Indulge in the ultimate hypnotic experience

A special, unique and intensely pleasurable opportunity awaits...

Live sessions with me are ideal if you:


  • Want to enjoy a special, personal experience tailored specifically to you and your desires.

  • Consider yourself to be analytical and/or have previously struggled to enjoy trance (I specialise in working with people just like you and have an excellent success rate – just take a look at my testimonials).

  • Have specific things you wish to experience/fantasies you want to explore and enjoy.

Learn More About Skype Sessions

1. Learn

Understand what a live session with me entails and what you can expect.


2. Prepare

Read the terms and conditions, complete the booking form, read about how to best prepare for the session etc

3. Pay

Remember – you only pay for the session after completing the booking form and after confirming a mutually agreeable date with me (I will email you once the booking form has been completed).

What To Expect

A live Skype Hypnosis session with me is an opportunity to experience, enjoy and explore hypnotic trance and its possibilities in a safe, fun environment. Each session is tailored specifically to you and your needs for a genuine, individual experience.

Each session can include:

  • an induction which is tailored specifically to you – no generic progressive relaxation here!
  • a variety of different triggers (which triggers will depend on what you want to achieve).
  • an opportunity for you to explore your desires and fantasies in a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment.

Please don’t worry if you feel at all nervous or apprehensive. Firstly, excitement and nervousness quite often play off and amplify one another. Secondly, I have many years experience dealing with nervous clients and will put you at ease. Your safety and wellbeing will always be my main priority. You may also find that reading testimonials from other clients may help allay some or all of your concerns.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact by emailing me at

My Interests / Areas of Expertise

Please remember that I do what I do primarily because I am passionate about it. I am, first and foremost an erotic hypnotist who specialises in erotic pleasure. I do include hypnoDomme elements, but I do not identify primarily as a hypnoDomme, so it is worth taking this into consideration.

I specialise in working with people who have previously struggled to trance (including analytical people). I had one gentleman who enjoyed a successful session with me, but prior to our encounter had been trying to trance for 15 years.

One of my favourite things is to utilise post-hypnotic triggers and weave them into conversations…I love pleasure related triggers (including hands-free orgasms). If you have a specialist/niche interest it is worth discussing this with me in advance to ensure that I can accommodate it. I don’t, for example, entertain humiliation. Experience has taught me that this always comes from a bad/negative place and I have no desire to re-enforce that.

Before booking a session please email me at so we can discuss what you’re looking to enjoy in the session.


  1. Will we be able to see one another? Yes – the session will require us both to use a webcam.  Please bear in mind however that I am not a camgirl, so whilst you will be able to see my face, nothing else will be on show.
  2. What happens during a session? Whilst I tailor each induction style specifically to the individual I am working with, I do like to use a conversational style as a foundation.  I find this puts people at ease (especially if it is their first time trancing with me) and ensures we can take our time and enjoy the experience.  You won’t spend the entire hour in trance…I will bring you in and out of trance and make full use of post-hypnotic suggestions and triggers to enhance your experience.
  3. Are sessions recorded? I never record a session without explicit consent and I do not allow any sessions to be recorded by the client.
  4. What length of session should I book? This is entirely up to you. Some people choose to book 1.5 or 2 hour sessions because they are nervous and want to allow more time to settle in, others because the longer sessions allow more time for pleasure. Decide what you want to get out of your session and book accordingly.


If you find you’re still curious and/or nervous about what to expect then I highly recommend exploring my testimonials page. It is filled with multiple testimonials from existing satisfied clients and will give you an insight into my capabilities and what you can expect.

Book A Skype Session

Terms & Conditions

  • Sessions are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a therapist and make no claims of being one.
  • A time and date for a session must be agreed in advance of payment (and after completion of booking form). If a session is paid for without a time and date being mutually agreed then it will be deemed to be a donation and there will be no obligation for me to offer a session. If I choose to do so, it will be at by discretion.
  • Please note that sessions are purchased in blocks.  So if you purchase a 1 hour session, you receive a 1 hour session and not two 30 min sessions.  Likewise if you purchase a 2 hour session, you are paying for a single 2 hour session and not two 1 hour sessions.
  • The session must commence within 15 minutes of the agreed start time or it will be considered abandoned and no refund will be given.
  • If a session is booked and then a need arises to reschedule at least 24 hours prior to the session commencing then I will allow the session to be rescheduled once. The new appointment date/time must be within 2 weeks of the original booking otherwise the session will be considered cancelled and no refund will be offered. I appreciate things come up and so attempt to be flexible with rescheduling, but at the same time I’ve blocked out the time for the original booking (potentially losing other bookings in the process).

These terms and conditions are subject to amendment at any time so please ensure you read them each time before booking/paying for a session

If you have any questions or queries, please email me at

***IMPORTANT***: Preparing For Your Live Session

Here are some simple, effective tips to help ensure that your session goes smoothly and you are able to enjoy the maximum possible enjoyment from the experience:

  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • Have a glass of water handy in case you become thirsty.
  • Ensure that there are no distractions (e.g. ringing phone) and that you will not be interrupted.
  • Check your webcam, mic and Skype are working.
  • Find a comfortable position that you can maintain – it doesn’t matter if you are lying down or sitting up as long as we can see each other.

Perhaps most importantly…

Relax – as long as you want to be hypnotised, are capable of following simple instructions and provide me with honest feedback about what you are experiencing them the odds are very much in your favor that you will be able to enjoy a phenomenal session.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

Fill out the contact form below and I will respond ASAP.