The Lady’s Vassal

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to meet me?

How it would feel to have me sitting opposite you at a cafe…my eyes exploring you as you lose yourself in my voice.

What would happen? Where would I lead you? How would you respond? What delicious ideas do I have in store for you?

This hour long recording is your opportunity to find out…to discover just how good it feels to accept your fate…to surrender to my control and be gently molded to my will and desires.  To follow me into mindless pleasure as I direct you to serve and please me.

No force…no humiliation…simple, gentle and effective guidance to where you belong – serving and pleasing your mistress.  Guided on your journey through this immersive story by my hypnotic voice.

A decadent adventure awaits.  Are you ready to take the first step?

Good boy – do it.

Length: 53 minutes, 30 seconds.

1 review for The Lady’s Vassal

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    Your recording was like snuggling with a warm, heavy blanket. Perfect now that the weather is finally getting cooler and for nights when I’m having trouble sleeping. It is freeing to let yourself lose control sometimes.

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