A Journey of Surrender

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Length: 9 minutes 44 seconds

A journey of surrender…allow yourself to follow my words as they lead you on a journey toward inescapable pleasure and surrender.  With my voice as your guide, luring you ever closer to the destination you crave and discovering decadent bliss along the way.


1 review for A Journey of Surrender

  1. J R (verified owner)

    A brief venture into pleasure that feels longer than it is. I love how compact yet expansive this recording is, letting me enjoy Jessica’s work when time is short, and letting me enjoy the effects of her voice intensely in the moment, and beyond, feeling good for the rest of my day.

    She really knows how turn up the sensuality and make you want it to wash over you. Sometimes I listen to this to take a ride, other times I like to feel I’m being taken for a pleasure-filled ride. It’s all great thanks to Lady Jessica.

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