Lady Jessica’s Castle

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2 reviews for Lady Jessica’s Castle

  1. G

    I’m going to try and review this without giving any spoilers or talking too much about the specifics of the narrative. It is important that the listener finds out for themselves.

    This recording starts off by being very subtle and gets a little more direct towards the end. It begins with a seemingly innocent description of Lady Jessica’s interest in castles. However, at various points as the file progresses you realise you are relaxing and getting in to the beautiful sound of Jessica’s voice. Every time I listen to this file I find a different part that enchants me. Conversely, sometimes I have little memory of the first 9 or 10 minutes of the recording, only recalling the last part.

    I also find this file very helpful in giving me definition in the way I should submit to Jessica. Jessica is the Queen of Dreams as the website title suggests. This guides me to submit as a loyal subject, rather than a zombified slave (although the difference may be academic!). After listening to this file, I always feel grateful to serve and obey and voluntarily wish demonstrate my devotion.

    I love this file, but I would remind the new listener that it does begin subtly and to be patient, you will be taken. To the experienced devotee or one lucky enough to have had Skype sessions, I say this: prepare to adore.

    Finally, I find this file excellent to use as the first file if you want to listen to multiple files at once, back-to back. The initial gentleness and subtleness leading in to more direct suggestions is the perfect lead in to other files.

  2. TP (verified owner)

    This is a total tour-de-force of hypnotic art. The word ‘force,’ perhaps, is misjudged; it would lead some readers to expect a violent, sudden, or extreme experience. There is none of that. Instead, Lady Jessica leads you with a lovely, almost rambling conversation. All the methods she uses here are easy, flowing, and gentle. The impact however is stunning. I’m still not sure entirely what I heard. I just know that it feels amazing; the effects are lingering; and a craving is rising in me to listen again.

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