Surrender & Obey

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Length: 22 minutes 30 seconds

Have you ever wondered what it is like to give up complete control?  To relinquish yourself so completely to the thrall of a powerful woman that owns you.  That she decides if and when you can pleasure yourself and controls you without question.  You are left helpless by her commands with no option other than to simply obey because you could not resist even if you wanted to.  You want to obey…you will obey and when I want to I will reward you for being my good boy.  After all…I know you want to be.  I know you feel that urge deep within you….that need that aches with desire to be mine.  For my words to envelop your mind and lead you on that inevitable descent into deep trance.  That blissful space where your mind floats on my voice and you know with every fibre of your being that you belong to me and that makes you feel incredible.


  1. Surrender & Obey (sample) Queen of Dreams 0:57

13 reviews for Surrender & Obey

  1. J R

    Especially for fans and subs who’ve already been exposed to Jessica’s skills, Surrender & Obey feels like an amazing next-level kind of experience. It’s among those files with a wonderful juxtaposition of palpable dominance delivered in the softest, most compelling of ways. I loved how sure Jessica was of her own ability, and how easily it was to be convinced of what it did to me and how I wanted more of it. Belonging to her in a deep way became so real and desirable, even moreso as she punctuated how those in her power pleased her by being better themselves in her honor, and feeling the pleasure of obeying while doing so.

    I’ve always liked sessions like this, and Lady Jessica is so good at it, the urge listen to it again is strong. Fans of hypno, of dominance, or just of her, should be thoroughly pleased.

  2. PD (verified owner)

    Lady Jessica most definitely has a way with words. Her words flow softly and smoothly as they effortlessly take you into surrender and control. As I listened my mind could find no reason or need to resist, I gladly followed her voice into blissful surrender. Control never felt so good.

  3. Rob (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful recording. I just got done listening to it for the first time, and would have looped it right over again, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this. Definitely took me by surprise, and in a very good way. I feel outstanding after listening to this, and can’t wait to do so again shortly. Thank you so much for this, I appreciate you for doing so

  4. evannave45 (verified owner)

    Her voice is enough and I surrender. I want more and more of Lady Jessica. I am pausing to review and then to go back under her wonderful control. Thank you! richard

  5. Sheldon

    Unlike any hypnosis experience I’ve ever had. The introduction was great, I didn’t even realize I was being hypnotized! A wonderful, peaceful experience where you can truly submit to the Queen Of Dreams! She’ll take you down and leave you wanting more!

  6. Hoseaaaa

    I love all of the recordings so far. As usual, I don’t really know when I’m in hypnosis until I’m there. I’m listening and then I realize my eyes are closed and I’m floating down this relaxing river. It becomes a background buzz of familiar voice and smoothly takes over your mind. There is much gentleness and kindness throughout, but that shouldn’t be mistaken for the immense power in her words. Lady Jessica does keep you wanting more.

  7. Dave (verified owner)

    Wow, what can I say!? With this recording, you will definitely give yourself up to Lady Jessica. You will want to surrender, you will want to obey. Lady Jessica has taken to a place I didn’t know was in my mind, I say my mind, it no longer belongs to me, it is Lady Jessica’s. She controls it now. It would be an understatement to say I enjoyed this recording, it is absolutely amazing. From the moment I dropped into trance until I awoke from it, I was completely under Lady Jessica’s control, in fact, even at the start, her voice just melted into my mind, I knew I was doomed! There is no escape from Her words. Once you listen, you have to listen again. And again. I crave Lady Jessica every day, this file goes a long way towards that craving, you will want more by the end…

  8. roy_uk (verified owner)

    If you wish to surrender and obey a powerful woman then this recording is for you, and definitely for me. As with all Lady Jessica’s recordings I have listened to so far trance just seems to happen, her beautiful voice takes you down subtly and easily. I found after the first time I listened to this recording Lady Jessica had broken through any resistance I had to relinquishing all control, I just wanted to listen more and more and allow Lady Jessica to enhance her control over me each time. I have listened a number of times and the desire to surrender and be obedient and controlled just gets stronger and stronger. It seems only natural to allow Lady Jessica to take control and it feels so good to surrender. Everything Lady Jessica describes about this recording is so true and belonging to her really does feel incredible.

  9. TP (verified owner)

    Lady Jessica is smooth, effortless, and powerful. Her hypnotic skill exceeds any that I’ve encountered. Surrender & Obey is the first of her files that I have listened to — the first of what is sure to become many. And I already feel compelled to listen again. In fact, the warm, pleasurable emptiness that results from letting her voice into my mind is too good to deny. It’s amazing. She’s amazing.

  10. Cinnead (verified owner)

    Have you ever wondered……?? These words really hit me. I mean…. Have you?? Have you ever seriously wondered. You know… What it’d REALLY be like?? To Surrender….?? To Obey….?? Not just in the fun Yes Miss/No Miss/Three bags full miss but in the real sense. To have the compulsion planted… Embedded so deep that your reactions become predetermined, automatic… To have the fantasy,

    become reality.

    Have you ever considered….. Really considered…. the pleasure that is awaiting you??? Cause we all know just how capable She is at inflicting such delights…

    Did you really think that Miss Jessica hadn’t noticed the files you’ve been buying?? Oblivion…. Mindless Obedience….. Surrender- Obey…. You’ve voluntarily thrown yourself down that rabbit hole and somewhere in the darkness She waits. Patiently. You WILL be hers. That voice… That glorious hypnotic bewitching voice wrapping velvet chains round your mind, whispering… Surrender…… Obey……

    Imagine how it would feel if your inner monologue started whispering in Her voice… Advising…. Encouraging… Enforcing…. Rewarding….

    By the end of this file you may just find yourself changed, before you listen to it, you really need to be honest with yourself… You really need to answer yourself….

    Have you ever wondered???

  11. karmapanda (verified owner)

    I wanted to resist, I wanted to give Lady Jessica a challenge but in the end, her words were like smoke and filled my mind with obedience. While I listened I found myself falling into a deep well of trance that washed over my weak mind. Lady Jessica’s control over me is beginning and I crave more of her wonderful hypnosis. All I want now is to be a good boy.

  12. bruno (verified owner)

    Lady Jessica,

    I’ve finally been able to listen to Surrender and Obey and I’m trying to find words to describe the whole mixture of sensations that took over my body and my mind as I listened to this session

    It was my first session of Lady Jessica and due to my submissive nature this was the first ones she recommended to me.

    Since Lady Jessica is always kindly attentive, calm, serene, I was really surprised that the session had begun in that way, with her sweet and powerful voice already reaching my mind (and my body) when she speaks directly about total surrender to the whims of a Powerful Woman like her and how it attracts me. She has already demonstrated from the beginning that, despite being sweet and gentle, noboby should doubt of her power. This beginning hit me directly and strongly, and in a few moments I wanted nothing more than to continue listening to this sweet and powerfull voice, which spoke about true things as if she knew my mind, knew how it works and how weak it is, how vulnerable to the Power of a Woman like Lady Jessica i am. The true things that Lady Jessica talks about submission seems to be made directly to me

    I confess that I had to hold on to the climax before the end of the session, because the arousal that her voice and hers words provoked in me was deliciously strong, real (at the same time, with headphones in the ear, i absorbed hers words that reinforced my submission and anticipated several sensations and pleasures by surrendering to her and being helpless under her control).

    And besides, what about that natural laughter? Of the one in total control of the situation and knows that her boy has no option but to surrender and obey to Lady Jessica.

    Thank you, Lady Jessica, for giving me this experience.

    Surrender and Obey to Lady Jessica!

  13. johnmaker11111

    What a fantastic recording! Lady Jessica has a most sublime and tempting voice — that lulls my mind into a blank obedient state of surrender. It feels really good to be like this. I highly recommend this recording for those who want to feel Her power in their minds and feel a compulsion to obey Her. I’ve now listened 4 times to it and each time the sensations of submission get stronger and more delicious.

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