The Dance

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Length: 14 minutes 51 seconds

To my mind hypnosis is inherently seductive….a gentle dance between two partners…the hypnotist and the subject…each learning about one another…discovering the dance…both settling into their own unique shared rhythm in anticipation of enjoying a special experience together.  It’s not a race…there is no rush…simply a slow and steady build of anticipation and appreciation as the experience unfolds…one exquisite moment and discovery at a time.

  1. The Dance (sample) Queen of Dreams 0:32

3 reviews for The Dance

  1. NT

    The Dance is, like The Decent, a powerful exploration of hypnosis that becomes erotic as much in the delivery as it does the simple implications of its content.
    As one of Lady Jessica’s longer sessions, it gives you time (that you won’t really remember) to experience her gentle suggestions and ministrations to make you a more capable and submissive listener.
    How intensely erotic this session is for the listener depends entirely on the degree of one’s hypnosis fetish, but regardless of that, you will become a better subject by listening.

    This session has a few cracks and pops, which as stated in another review, is the cost of raw recording and not adding additional layers and background music. It is not invasive or problematic, and has not impacted my many listening to this session.

    5 Stars for being another wonderfully creative and effective session that delivers what it advertises in spades.

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    Very interesting. While she had told me that she didn’t do a traditional induction, none the less, I soon found myself falling deeper and deeper into trance. Lady Jessica has a playful lilt to her voice, that beguiles one into listening closer, and before you know it, you are hers. I would recommend anyone interested in someone other than your typical hypnotist to download and listen to her recordings.

  3. Robert

    I purchased this early this morning. Being one of the “work from home” crowd these days, I decided to listen
    to the 15-minute session during my 30-minutes lunch time. I found that 30 minutes was barely enough time.

    Like many of Lady Jessica’s sessions, you don’t really notice what’s happening. You simply relax and let that
    lovely voice work its magic. I am analytical to the extreme, and still find myself floating along with Her words.
    One moment you’re simply enjoying the sound of Her voice, and the next thing you know there’s nothing but Her voice.
    You can’t help but want to listen, you can’t help but go along with what She says. The imagery in this session is
    amazing and effective, it really is. You easily find yourself following along, then before you know it you’ve become
    enthralled – and I’m perfectly comfortable with that.

    Note that you WILL need more than 15 minutes for this session. As with other sessions by Lady Jessica, She allows you
    to remain where She led you to. And I did not want to leave that place. I simply lay there for almost 15 more minutes,
    with echoes of Her voice floating around in my head. It was with the greatest reluctance, and GREAT difficulty, that
    I finally managed to collect myself to come back.

    This session is wonderful, as is the Lady herself.

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