Desire To Please

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There is something very fulfilling about submitting to the will and power of a dominant woman.  I am going to help you to cultivate that desire. To make it absolute and necessary. By the time I am finished with you there will be absolutely no doubt in your mind that you were put on this earth to serve powerful, dominant women deserving of your respect and attention.  There will simply be no other option for you. Your singular desire is and will be to serve. Do you understand?

For the purposes of this session you will belong to me.  Now, I want you to make yourself comfortable and prepare to be a good boy and follow the instructions I am about to give you.

My voice is sublime.  An easy guide to follow into a deep trance…eager to enjoy the delights and surrender that await you.  All you have to do it listen…and obey. There is no need to try. You don’t need to hesitate. Follow me.  You’re not leaping into the unknown – you’re allowing yourself to surrender to the inevitable power of my voice.  To satiate that ache deep inside you for my control.

You will trance for me.  Your mind will surrender to the power of my words and voice as inevitably as your need to breathe.  I am a lady who always gets what she wants and right now…in this moment…I want you.

Length: 17 minutes, 29 seconds

1 review for Desire To Please

  1. anders

    “I want you”, says Lady Jessica near the start of this recording and my heart almost stops. Her words lead you in, becoming the softest of compulsions, but entirely irresistible. The desire to please her swells inside me. She doesn’t demand, she simply and seemingly effortlessly awakens a need to serve. My head bows at her instruction.

    Her recordings make sense. I want to learn from her. The statements she makes are logically coherent, and that comforts my analytical brain. It’s not hard to understand that if I feel pleasure from obeying, from submitting, then it makes sense to wish to please her. Her words are smooth and caressing, but full of power. Talking of the need to obey and shivers of pleasure. Talking of control, and yearning to serve. It’s strong stuff. Wonderfully strong stuff. Never crass, always caring, but make no doubt, she leads you to where she wants you to be.

    And then I realise that my hectic brain has quietened, and I have for some minutes been in a virtual space at her feet, quietly drinking in her words, like a pet being stroked. There is a warmth here, in her space. And in that warmth, the desire to please blossoms.

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