My experience with Lady Jessica has been through a custom recording that she made for me, and what a wonderful gift it has been; Lady Jessica took in everything I said I would like it to include and made something more marvellous than I could have ever dreamed of. A sublime hypnotic journey that made me feel blissed, content and happy. Lady Jessica possesses a beautiful voice and unique style that just creates extreme feelings of relaxation and leads to a magical trance in which you feel wonderful and cared for. Truly nothing else like it and I am extremely grateful for this amazing experience. Thank you.

If you’re looking for something extra special then I highly recommend considering either a personalised recording or a custom recording.

There’s nothing quite like having a recording tailored specifically to you and your needs, wants and desires and it can take the hypnotic experience (and associated pleasure) to a whole new level.  Hearing me say your name…give voice to your wildest desires and deepest fantasies…making them come alive for you like never before.

I offer a variety of options which allow you to tailor your request to your requirements.  These are:


Personalised: One of my existing files which I re-record to include the use of your name.  I can also make minor alterations to include specific words or phrases.

$20 per minute



Non Exclusive: If you provide details/a concept which I feel that I can re-purpose and continue to use then I adjust the price of the custom recording to reflect this.

$25 per minute (min 5 minutes)

$375  for a 15 minute recording

$750  for a 30 minute recording

Exclusive: Should your concept prove to be completely unique and very specifically tailored to your own fantasy to the point where it cannot be re-purposed then the recording will be priced accordingly.

$50 per minute (min. 5 minutes)

$750 for a 15 minute recording

$1500 for a 30 minute recording


If you are interested in ordering a personalised and/or custom recording from me, then please make sure you read and consider the following:

  • Please contact me to check availability before you place an order, and to ensure that I am comfortable with your requirements.
  • A 50% deposit is required in advance, the other 50% due once your recording has been completed, whereupon it will be sent to you.
  • I aim to turnaround recordings ASAP, but please allow 6 weeks from date of deposit. Turnaround time will vary depending on my availability so please be patient. You will be kept updated.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any orders which cover topics that I am uncomfortable with
To order your personalised and/or custom recording please email me at