The Satin Journey

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A soft, gentle recording with a long, visualization focused induction that introduces you to the idea of trying on ladies satin panties.

Length: 20 minutes 24 seconds

The file begins with a relaxed, gentle visual induction…leading you to a special place where you can explore just how good it feels to enjoy trying on and wearing ladies soft, satin panties.

This recording is aimed at those who are new to exploring the fetish and/or seeking a gentle, relaxed¬† experience which includes no humiliation of any kind.¬† The focus of this recording is pleasure…relaxed and sensual…a gentle introduction to a journey with many possibilities.

1 review for The Satin Journey

  1. Hypno slave Silk Richie (verified owner)

    Satin journey, a wonderful hypnotic Odyssey, lady Jessica guides me deep into the desire to caress, stroke and ultimately to wear satin panties. By the end of the session I am overwhelmed by the desire to wear silky satin and lace panties. Just the thought is so compelling and arousing. Thank you for making me feel soooo good

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