Mind To Forget

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Length: 22 minutes 46 seconds

A fun, gentle recording which dabbles with the idea of amnesia…easy to lose yourself and enjoy.  Listen and discover just how exciting amnesia can be when you program your mind to forget….all you have to do is listen to my voice.

1 review for Mind To Forget

  1. NT

    As subjects one of the best ways we can grow and develop is by experiencing suggestions that resonate with us and prove to us that hypnosis is real and effective.
    Mind to Forget is a great file, especially when paired with other sessions, to practice embracing suggestions and developing your own suggestibility at the hands of a skilled a dedicated hypnotist, who by her easy talent and skilled voice, can make even the simplest of suggestions carry an implied eroticism while not being overtly sexual.

    5 Stars for doing exactly what it promises, and doing so in an accessible and exciting way

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