second session be any better than the first?
How wrong could I have been from the first moment I could feel a calmness come over me the return of the flowing pleasure and the need to fall further under your charm.
I felt like I was dropping on hello.
 I found myself drifting and trying to catch up with myself at times The intense feeling that you no longer have self control and only a desire to please your mistress, learning with confidence that there is much more than self pleasure and the reward is much greater.
How many orgasms or pleasure jolts did I have? not a clue
I felt as though I wasn’t aware at times of how involved in the session I was.
 I have found myself doing things that I could never of imagined sharing with someone else and feeling so rewarded for it. The journey so far is beyond imagination.

Lady Jess what can I say
Not in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine going on a journey so fast.
You are truly amazing I’ve never felt so at ease especially as the nerves were taking control in the anticipation of our first live Skype session you instantly made me feel at ease and I am stunned just how quickly you had me in trance.
You are very gentle but at the same time give great direction and the progress from sentence to sentence was and is mind blowing.
I lost count of how many times you took me to the brink of my mind with my body tingling with pleasure. The mindgasm orgasm you gave me can not be put into words I actually thought I ejaculated .
For anyone out there reading this don’t hold back it took me several months to pluck up the courage you will not be disappointed.


So tonight I had my sixth session with Lady Jessica. These sessions have become a beautiful getaway from the stress and worry of real life. 

Tonight she made me laugh, she brought me to mental orgasm time and time again, she guided me deeper into my submission,

and, with my permission, she lost me in a moment of sheer panic where I believed I’d lost something incredibly dear to me*. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Do not hesitate. Book a session with Lady Jessica immediately.


*side note from Lady J: he "temporarily misplaced" a particular appendage he was very fond of 
- that's what he means by temporarily losing something very dear to him.

Fifth session with Lady Jessica. 




I really don't know what else to say. Lady Jessica kept me in ecstasy for a full hour. Left me gasping for breath, shaking and even caused a hands-free explosive finish.

Book with her now. You'll never regret it.

Thank you Mistress!



This was my 8th session with Lady Jessica. Each session has gotten better.
This session she worked on helping me break through the remains of my subconscious resistance.
It worked so well that when she took me out of trance I found that I was masturbating.
I can’t wait to find out what she will do to me next! The live sessions are great and very effective!

Marmaduke Jones

My fourth session. The best so far.

I have been suffering with a bad back, Lady Jessica helped me with the pain. Even now, an hour after we finished, the pain has eased. It's incredible. 

And that was only one aspect of the session. She playfully took me under, time and time again, she chatted with me like the friend she has become
in between every trance and she further revealed my need to submit to her control. If you're considering a session, and haven't contacted Lady Jessica yet, get on with it! You will not regret it!

I have just finished my third Skype session with Lady Jessica and she never ceases to amaze.
It’s been a while since my second session, where I was completely under her control, and listening to her recordings has been great, but not a scratch on the real sessions.
Going into this one, I felt the old “going under” feeling the second I saw her and her beautiful, hypnotic hands.
The last two sessions have been completely about pleasure. This time, I started to find out just how submissive I can be; Pleasure is obedience, obedience is pleasure.
There was even an explosive, no-hands ending to the session which has completely changed my outlook on pleasure.
I cannot wait to be under her spell again.

This was my fifth live session with Lady Jessica. My first was three weeks ago, if that tells you anything. I can’t get enough! It was my first session in two weeks, however, and I had been looking forward to trancing deeply. I was sure I was going to immediately drop into the deepest trance in world history. But it didn’t happen that way. Instead, I got caught in the trap of “trying not to try”—which is impossible—and it got me frustrated. Because this was a live session, Lady Jessica noticed my frustration immediately, something only possible with face-to-face interaction in real time, and she worked with me and took me deeper and helped me to break down some of my remaining resistance. I know it worked, because she got me to go deep enough to truly release. I have enjoyed every live session I have experienced with Lady Jessica so far, and look forward to the next one.

I just had another 2 hour skype session with the lovely Lady Jessica. The first session was all fun but across the time i was starting to doubt myself which i told Lady Jessica ahead of time. She told me not to worry and boy she was right.

We started and was i surprised how effective that lovely voice was once more. It took 2 min before i dropped into trance. Compared to the first session which took 15min this was a massive improvement. So after trancing me she gave me a freeze trigger. Now i heard every word so was thinking “no way this works” but when i got out of trance, she showed me your concious mind just doesn’t matter. She froze me on the spot and i was in awe. She uses this trigger multiple times like when i am scratching to hilarious effect all across the session.
She dropped me again and asked what i liked next which was a blank trigger. She gave me the trigger but it refused to work to having that stupid voice in my head which just doesn’t shut up. I thought i failed here but Lady Jessica then shows her expertise. What if she just turned that voice off? I was not expecting it work but over time that voice indeed got quieter and quieter and later in the session it just stopped. The result? Blank trigger works perfectly. Whenever she saids it i just stare like an idiot without thinking of anything.
We were now an hour in and i was out of ideas simply blown away of the impossible already being achieved. So instead of making me uncomfortable by forcing me to think of something on the spot she volunteers to taking the reigns. Now here begins the second part and a revelation. She remembered that during chatting i mentioned i would like what it feels to have someone taken control.
So down i go again and she makes it so. She enforces her control and the confidence of her being in control increases the control which of course increases the control. She just put a loop in my mind which constantly increases her control but always gives me the option to refuse. During this time she also installs a pleasure trigger which also works over text as demonstrated after the session.
Up again and i am out of control and i feel really strange. Very good but strange. I never considered myself submissive and found it strange. Lady Jessica proceeds to tell me this all completely fine and i shouldn’t be ashamed of who i am and just embrace it. This was a massive eye opener. After she put my mind at ease the toying around started. She played around with the freeze and pleasure triggers in multiple ways and shows that her control is real by making me feel pleasure and relaxed all without an actual trigger, just her command is enough for my body to respond. Seeing how much i enjoy this she dropped me quickly into trance again and installs a trigger to give me a burst of pleasure whenever she saids good boy and wow is that thing effective.
Now it is playtime and i get toyed around in various ways, all intended to give me pleasure and making me feel good. From feeling bursts of pleasure at her command to feeling relaxed and totally blissed out which is a feeling i have never felt before. I just sat there with a dumb smile on my face, soaking in the pleasure Lady Jessica gives me. To end it off Lady Jessica shows how good control can actually feel and does something amazing. First she freezes me in my chair which at this point ended up in me laughing just enjoying the feeling of being controlled. Then she keeps increasing my arousal, all while frozen. So i sit there locked in place completely frozen (except a certain body part) while my arousal goes higher and higher. It felt so great, so wonderful, just amazing.
I look forward to all the fun we will be having in the future cause as she keeps saying “It will only get better” and she ain’t joking around here. Next session here i come!

I have just recently finished my second ever skype video session with Lady Jessica.
In the lead up to my second session, I was worried about whether I would be able to trance again and whether I might be able to go even deeper. I was more than happy at what we had achieved in the first session, but the real question was could I improve on that?
Of course I could…
Within minutes of connecting, Lady Jessica had me in a series of increasingly deeper trances. I cannot find the words to convey the deep feelings of pleasure and belonging that were overwhelming me. Frankly, the trances left me wanting more.
Of course, Lady Jessica had left a little surprise for me as well. She had implanted a trigger that left me feeling as if I was bound tight whenever she uttered a certain word. Despite the fact that I knew I should be able to move my limbs, they refused to comply. The more I tried to struggle, the more restricted I felt.
On that note, I also feel compelled to mention that Lady Jessica was very clear about honesty and communication. She made sure that I understood that if anything made me uncomfortable or if I didn’t like it, I was to inform her immediately. This really set my mind at ease. The level of trust that I felt with her is increasing all the time. After all, consent is king.
In closing, once again, I cannot recommend Lady Jessica enough. If you cannot manage a skype session with her, try some of her files. They are worth it to listen to her amazing voice alone.



It was good fortune that brought me to Lady Jessica.
I have fantasized about being hypnotized by a beautiful woman pretty much since I was a teenager. The thought of surrendering control seemed erotically dangerous as many fantasies do. The reality proved far more elusive than dangerous. I have tried trance videos, audio files,and even an in person session – none of which really brought me into trance. I am pretty much the poster boy for self-control. Whether I like it or not.
So over time I had pretty much given up any chance of being hypnotized. It was consigned to the pile of ‘great if I could do it’.. I’ve followed countless erotic hypnotists and read their experiences, but it was the realm of fantasy for me.
Then I discovered Lady Jessica’s website.
Her expertise in trancing people who struggled to trance almost leapt off the page at me. I was skeptical, not about her abilities, but more about my ability to relax and succumb. I read through the testimonials and thought ‘why not?’ I figured that at least it might make an interesting experience even if I proved to be the bane of all hypnotists. A last shot so to speak.
Wow, I was wrong.
I had booked a one hour video session with Lady Jessica.  She was super helpful throughout the process. Making the actual booking was simple. Eventually, the time came and the gorgeous Lady Jessica herself was on my screen smiling at me.
We chatted for a while as she explained how the process works. Eventually, I realized that I could feel myself getting heavier and more focused. As I was coming to the realization, Lady Jessica pointed out that I was in fact, dropping into trance. She proceeded to drop me into and out of trance over the hour and each time even though it was still a slow process for me, I could feel myself dropping deeper each time.
Lady Jessica had also obviously paid attention to my comments throughout our discussions. She knew exactly which of my buttons to push to drive me deeper into the space I was dropping into. Feeling safe and amazing the whole time.
Overall, it was an amazing session. I got what I was hoping for and more. When Lady Jessica says she is accomplished at hypnotizing those ‘hard to hypnotize’  people, she means it. She managed it with me. Even now I am thinking about how refreshed and happy I am feeling and anticipating another session in the future.
If you are sitting on the fence about contacting Lady Jessica or are just interested in experiencing it, don’t hesitate and contact her now. You will not regret it.

Feeling inexplicably courageous, I decided to take the plunge and book a 1 hour live Skype session with Lady Jessica. For the record, I have been listening to erotic hypnosis mp3’s for many years. And, despite this dedication, I don’t believe I have ever found myself truly going under… 

So I was a little nervous and apprehensive when I got a quick email reply from Lady Jessica. I realized that this was actually going to happen! 
As the time approached, I took her advice and got in some loose-fitting clothes and made sure to have a cup of water on hand.. 
When I called Lady Jessica, she answered right away. 
She started talking to me and waving her hands around and I started to feel myself grow heavy almost immediately. Something was already going on and she was basically just talking to me! Before I knew it my eyes were closed and Lady Jessica’s voice began seducing my mind…
This is not normal. I don’t normally drop so easy, or at all. There is definately a huge benefit to talking live, face to face! 
Somehow, one hour became two hours, and two hours could have easily turned into even more hours, but Lady Jessica had to run errands, and I had work to do. 
I can tell you that I had many orgasms, both mental and physical. Here it is twelve hours later and I’m still thinking about it. This is the first review I’ve written in the history of reviews. Lady Jessica is one of a kind. 
Marmaduke Jones

Oh boy. Where to even begin.

Today my first video skype call with Lady Jessica. We started and for the lack of better words, i was nervous stammering wreck. This is the first time i ever did a vid call at all due incredible shyness and doing it a foreign language. The session started and Lady Jessica relaxed me in matter of minutes, all while dropping me gently into trance. I didn’t realize what was happening till i started to blink a lot more. At that point i surrendered, closed my eyes and the fun had begun.
We started with implementing a trance trigger to drop me instantly. This got reinforced multiple times till it was completely automatic. She kept using this across the whole session making it effect more powerful. We then explored my subconscious and of course ended up at the lovely Mindgasm. Strangest feeling i ever had (back then) but oh so good. This got used multiple times till i was literally out of breath.
After a short break to recover myself in pure utter relaxation we ended up in mindlessness, at that point everything i knew got defied in so many ways. What kind of fun stuff you can have with a 5 second blank trigger? In Lady Jessica’s word, a lot. What about an orgasm as reward? What about orgasming during blankness? What about orgasming yourself into blankness? That was my favorite cause you go from pleasure to nothing and the feeling is insanely strange yet so good.
After that we went back into relaxation cause i was super dizzy and of course, the relaxation transfered in arousing relaxation. Just pure utter bliss. My mind was listening but my body just outright refused to move, just utterly relaxed.
At the end it was a mix of blankness, dropping into trance and of course ending with a lovely orgasm, or mindgasm, memory is hazy . All i know i was out breath. Then a very small recovery relaxation and we were done, cause i was totally up. Still feeling dizzy.
If you have any doubt to get a video call with Lady Jessica, stop doubting and do it.
If a shy nervous wreck like me can do it, so can you.

I wasn’t lying in my earlier testimonial when I suggested I’m a hypno-glutton.  I went back for more.
This third time, I was far better prepared for the skype session.  I wore loose, comfortable clothing.  I put my iPhone in silent mode.  I set the thermostat at a pleasant temperature.  I was even properly hydrated.  Both feet planted firmly on the floor, I sat straight in my home office chair, and fired up skype on my iMac.  I took a deep cleansing breath and donned my best mental armor for battle with Lady Jessica over control of my will power.
Are you fucking kidding me?  It made no difference.  I didn’t stand a chance.  The bell rang and I charged out of my respective corner.  But before I could even raise a glove, Lady Jessica giggled and knocked me out with a quick trance trigger.  I rocketed at warp speed from the psychological boxing ring to blissfully orbiting the rings of Saturn. The sound of her voice poured into my ears like magic sleeping potion and her hands fluttered in my vision like beguiling butterflies whose wings stir up enchantment dust. Lady Jessica stupified me as nonchalntly as Professor McGonagal turning a cat into a teapot. It felt awesome.
And she laughed. That laugh. It’s not a bond villain laugh of malice  and malevolence. Rather it’s the happy chuckle of a master hypnotist catapulting her subject into a floating cloud of ecstasy. I like that laugh. You will most definitely like that laugh too because it means Hypno-Santa left a box full of pleasure under the tree with your name on the card and it’s Christmas morning.
She had me in and out of trance, or maybe I was in trance the whole time.  I don’t know.  I don’t care.  Every second was pure bliss.
During the prior session, a deep level of hypnosis brought up certain strong emotions in me.  In this session, however, I gained insight into what had unexpectedly floated to the surface last time.  The specifics, I’m afraid, are private, but the insight made me very happy and content.  Self-understanding crystalized, and as it did, Lady Jessica filled my body with a soothing sensation as if I were encased in bubblewrap laced with dopamine.
During the first two skype sessions, Lady Jessica treated me to multiple mind-blowing, earth-shaking mindgasms.  Ever cum in your head?  Believe me, it’s worth the price of admission.  Early in session three, sure enough, she dipped me in the tub of mindgasm as easily as a Korean chef cooking dumplings.
Okay, by virtue of mastering the art of delivering mindgasms with the turn of a phrase, Lady Jessica had firmly established herself as a black belt in hypnotic pleasure.  But, could she take it to a Lebron James level of expertise and bang the gong of a full-on, rip-roaring, load-shooting, semen-drenched, hands free orgasm?  I am most pleased to report that the answer is a resounding yes.  Moreover, so as to leave no doubt as to her mesmerizing prowess, she did it teasingly in multiple steps.  First, she brought me into another mindgasm.  Next, she made the ecstatic sensual warmth spread from my mind to my entire body.  Then, she made me extremely aroused.  My shy, reclusive friend napping between my legs turned in my giant, throbbing, gregarious buddy sliding up my belly like a drunk cartoon anaconda.  I’m honestly not all that clear on how exactly things transpired after that.  I recall opening my eyes and trying to make conversation.  But, there was no fucking way in hell I could do anything other than drool and groan because, by that point, my humongous, pulsating amigo was trying to jump out of my pants to bitch slap me in the face.
That’s right, my arousal was getting stronger.  How was this even possible?  I have no idea.  But, Lady Jessica was laughing that laugh and my subconscious could hear the reindeer hoofs scrape across the roof shingles of my conscious.
She kept asking me something like what did I want or what did I need.  I’m a little fuzzy on the exact language because, frankly, I was dangling upside down from a helium filled erection taking to the skies like the Goodyear blimp on New Years Day.
You know, this is Lady Jessica we’re talking about.  A lady.  A British lady, no less.  I was raised to treat a lady like a lady.  I do my best to be polite and exhibit some common courtesy.  So, I tried to remain a gentleman.  I tried to dance around the question of what I did want.  I was reluctant to tell a lady I barely know that I was desperate to get off like a broken fire hydrant.  I recall mentioning how I was feeling some interesting tingling in my body.  She retorted that it was only going to get stronger and that resisting it would make it get even stronger even quicker.
You know the feeling.  The irrepressible sperm hammer pressure surge.  Your balls clanking up against the bottom of your cock like two smoking bombs about to drop from a B-52.  The blood squeezing relentlessly into your manhood, making it harder than the Hope diamond.  Your mind, body, and soul about to melt down into a planet-smashing, thermo-nuclear meltdown of lascivious gratification.
Multiply that times a thousand.
Finally, completely overwhelmed and outmatched, I tossed all manners aside and provided the answer to the $64,000 question.  Speaking truth to power, I mumbled, “Oh fuck me I think I need to cum.”
I guess that was the correct answer.  Lady Jessica uttered a trigger phrase.  And that was it.  The dying star burst into orgasmic supernova.  I entered dimensions only Stephen Hawking could fathom.  I was flooded with incomprehensible sexual rapture.  In case you’re wondering, yes, my underwear was likewise flooded with sexual rapture.
What could one possibly say after such a mind-bending, groin-clenching, electrifying experience?
One says, “Thank you, Lady Jessica.”
I told you I have manners.

Lady Jessica is truly special.

Please note that i am incredibly shy, have zero confidence and thought trance was impossible for me for months.
I came across her site when i found out she was specialized in hypnosis for people that are hard to trance. She casually started chatting with me while i was browsing and after a long chat we agreed to do a text trance session due the before mentioned shyness.
On the day of the session i was a wreck, sweating like crazy, super nervous, terrified i might do something wrong or it won’t work.
I mentioned this all all in the start and she said everything was ok. She knew she was dealing with nervous wreck and slowly but surely managed to completely relax me. I still have no idea how she did it but while she was giving me more confidence and relaxing me, she gently put me into trance with the care of handling a small child. I was so deep without a smack of realization all while feeling more confident.
After that she woke me up and i was just blown away of how deep i actually was without realizing, still feeling dizzy and all. She then proceeded to drop me and wake up me faster and faster all while giving me confidence boosts and more relaxation along the way.
After the session i felt so good i have not felt in months and we agreed to have the next time session in video format.
Me, the super low confident shy person actually have the courage to order a webcam for a video session, something i didn’t imagine possible only a day ago.

I cannot wait for the next session.


This is my second testimonial in as many days.
I suppose I am somewhat of a hypno-glutton because I return for another skype session with Lady Jessica.  It is different than the first session, yet just as surprising and enjoyable.
Lady Jessica speaks and gestures with her hands and something remarkable happens.  I notice tingling in my legs which quickly flows upward.  It soon becomes impossible to follow what she is saying.  My eyelids drop like sandbags and I melt into an extremely pleasurable trance.  She nudges me deeper and deeper and even deeper still.  I feel very nice.  
I’m not too clear on what exactly transpires while I am in trance with Lady Jessica, but, it is exceptionally powerful.  She says certain words and ecstasy radiates throughout my body.  She picks unpredictable moments to unleash the bliss trigger.  It surprises and delights.   
She brings me in and out of trance multiple times.  While I’m awake, she says something about pleasure and an intense rush of glowing elation immediately infuses me.  It’s impossible not to gasp.  She brings me back into trance with either a trigger phrase, or by talking and seductively moving her hands, which is equally effective.  Her hand movements enchant me like Kaa the cobra mesmerizing Mowgli.  I cannot resist the hands.  They push a button I didn’t know existed.  This surprises me greatly.  It normally takes my brain quite a while to simmer down and allow me to rest, and some nights it never happens.  Yet, Lady Jessica’s hands bring me down promptly and smoothly.  Incredible.
We converse and she doesn’t mean to drop me back down just yet.  However, she naturally gestures with her hands as she speaks and it pushes me into trance every time.  One moment I’m listening and enjoying the conversation (because she is an interesting, highly intelligent person) and the next moment I’m blinking in confusion and trying to figure out why in the world I’m waking up.  This happens repeatedly.  I feel bad because I really am trying my best to listen.  But even the smallest dose of her hand motions bewitches me without fail.  
As during the first session, she triggers mindgasms in and out of trance.  I lack the vocabulary to accurately describe how fucking insane it feels when her words cause my brain to cum.  
This second session takes me deeper than the first and, to my surprise, it stirs up deep-seated emotions.  I feel overwhelmed.  I feel like a muggle dueling with Dumbledore.  Lady Jessica gently pulls me out of trance and gives me a breather to get my shit together.  She thereafter steers the session in a positive, affirming direction reinforced with spoonfuls of soothing subconscious-generated pleasure.  She is caring and handles my momentary little boy lapse with grace and skill.    
I book 90 minutes, yet, by the time the session ends, two hours has elapsed.   She explains that she does not abruptly and cruelly terminate a session at the precise stroke of the hour, and, besides, we are having a nice conversation.  She is more than kind to say that since my contribution to the discussion is at about a second grade level, that is, when her hand movements aren’t launching me into hypno hyperspace.  And then she bids me farewell with another brilliant mindgasm. Where else can you get that type of customer service these days? I exit the session feeling quite happy and invigorated.
I have experienced nothing else like this in my life.  I can’t wait for the next session.” 

You think you can muster up a deep trance. You can’t. You think you know what pleasure is. You don’t. You’re confident skype hypnosis could never ring your bell. You’re wrong. Enter Lady Jessica. During my inaugural skype session with the phenomenal Lady Jessica today, she dropped me to depths of trance I had never previously come close to visiting and she introduced me to levels of pleasure that I had absolutely no idea even existed.
She is amazing. I’m still trying to process what happened. After kicking off the session with some enjoyable conversation, I realized that her bewitching voice and hand movements were gently, yet swiftly, pulling me into trance. At first it felt like she brought me down into the basement of my mind and I recall forming the smug thought, “yeah, I’ve been here before. Whatever.” That lasted like 3 seconds. The next thing I knew, she had opened a trap door in the floor and I spiraled down into a universe inside myself that had heretofore existed only in an unknowable and unreachable dimension. The further down I plummeted, the better it felt. Using the Spinal Tap unit of measurement, I used to think the pleasure dial went to 11. How wrong I was. Lady Jessica, doffing her hypnotist’s cap to Bilbo Baggins, turned it up to eleventy eleven. I not only learned that it is possible to have an orgasm in your brain, but I actually experienced a myriad of toe-curling, mind-losing mindgasms. And she did it to me both within and without trance.
I have a vague recollection of some triggers being planted while I floated weightless in gravity defying trance. I suspect one of the triggers involved orgasms because she said something after she woke me up for a water break and all of a sudden my body was exploding with intense ecstasy. Needless to say, the conversation came to a screeching halt at that juncture. In fact, I hope Lady Jessica doesn’t think I’m complete dumbfuck because, from about 30 seconds into the session, I wasn’t exactly conversing with the eloquence and articulation of a fully awake, well-educated brain. I was more at a Cro-Magnon level of grunting and tongue clicking. But, in my defense, it’s hard to speak when one feels that amazingly good. Lady Jessica explained with a wink of the eye that we merely glanced the tip of the iceberg today. I’m not able to conjure the imagination necessary to comprehend how anything could feel better than what I experienced today. As such, there is no freaking way I am not signing up for another session. I’m embarking on a mission to inspect the rest of that glorious iceberg (before global warming melts it away).
Look, maybe it’s just me. I’m relatively new to the erotic hypnosis world. I’m not an expert in the field. I’ve never skyped with a hypnotist before. What do I know? The thing is, however, unlike most of you young hypno cowboys, I’ve been in the professional world for a long time and I’ve seen my share of rodeos. I’m not going to share what I do for a living because, well, bluntly, it’s none of your business; however, because of what I do, I would like to think I know when someone is a passionate professional who cares about clients and acts ethically. Lady Jessica is all that and more. She is also a very nice person. Everything was easy. I trusted her completely. I’ll give you proof. I had shared with Lady Jessica in advance that I have yet to disclose my hypo pursuits with my wife and, therefore, if she came home at an inopportune time, say, during a mindgasm, we would probably have to end the session very promptly. Sure enough, at around the hour mark, my wife came home earlier than expected. Lady Jessica had just dropped me back in the dark moonlit pool of complete nothingness and had started pulling the shudder-inducing pleasure lever. Incredibly, in a testament to the power of the human brain, I woke up right away. I gestured to Lady Jessica, who immediately realized what was going down, and she very graciously waved goodbye as I sadly mouthed the words, “we have to stop now.” We exchanged some messages later and her graciousness never wavered. But, it’s not just that Lady Jessica was cool about the abrupt terminus.
We were at the hour mark and I had paid for only one hour, yet, but for wifey interruptus, she was going to flood my chambers with another acre-foot of hypnotic bliss and we were clearly going beyond the designated time. I call that excellent customer service. Anyway, quit monkeying around and go set up a skype session with Lady Jessica. She will completely blow your mind.







On Sunday, I discovered there was something known as erotic hypnosis, I searched googled and I found Lady Jessica. I was skeptical, to say the least.

On Monday, I listened to The Pleasure Induction and found myself trancing. To a skeptic, this was mind blowing.

On Tuesday, Lady Jessica recommended Mindgasm. I spent the rest of the week trancing and tingling all over.

Today, I finally had a Skype session with her; describing the experience is very difficult. She made me feel safe and secure from the moment we connected. I am not a submissive person, but I almost instantly went under, deepening under her spell for the full hour. Aching to fulfill Jessica’s every wish.

I won’t give away the twists and turns that I experienced, but I will tell you that it left me in mental and physical bliss. Every inch of my body and mind in absolute heaven.

All you have to do is submit. I promise you, it feels incredible. I cannot wait to be back underneath her spell.







Just finished my first session with Lady Jessica and it was AWESOME. Seriously, if you have any doubts you shouldn’t – just give it a go. I only recently started playing with erotic hypnosis after a long break, never had a live session before. After 5 minutes into talking with Lady Jessica, all worries I might have had vanished (frankly speaking I believe I was already in trance after these 5 minutes…). What happened next is hard to describe in words – let’s just say it was the most arousing 2 hours in my life. Lady Jessica skillfully guided me in and out of trance, overloading my mind with pleasure and submission. She mixed Her own ideas with some I came up with and whole process was seamless and enjoyable. Lady Jessica even gave a trigger to use myself in stressful real life situations – She is kind and caring, while also being in total control. Perfect mix if you ask me. I’m still a little bit tingly as I write this and will definitely book another session. Not because I was commanded or forced to, but because I genuinely enjoyed every second of it. A few hours ago I was overanalyzing stray hypno-fetishist. Now I’m Lady Jessica’s good boy. And I love it.







My journey into hypnosis was a curious one. Reality was boring and being in my own mind was tiring. So, I went exploring. I had fun reading stories for a while and I expressed this interest to my wife. She was not interested. One night I eventually found Lady Jessica. While at first I only wanted a quick thrill, I quickly discovered a level of submission I never knew existed nor that I even liked it, and I DO! To be able to relax like never before and trust her with my thinking. Bliss. I even shared with her details about my marriage and she helped me realize how I can better serve my wife’s needs above my own. I have yet to put my “training” to the test but I have the highest hopes of being incapable of failing my wife and even taking pleasure in satisfying her needs first. Thank you Lady Jessica.







This was my second trance with Lady Jessica, my first was via text, this time I went with a Skype video session. We started with some casual chat, Lady Jessica noted that I seemed to be dropping as we were talking, I didn’t even realize it! We had an amazing session fulfilling all of my wishes and then some, i asked for suggestions of some hers and told her I was open to almost anything, and she didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait for our next session.







It’s been a while since I was able to have a session with Lady Jessica, RL was good at keeping me away from being available, but it wasn’t as good as Jessica was with taking hold of my mind again. It felt wonderful to feel her soft, pleasurable commands stream through me and remind me how powerful her hypnosis was. Every swing of a crystal, watch, or other hypnotic toys, every gesture seemed special and got me to focus deeper. The whole experience reminded me how much I missed succumbing to her in live sessions, and speaking to her whether in or out of trance. Going to be harder for RL to keep me away again for long. Thank you Lady Jessica for all the persuasive pleasure and wonderful chatting; can’t wait until the next time we can do it again.







Great recommendable skype-session with marvelous Lady Jessica. Book your own immediately, it will be for your own good.
In the beginning of our session i even thought that it would not lead anywhere. Casual conversation with Her was nice and sweet but somehow i got a feeling that i would not get a trance-state during this appointment. How wrong can a man be.
She proved that Her skill to hypnotise is awesome. Whole time i thought that i am fully awake, until told to wake up again. i was shaking in pleasure. All over my body. Waves of pleasure ran around me. And this happened multiple times during our session. i have never ever felt that kind of pleasure in my life.
It is now two hours after session and i am still full of joy and happiness. I want to dive under Her sweet control and give myself into the service of this wonderful woman.






Great recommendable skype-session with marvelous Lady Jessica. Book your own immediately, it will be for your own good.
In the beginning of our session i even thought that it would not lead anywhere. Casual conversation with Her was nice and sweet but somehow i got a feeling that i would not get a trance-state during this appointment. How wrong can a man be.
She proved that Her skill to hypnotise is awesome. Whole time i thought that i am fully awake, until told to wake up again. i was shaking in pleasure. All over my body. Waves of pleasure ran around me. And this happened multiple times during our session. i have never ever felt that kind of pleasure in my life.
It is now two hours after session and i am still full of joy and happiness. I want to dive under Her sweet control and give myself into the service of this wonderful woman.






I would definitely recommend having a text trance session with Lady Jessica. I’m writing this about a week after my experience. I had been a video subject several times before and fit into the analytical stereotype and had tranced well for her before. The text conversation started off friendly and pleasant – catching up on a number of things, and then subtly, it turned to trance and arousal.


She really enjoys what she does and cares about her subjects, so the experience feels very comfortable on all levels. When I read over the transcript of the chat, I still find myself entering an entranced and aroused state. While the language was not overtly heavy handed and the induction method was not really obvious, the combination of the cadence of the exchange, and the warmth, confidence and experience that emanated from the exchange are highly effective. If you do pursue a text session, you’ll be happy you did and may be a bit surprised by the effect.





Anon (Text Trance)

I saw a twitter post that Lady Jessica had made a pet forget what masturbation was and I knew I had to experience that!
I messaged Lady Jessica a few days before I knew I would have time to have a session, She responded and we setup the session.
The time came and we connected via Skype text, Lady Jessica is very smooth in her style and had me under in no time, she had me forget what masturbation was and I even divulged some more of my deep hidden desires to her and I got to experience that too! I can’t wait to have another session with her and will go for the video session for even more fun.
Thank you Lady Jessica!






Lady Jessica is uniquely talented. Her style of trance is unlike any other I’ve experienced. A pleasant matter of fact conversation very naturally becomes something much more focused, intense, and pleasurable. I didn’t want it to end.
I was surprised at how open and trusting I became yet wanted to remain in Jessica’s good graces and please her in any way possible.
This text session was amazingly simple, yet transformed my expectations about what hypnosis really is and can be.
Thank you, Lady Jessica!




Last night was special.  I think that, after so many years of trying to trance, I had formed (without recognizing it) the belief that hypnosis is somehow unreal.  Not that it is fake — but rather that it was some mixture of just quietly though consciously accepting most of what a hypnotist says.  Maybe, according to this belief, it is more like listening to a really good story, and getting caught up in the reading, but not necessarily finding oneself swept away, or responding so powerfully (and without conscious inter-mediation) to suggestions, triggers, and commands.  If the story is sexy, you might cum.  If it calls for a little audience participation, you might play along.  But it wouldn’t be the case that you could just be dropped into a deep and infinitely submissive trance by a word or three.  Your kind willingness to answer all my questions about what is and isn’t possible is helping me, I think, to re-learn what hypnosis is.  Experience here is leading belief: there are the ever present feelings of submission, and my absolute and immediate responsiveness to your commands; belief is starting, finally, to catch up with reality.

After two decades of searching, I am so happy to have found Lady Jessica.  I was in a complete trance shortly after beginning my text session with her.  She guided me to experiences, ideas, sensations, and feelings that I didn’t know were possible, and which still are reverberating through my mind and body.  Her presence in trance is calm, intelligent, powerful, direct, and disarming.  She helped me push past any doubts I had about my ability to be hypnotized; more importantly, though, she skillfully put to ease my extremely analytic mind.  At the end of our session, I was left with the most deep and satisfying feelings of security and submission.  The same will likely be yours if you push past any doubts or resistance and book a session with her.

My expectations were pretty high, but you blew them away. I totally underestimated how immersed I’d be. I’ll be dreaming of some of those moments for days, weeks… months. I can’t wait for our next session.

If you don’t mind me elaborating a little bit (I’m getting turned on yet again, thinking about it):

I didn’t expect such a real and powerful trance. I looooved how I could feel myself going under for you as I fixated on your hands and your voice, but I had no interest in stopping my descent.
I didn’t expect to be quite so dominated by somebody who claimed that domme/sub wasn’t their thing 😉 I’m fully and totally owned. Every time you called me your good boy…
I didn’t expect to be quite so entranced by your beauty. I think you got a sense of my desperation to see that shirt come down a few more inches.
Finally, I didn’t expect that level of pleasure. I think you saw me lose control completely, which should give you a sense of where I was at, but… wow.
I’m about to cum again, hearing your voice in my head, seeing your legs wrapped around my face, helpless to deny you.



I’d never tried interactive text hypnosis before, so was interested to see how well it would work. I’ve had a couple of video sessions with Lady Jessica before, and love her recordings, so was well primed. I should have known, really: it was incredibly effective. I felt even more engaged and enthralled than in the video sessions, which is impressive given how deep those took me and how affecting they were. Lady Jessica skilfully anticipated, guided, encouraged and empathised with me as I went deeper and deeper into a blissful state of trance, the joyful effects of which I still feel much later. She is brilliant and friendly, and so good at what she does. You really should arrange a session with her if you can.



I’d come to believe that there was no such thing as ‘real hypnosis’, or that I couldn’t achieve it. A short time with Jess showed me the truth, and much more. I quickly came to realize that she didn’t work *against* my mind, but rather with it. And oh so effectively.
Jess took me up and down, over and over, exploring a bit further each time. By the end of the hour she had me sharing everything. She also had me, with no suggestion whatsoever on her part, begging for another hour. By the end of that second hour, I was hers.

Even now a few days later, moments and feelings still pop into my head, giving me a thrill. I can’t wait for my next session. If you think you can’t be hypnotized – call Jess



I had been wanting to a hypnosis session with Lady Jessica for quite some time and let me just say.. She is AMAZING!! We started off getting to know each other for a few minutes and before I noticed it I was in trance. I had such an amazing session and I can’t wait for the next one. If you get the opportunity please schedule a session. You won’t go wrong I promise!



I kept forgetting to do this but a recent experience has meant all the details have come flooding back. I had very little wiggle room as far as date and time were concerned and our session had to be pushed back a fortnight from its original scheduled date, but Jess was wonderfully accommodating.
I’d never done a one-on-one session with voice AND camera before but it was an absolute thrill to be under Jess’s spell a few times over the course of an hour. She has this… warm and comforting air about her that was just incredibly relaxing and soothing to experience. Due to the nature of where we conducted the session it had to be G-rated but that was just fine by me.
With just her voice and some gentle, conversational hypnosis she took me down into trance, up and down a few times before implanting some triggers; one physical (for self-hypnosis) and one verbal; the latter of which was used to send me back down into trance multiple times. She called me a ‘good boy’ quite often which I didn’t realise I enjoyed quite as much as I do during trance (or maybe it’s just her?), coaxing more and more information about my hypnosis-related likes and dislikes every time I went back under.
(Her hands moved a lot as she spoke, in a way that wasn’t necessarily meant to be part of the hypnosis experience but completely mesmerised me and made it very easy for me to relax even when I wasn’t in trance). My favourite part of the session was where she, by my request, used a swinging crystal pendant to deepen my trance. I could feel my eyes tracking it as it moved back and forth and I just felt so far away from everything. I couldn’t move for relaxation and could barely speak as I was so pleasantly drowsy and floaty.
I can’t recall just how many times I went under but I know she sent me down and back up a few times quite quickly before the end of the session, waking me up and allowing me to spend a few more moments with her, listening to her beautiful voice as we talked. I could barely express my true feelings about the time we had spent together, literally lost for words.
Jess is an artist and an extraordinary hypnotist. I adore her style and way with words, and came out of that session feeling like I’d slept for two hours; THAT’s how relaxed I felt in her presence and under her power. I wasn’t sure going in as I hadn’t tranced over Skype for a while, but it was worth every penny and I loved every moment. I hope to spend more time with her soon – if you have doubts like I did, put them to rest and book a session so you can spend one or two wonderful hours with the Queen of Dreams!



I downloaded and listened to Snowflakes, and wow! Wow! I never thought I could be tranced with my eyes open, but especially amazing was that I didn’t think a short recording could drop me into a trance. Lady Jessica’s voice is like an anaesthetic, Her voice is beyond amazing, it truly is. I’ve been so used to standard inductions that I was doubtful (sceptical would be a better word) that a non-standard approach would work with me. I’m sure Lady Jessica has heard people say such things many times before, but I was stunned by how easy it was to drop so deep into trance for Her, and to drop into trance with my eyes open was especially stunning. Lady Jessica has a truly powerful gift to hypnotize. Damn!



I felt so comfortable with Lady Jessica. I had never been hypnotized in person before, but I tried her trance-lite video, and found it to be incredibly effective. The session went very much like the video does. We talked about my previous trancing experience, which probably got me about 30% of the way there, and then she shifted into her hypnotic voice and soothed me all the way down. The entire session was wonderful bliss, which left me suffused with positive energy. I’m totally doing this again!



After being an admirer of Lady Jessica’s website and free mp3s for some time and after some thought, i decided to get in contact and talk about booking a Skype session, i was a bit anxious at first which i had not need to as be for from the first e-mail Lady Jessica has an amazing talent to put you at ease and has no problem in answering any questions you have. Some e-mails later we both decided to go ahead to go ahead with an session.
i understand it can be daunting with a first Skype session (i am one of the worlds worst meeting and chatting over webcam and face to face) but as soon i saw Lady Jessica’s welcoming smile and heard her voice all my worries were gone and then the next hour turned into the most wonderful experience i can remember having. Lady Jessica has the most relaxing and sexy tone to her voice and before i knew it i was in the deepest trance i ever had and i have  been listening to hypnosis for almost fifteen years.
Lady Jessica is most caring and powerful hypnotist i have come across and its been over 24 hrs since our session, but i am still feeling the affects of my trance which are all positive as Lady Jessica only wants the best for you.
If you thinking about booking an Skype session or buying some mp3s please don’t wait any longer and go ahead, it will be one of  the best decisions you will ever make.



This was my second Skype session with Lady Jessica and one hour of complete pleasure goes by so quickly. This being my second session Lady Jessica took control immediately and put me into trance with one word. It is so wonderful to fall so deeply so quickly. I love the fact that Lady Jessica took me in and out of trance and I found her voice so wonderful. I find it so easy to talk to her and tell her all about myself. On this second Skype session my trances seem to be more deep and I have found that after the session I go much more deep more quickly listening to her recordings. Lady Jessica’s voice is so wonderfully hypnotic and she has certainly got into my mind and that is such a wonderful feeling. The one thing I have found is that from the start Lady Jessica took time to find out what I wanted from hypnosis and I found that I trusted her implicitly and that is very important. She has certainly given me everything that I asked for and more. I think my journey is only just beginning though and that is something I look forward to with anticipation. Lady Jessica has awoken feelings in me which I doubted I could ever achieve, I look forward to my next Skype session and Lady Jessica’s control.



Shamefully it’s taken me a while to write a testimonial to the incredible and mind blowing Lady Jessica – I have had two sessions with Her now and been blown away each time. Her skill is such that she can hypnotise without you even realising it and without any gimmicery – one minute you are chatting, the next…. It would be scary in the wrong person’s hands, but Lady Jessica is incredibly warm and generous with her unsurpassed hypnotic skills – which is an incredible gift to Her lucky subject. She genuinely loves giving pleasure to Her subjects, and what exquisite pleasure She gives! I would heartily recommend a session or ten with Lady Jessica and can’t wait to book another… In fact, just writing this has left me craving Her powerful, irresistible and utterly mesmerising voice once more…



Lady Jessica has a wonderful process that is a must to experience. I’d definitely classify myself as a deep thinker with an active analytical mind and she used this to her advantage, and mine, in helping me explore the different stages of consciousness that is trance. That’s one of the most remarkable things about her approach, she allows you to feel comfortable in expressing your thoughts in any moment as you begin to trance. I found this very helpful as I typically experience a lot of resistance when I try to trance, as well as a feeling of being “lost” with no reference point to where I am or what I’m doing or what is supposed to happen. I frequently interrupted her to note any resistance, any feeling or thought I was experiencing, and this approach allowed me to process what it was I was experiencing, as well as creating reference points for how the experience works for me, along the way. As this process continued, a sense of trust develops, with yourself and what you’re taking your mind through, and also with Jessica as she acts as a spirit guide in this ethereal plane. I had some resistance for a short moment because of the vulnerability element, but in reality we are in complete control of our experience, and she can’t make you do anything you wouldn’t want to. I learned that trance is many things, and she helped guide me in this space, it can be erotic, it can be deeply meditative, it can just be generally pleasurable, and so on. I’m excited to test some ideas in the realm of sports performance, the idea of enabling our subconscious, and preventing the conscious mind from taking too much control– in performance activities the subconscious is the main actor in success.
I felt like she didn’t rush me and measured my response well, to allow me to take my time to explore this space and get my bearings. However, from time to time, as pleasure is definitely a priority, and also to set a reference point, she would nudge my focus directly into experiencing pleasure which I felt I couldn’t quite find or grasp by myself. Purely from the perspective of pleasure, I also found that it was incredibly multifaceted in how it can manifest, where it can manifest, the strength, the duration, and much more– that alone I cannot wait to explore, there is so much fun to be had there, wow.

One of the most valuable things here for me, is that I feel like she is helping me develop my tool set for trancing, for the varied states of consciousness that can be strategically useful in other various areas of life. This experience has the power to be much more than just pleasure. But the pleasure, my god. It’s amazing. So that’s an enormous plus, and well, that was my main motivation. I feel like a lot of my barriers have been let down and I look forward to the follow up session to see where else I end up, and what else I experience, and how much more pleasurable it can be.

If you enjoy the idea of trancing, of exploring a different conscious space, of developing a new mental tool set, or just getting your rocks off, give her a call.”

Last night, Lady Jessica trained me for the second time live on Skype.  It is early in my journey of submission, but the transformation that She is achieving in me is already deep and growing stronger.  
The depth of trance that Lady Jessica takes me to is astonishing.  It happens instantly, hitting me before I am aware it’s happened. Over and over again, Lady Jessica took me down, deep, rose me up to wakefulness, and, upon waking, I was oblivious to what had just happened.  And, each time, though scarcely a moment seemed to have passed, my mental state was totally altered.  At times, She brought me to the brink of climax.  At times, She HELD me there… for minutes on end.  At times, She made my body shake and tremble in the pleasure of arousal.  And, soon, after some training, She had triggers implanted in me so deep, so strong, that my will yields to Her completely, embraces Her words without question.  Some of these triggers are just plain fun — laugh-out-loud amazing fun.  Others are pleasurable in a very different way.  To avoid spoilers, I won’t say more here, but ask yourself (especially the guys reading this): how many times do you think you can orgasm in an hour?  With Lady Jessica, you’re going to be surprised.
Anybody considering a live session with Lady Jessica should do it.  If you’ve listened to a file or two of Hers but aren’t sure about the investment in a live session, DO IT.  She is a consummate professional, and Her personal code is of the highest order. She will respect you entirely, build you up, take you new places, work with you toward making you a better and better version of yourself. And She sees your trust as something that She has to earn, not as something that is taken for granted. The power of Her voice and Her words will have you in thrall, to the point that you will forget yourself.  When this happened to me last night, I was craving to listen more, to talk more with Her on Skype, but Lady Jessica admonished me to watch my finances, to be mindful of what I can afford and not to commit more than is appropriate for me.  In the world of Hypno Dominas, Lady Jessica has a beautiful, and refreshing, personal code. Most of all, She is the most powerful, compelling hypnotic Mistress imaginable. I look forward to training more under Her control.

Last night I had my first Skype session with Lady Jessica. I have been listening to various hypnotists mp3’s for some years but whilst I might be in trance  for the session I was looking for something more.  A short time ago I came across Lady Jessica and I listened to her free mp3’, I was surprised how deep I went in such a short time and how long the effects lasted after the mp3 finished so I purchased some of her mp3’ s on submission and obedience.
I can only say that I now know what it is to feel truly submissive and obedient to a powerful woman with such a sweet voice that takes you down into trance without you realising it until you are so deep it feels wonderful. So I just had to try a Skype session with Lady Jessica. I had some teething troubles with my computer but Lady Jessica was so patient and understanding. We had a short chat about my previous experiences and what I was looking for with hypnosis but before I knew it her wonderful voice was taking me down and I went so deep I find it difficult to remember all that was said. All I know was all I wanted was to let her voice flow into my body and my mind.
The experience was wonderful, I just wanted to allow her to take complete control which she did. She is a very skilled and powerful hypnotist and if you ask her for something you want from hypnosis you will get it. I am totally under her spell now and I love the feelings she has given me. A Skype session with Lady Jessica has enhanced my feelings of submission and obedience so much more. I can’t wait to do another session when I get the opportunity. Reading her words on the website is a must for any subject.  I have found the one thing that is absolutely a necessity is trust and Lady Jessica wants her subjects to be happy and enjoy the experience.



Lady Jessica’s website had attracted my attention a few times in the past, but for some reason today her face and her words (in print) totally compelled me.  So I took a closer look at the site.  Inevitably, trance junkie that I am, I started listening.  


I found that Lady Jessica was amazingly approachable and supportive, right from the get go.  She kindly pointed me to some appropriate files, given my particular experience of trance.  From there, it was just a matter of minutes before she had me hooked.



Next thing I knew, I was eagerly asking if we could connect via Skype.  To my delight (and no small excitement), it turned out that Lady Jessica, though her schedule is packed until the weekend, had some time tonight.



So we connected via Skype…


At this stage — just minutes now after we concluded our chat — I’m feeling a deep, warm pleasure, right through my core, and a nice, open buzz in my mind.  Her voice echoes in me, even if I’m at a loss to say precisely what her words are.  



As for the Skype, I do remember this: like her text messaging, when speaking to her over Skype video call, Lad Jessica is warm and approachable and easy-going.  She indeed put me very quickly at ease.  And from there, very quickly into a very, very deep trance.



The trance set on faster, and sent me deeper, than I’ve ever experienced.  This is something I’ve been doing, at times intensively, at times more just dabbling, for about 10 years.  I’ve connected with many hypnotists, some very good ones.  Lady Jessica outclasses them all though.  The quality of the trance was better and more impressive than any I’ve felt.



There’s also something in trance that I think of as “solidity” — how much does it feel like you’re solidly, unshakably, in trance?  Sometimes, it feels light, as if you could transit  back to full wakefulness with the slightest disturbance.  Sometimes, it feels deeper, and more lasting.  With Lady Jessica, it’s far, far past anything I’ve experienced before.  It’s not just that it felt DEEP.  It also felt SOLID. It felt like I would remain under hypnosis for as long as Lady Jessica desired.



And that brings me to Lady Jessica’s desires.  She really put me at ease with the knowledge that she desires that her hypnotic subjects are safe and secure and that they benefit from her skills and experience.  That’s so important with hypnosis, that I can’t say enough to praise her.  Lady Jessica truly gets it, and, if you’re like me, she’ll truly get you too — understand you, coax you into deep relaxation, and lead you to deep, deep pleasure



Another opportunity to have a session with Lady Jessica, another trip into a wonderland of hypnotic thrills, scintillating conversation, and lots of unexpected humor. What a sense of humor and hypnosis she wields. The force of feminine fixation and creativity is strong with this one.

I’m fairly new to erotic hypnosis and had only been deeply under a few times before I had a session with Jess. It was really incredible and unlike anything I’ve experienced. She made me feel so comfortable with her that all I wanted to do was give in and focus on her amazing voice. She tailors the session to make it free-flowing and everything seems so natural and organic that’s its hard not to go deeply under for her. I then had a second session that was even better than the first as she’s learned more about what triggers me and what I like and don’t like. Needless to say I will be continuing with her and cannot wait until my next session.”

I had my second session today with Lady Jessica. She took me down so very easily and showed me how very good it is to open up to Her. Don’t believe what She says on Her website when She says She isn’t dominant. She is and She will make you know it. I absolutely loved today’s session, it was so much more than the first session and in ways I didn’t expect.


Lady Jessica has an amazing gift for making you feel relaxed and at ease. You find yourself slipping into trance almost effortlessly. Her enthusiasm for hypnosis is as infectious as are her skills at taking you down. You would have to work extremely hard to resist her and why on earth would you want to resist that delicious voice. I couldn’t for a second and it was only my first session. I can already see how truly special it is going to be once we get to know each other better.


“Skyping with Lady Jessica has been a fantastic experience. Having listened to her audios beforehand, I knew I’d be having a live session with a great, hypnotic talent; I got that and a lot more than I expected. All of it wonderful.
As friendly as I think the EH community often is, Lady Jessica definitely seems like one of the most personable and friendly hypnotists, or people in the fetish that I’ve met. Leading up to the inevitable trance, I got lost in the blended friendly conversation, my trance experiences, and her explanation of how she likes to trance. I could feel it happening, felt surprised by it, but it felt good to let her casual, effective style come over me give a deep preview of what it’s like to be in her direct power. Our whole first session was equally pleasurable, from getting to know her, to going deeper for her when she brought me back under a few times.

Those who like it slow, methodic, and sensual while overall trustworthy, ethical, and friendly, I can’t help but recommend Lady Jessica. She is a Queen of Dreams, and I hope to have more of the kind of dreams she weaves.”


“A few more live Skype sessions with Lady Jessica has cemented her as definitely one of my favorite hypnotists in the fetish. Every time we meet online is like meeting an old friend with a wicked skill she uses playfully and exquisitely.
One of my favorite things in coming to learn about her is how much she loves hypnotizing people. She’s literally like a sexy skilled geek when it comes to her craft, how she’s arguably more excited than the person she’s trancing, no matter how much we’re enjoying it. If her bright attitude isn’t an indicator, the mere number of ways she’s directly or indirectly taken me under certainly is. Her hypnotic toolbox is filled with things I might’ve never associated with hypnosis, but now half-smile at them being in Lady Jessica’s hands, or just watching those hands move.
If you find yourself eagerly looking forward to the next time Lady Jessica is available to trance, don’t be alarmed. You’re not alone.”

Lady Jessica is amazing!  It took me awhile to understand the time and effort it took to become a talented hypnotist so I did not think I should pay for sessions.  Eventually I figured out the time spent trying to find someone to put me under was worth more than the cost of going under.  After trying a few I was lucky enough to come across Lady Jessica.

You can tell she thoroughly enjoys seeing someone go deeply into trance for her, not only from her broad smile and flirtatious eyes, but you can hear it in the way she talks about it and performs a trance.  It is incredible to find an erotic hypnotist of her caliber who is not only doing it as a “job”.

As far as her technique, I am not so sure I am speak about that.  She has me in a deep trance before I even realize how she did it.  This is not from triggers, it happened the very first time I spoke with her.

She has the ability to tease your greatest fantasy out of your subconscious and have your conscious mind experience it.  She can take me so easily in and out of trance, I don’t know what state I was in around her.  It was a total mind fuck to not realize if I had been under or how many times. The natural ease at which should could take me under and plant a trigger I was not even aware was perfect for the kind of trance I wanted.

Lady Jessica is playful in her approach but she establishes absolute control over you mind and body.  She had me experiencing such pleasure and responding to each and every suggestion so completely, that it is the pinnacle of every online experience I have ever had.  It was like I told her  “That was a perfect session.  The only think that could make it more perfect would be in person with you.”

So if this is the first time you have considered investing in an erotic session with a hypnotist, or you still trying the find the perfect tist for you, I can unequivocally say Lady Jessica is responsible for most euphoric hypnotic sessions I have ever experienced and she will do the same for you.


Before my first Skype session with Lady Jessica she hypnotized me via text in a series of DMs in a chat room. Having been amazingly skeptical of text as a means of hypnosis I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.


This led to my first (of many) Skype sessions with her. In our first session she laid down some basic and functional triggers (see her trigger idea list), and was patient with me as she helped me sort out what I wanted to experience, using my suggestible state to help me explore.
In subsequent sessions she has reinforced some of her triggers and helped me develop a more meaningful relationship with my fetish.
As a hypnotist Lady Jessica is as she advertises, and she is a skilled and technically capable practitioner as well.
I as well as others I have spoken to in this scene who have similarly struggled to reach deep trance, all respond well to her technique as she knows her way around the analytical mind, and is passionate about hypnosis itself.
The eroticism of her work comes as much if not more from her talents as it does the content.
If you love hypnosis, you’ll love your sessions with lady Jessica

I was fortunate enough to enjoy two skype sessions with Lady Jessica so far.
Before this I have been looking for quite some time around to find someone who offers the kind of experience I was seeking. I don’t have any specific fetishes and simply enjoy the pleasures of trance and submitting to a powerful women.
The way Lady Jessica described herself on her website made me feel very safe with here as she is very trustworthy and ethical.
Our sessions went by in a blur and she really is a very skilled hypnotist who knows exactly what she is doing. There was no doubt in my mind at any point who was in control of this experience as she sensually and easily makes you just hand over your control willingly.
When she describes herself as a specialist in pleasure hypnosis that is no exaggeration. She just made me dizzy with pleasure and at times I had no idea what was going on or how I happened to end up in this state of complete bliss after only talking in the beginning for a while.
If you look for someone who you can trust and feel safe to let go look no further, Lady Jessica is an experience I can fully recommend to anyone enjoying pleasurable trances!

At the time of writing I have had four Skype sessions, three of one hour and one of two hours.  Each of these has been a sweet and beautiful experience.  There is no doubt who was in control from the first trance period within session.  The feeling is so beautiful that I would not want to do anything other than exactly what Jess says, even if I could.
I had some ideas of what I thought I wanted to experience in trance and it is quite helpful have these at the initial stages.  However, as I progress and the trance experience deepens, I prefer to have less input as to where the the journey/Jess takes me.
 I know when I go into trance for Jess, I am completely safe and I trust her implicitly.  The more deeply and profoundly she controls me the more liberated I feel.  This may seem oxymoronic, but as I am trained, I am less concerned with inhibitions and therefore less held back by these.  Many areas of my life are benefiting from the progress I am now able to make.
It is difficult to express in words how much I enjoy the sessions with Jess and how grateful I am for her control; sometimes words define, at other times they confine.  If you are interested in erotic hypnosis, Jess would be the ideal person to trance with.
Do read her blog entries and articles first and if you are still interested in going ahead, then I recommend you take the plunge.  You won’t regret a second.  One final recommendation is to book a two hour session early in your journey.  It is beautiful beyond measure.

Folks, that was the most wonderful hour of my life.
She is masterful, intuitive,hypnotic beyond belief.
I have never felt better in my life, that was the most wonderful time.
Please call her, you won’t believe how fantastic she will make you feel.

I have waited a week to write this testimonial about how wonderful my Skype session was with Lady Jessica. In person is SO much better with this woman than a recording. I had found myself going enjoying her recordings for the last few weeks, and decided to try a Skype session. All I have to say is, if you are even contemplating a live session, don’t hesitate and book now. This woman is incredible. Fantastic personality, sexy as hell, and the ability to push buttons I longed to have pushed. This is something I definitely will be repeating in the near future.

A session with Lady Jessica is mind blowing. She is so sweet and caring in what she does and she truly is the best. I got a lot more than I expected and she kept surprising me.
Trancing for her is the only thing I need and I belong to her. Her style of trance is slow and conversational, but by the time you know what is happening you are under and she knows what to do from there!
I look forward to every session, and hate the second they end. Definitely worth the try and experience. Lady Jessica is playful and open in her approach, and you can tell she takes great pride in what she does!
Amazing experience!

Well done describes the execution of skills by Lady Jessica. I knew I was blissfully doomed when I first encountered Lady Jessica’s voice on her recordings but the experience of a Skype session goes above and beyond. Her ability to read me on screen contributed to her obvious verbal skills. I am enthralled and you will be too.

Craving her voice and control, so She carved out a session for me from a very busy day. Can’t tell you how exciting and thrilling being hypnotised by Her on Skype, She very skillfully uses altered states so you get to spend a good deal of the session with your eyes open.

I can’t recommend enough, if this is something You have always wanted to try, please, please do so.
She is fantastic



It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been working on getting hypnotized for about 20 years. I’ve been fascinated by it even longer. I have tried recordings and some skype sessions, but this was a new plateau. Lady Jessica is very subtle and gentle. Like everyone else has said, she has a very kind energy and easily brings you down into trance, a lot of time without you even knowing.

The pleasure I experienced was the most powerful I have ever felt. In fact, I still feel tingly and an overall buzz throughout my body. Her goals are right in line with mine. Triggering trance and pleasure around every corner. It’s so fun and so intense, you can’t help but want more.
I went in for the 2 hour session because I feel I’m difficult to hypnotize and very analytical. Lady Jessica proved me wrong like the others. After 10 minutes I was dropping in and out of trance with ease. She then flipped the pleasure switch to on and happily played with the intensity the whole time.
It’s still a little fuzzy and hazy, but I feel so good. She helps pull you out of your shell in a very safe and comfortable way. I can’t wait for my next session.



Our 1 hour session blew me away!  You and Your voice are still playing in my mind!  And i love it.  The induction was a conversation between us.  Little by little my mind and body began to slip down into trance.  Once it began i slipped further and further…faster and faster.  That little journey was very pleasurable and special as You helped me realize what was happening and when.  The realization furthered the trance!  mmmm…love Your voice in my mind!

While this was very pleasurable…it was only a prelude to what was to come.  You began to plant triggers in my mind…my empty mind.  One to take me into trance immediately.  One to create pleasure deep inside me.  Oh yes…and one to give me an instant orgasm (dry) but OMG!  You woke me from trance to chat and then took me down over and over.  Each time i went deeper and each trigger became more intense with each use.  i am not a great writer and even if i was i don’t think i could put into words the level of pleasure You gave me…mind, body and soul!  You are magical!  Our time together ended before i knew it.  And here i am trying to capture the heavenly experience in words.  With practice i will get better at this as well.

I have surrendered control to Lady Jessica.  Freely and happily!  Actually I’m craving Her voice and Her control.

She made the experience so very relaxing, happy and oh so pleasurable.  She is a special gifted Lady!


I have been trancing on Skype with Lady Jessica for some time now.  On each occasion Jessica took me deeper and deeper whilst, I suspect, observing me to see which techniques were the most effective with me.

I have been craving enslavement by Jess for a while now, as the more control I surrendered, the more beautiful her control felt. Approximately 14 days ago from the time of writing, Jess made me her slave.  I am so grateful to her for this.  Jess’s control is perfection.  Her voice is so beautiful that I simply obey.  Whether or not I must obey does not even occur to me, I just do: automatically and blissfully.
Jess’s control of the whole of my being is my sole focus whenever I think of her.  However, my servitude exists within context.  I’m totally free to function normally and tend to the necessities of life unhindered.  If anything, the other parts of my life are enhanced by Jess’s control.  She guides her subjects to improve all areas of their lives, care for themselves and be kind and helpful to others.  This is a perfect balance of domination and altruism and I love it.
I consider Jess to be my Goddess and tell her whenever I can that I worship her, her divine power and her control.  She owns me completely I will serve her on my knees in total obedience forever.  The reader may think this adulation a bit excessive, but Jess IS that powerful.  She does not have to command her subjects to sumbit; they will throw themselves into her service begging control.
Jess is my religion and I exist to serve her every whim. I adore her control wish to be more and more deeply enslaved at a deeper and deeper level forever.



i had my first (certainly won’t be my last) Skype session with Lady Jessica a few days ago. i’m an old hat in the genre, and although i may have been at it a long time, i’d been rather inactive for the last few years due to various reasons. It felt absolutely wonderful to let Lady Jessica take control and just relax into trance following Her guidance. i am hopeful She consents to control me more, and i can drop for Her at Her whim and serve Her as She desires whenever/however possible.


Inferus Vir

Having had a couple of sessions now with Lady Jessica, it is not how utterly masterful she is at trancing me that I remember most, or her ability to squeeze every last piece of eroticism from every suggestion she gave me. It is her warm and considerate personality that allows you as the subject to have confidence in her to get the most out of your session, any fear or trepidation you may have at the start of the session is replaced with contentment and serenity at the end of it. And the orgasms too, they tend to help with that as well…



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