Good Boy

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I understand your desire to belong…to serve…be acknowledged and appreciated.  You want to feel a sense of purpose and feel valued. That is only natural, my boy. But it must be earned. You want to be my good boy, I know. Being my good boy has value and meaning. It makes you a part of something greater…being acknowledged as a good boy is a reward in itself.

I sense that temptation deep inside you…that insatiable need that urges you to go just a little bit further…to sink just that little bit deeper for me. If you didn’t feel it you wouldn’t be listening right now.  Believe me when I say that I intend to take full advantage and control of your desires…strengthen them…heighten them…mould your desires into my own and show you just how pleasurable and fulfilling surrender can be.  I will train you to be my good boy.

1 review for Good Boy

  1. Anders

    I feel privileged to be the first to review this recording of the magical Lady Jessica.

    As always, her voice takes over your mind. Her tones compel you, draw you in.
    When I listen to this recording I feel she is talking to me directly. She talks of the balance that must exist between my wanting to earn her approval through finding ways to please her, and the reward of pleasure she gives when she says those wonderful words “Good Boy”. Even thinking about that now makes me shudder with pleasure. She makes it clear that the connection between boy and Mistress becomes so much stronger when it is backed up by actions. Actions that please my Lady, and which may earn her approval.

    I think if you want to be Lady Jessica’s good boy, you need to listen to this recording. She will draw you close to her.

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