Breast Seduction

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Enjoy a deliciously sensual journey of submission and surrender…gentle but firm…lusciously lulled into inevitably deep trance by the soporific sound of my voice and the gentle contours of my bosom.

This exquisite recording will seduce your mind in ways you never imagined…teasing and playing with you through subtle fractionation…guiding you on a powerful and playful hypnotic journey in and out of trance…slow and deep and sensual in a manner that leads you ever deeper under my control – exactly where you belong.

length: 21 mins 38 secs

3 reviews for Breast Seduction

  1. PAT (verified owner)

    I was very intrigued what the outcome of this mp3 would be on my first listen.
    As always Lady Jessica soft erotic voice takes you on an amazing journey and has you falling deep before you even realise. This journey is relaxing and rewarding and the blissful hypnotic haze only Lady Jessica seems able to deliver will stay with you long after the recording ends.

  2. Todd (verified owner)

    It took several times listening to remember this recording. Lady Jessica lulls you deep into soft sleep where you can almost hear her heartbeat. Time is distorted and she wakes you up only to be taken down even deeper a second time. The effects of this recording last and you will want to listen again. A pleasant post hypnotic suggestion is a sweet addition to this soft, well-rounded, addictive, mp3. Thank you, Lady Jessica.

  3. A very grateful subject

    I admit that I briefly wondered if I’d started listening to the wrong file. But very quickly She had me spellbound anyway and it no longer mattered. As I floated on Her voice it became very clear I was indeed listening to this session. Being lost in the warm, soft, round fog was blissful – there is no other word – and consciousess returned far too soon.

    Or did it?

    This recording is wonderful.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to open my image viewer.

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