Good Boy


I understand your desire to belong…to serve…be acknowledged and appreciated.  You want to feel a sense of purpose and feel valued. That is only natural, my boy. But it must be earned. You want to be my good boy, I know. Being my good boy has value and meaning. It makes you a part of something greater…being acknowledged as a good boy is a reward in itself.

I sense that temptation deep inside you…that insatiable need that urges you to go just a little bit further…to sink just that little bit deeper for me. If you didn’t feel it you wouldn’t be listening right now.  Believe me when I say that I intend to take full advantage and control of your desires…strengthen them…heighten them…mould your desires into my own and show you just how pleasurable and fulfilling surrender can be.  I will train you to be my good boy.


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