The Pleasure Induction

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Length: 16 minutes 19 seconds

Give in.  Forget what you were meant to think or feel or concern yourself with and instead choose to surrender yourself to my voice.  We both know you want to.  Let us enjoy a special moment together…one where your mind is unencumbered by the daily tedium which plagues you and is instead set free to drift upon the melodic song of my voice.

There is no rush my darling boy…trance is as inevitable as the pleasure I gift to you.  I will have you and you will succumb to me…to my power…to my pleasure…all in good time.

I sense the need in you…an empty vessel waiting to be filled by my voice…to have your thirst quenched by my pleasure.  It is within your reach now…this moment will be ours…what you did before and what you will do afterwards are irrelevant…all that matters now is this moment.  Being in this moment…existing…in this moment…living in this moment and being molded by your acceptance of my words and their power.

Embrace the possibilities…the blissful pleasure which awaits you as you surrender to my voice.

3 reviews for The Pleasure Induction

  1. DD

    I’ve never had much luck with recordings and I don’t think I’ve ever really “gone under” for one, but this recording has been an eye-opener. Or more precisely an eye-closer!

    Lady Jessica has a seductive, irresistible, voice. Every time I’ve listened to this recording I have ended up in what I recognize as a very deep state, and afterwards very open to pleasure. I’m not a roleplayer and this was a genuinely powerful experience.

    Piece of advice: set aside a lot more than 16 minutes to listen. You may find yourself drifting away to another place for quite a while.

  2. Hoseaaaa

    This recording absolutely hit it out of the park for me. It is great for an analytical mind looking for feedback. I just kept going deeper and deeper under Lady Jessica’s spell and I loved every moment of it. The pleasure is so good and only gets better the more you let go. I can’t wait to listen and succumb again. I’m going to try it before another of her files next time to see what happens.

  3. J R

    I’ve always loved how pro-pleasure Lady Jessica is, but this particular induction feels like pleasure distilled, poured like syrup into my head and filling it warm, sensual sweet submission.

    Her voice slowly guides me into her spell, and I love how it feels like she stretches time from beginning to end. I’ve listened to this several times, and the effect seems to vary between hitting me hard or slowly taking me over. I love despite the inevitability of her power over me, there’s always a surprise in how my mind will react to being drowned in her pleasure.

    Goes without saying how much of a pleasure it is to have this one. Any fan of hypnosis, Jessica, or pleasure will love this.

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