The Descent

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Length: 17 minutes 29 seconds
A world of pleasure and possibilities led by my voice and words awaits you…this is only the beginning. By the time I have finished with you, you will be mine…I will be settled deeply inside every part of you…reassuring, inescapable…I will have you abandoning yourself to the pleasure which comes from knowing that you have surrendered completely.
You will know how it feels to be deeply entranced…so surrender yourself to the inescapable pleasure and inevitable descent into deep trance for me…I will lead and you will follow ever deeper…
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5 reviews for The Descent

  1. J R

    Descending down with Lady Jessica’s voice felt amazing. Every soft-spoken, compelling word felt like a step further into the space of her control that felt nice to be in. It felt so easy to relax and let go, trusting in her confidence of the journey and destination, somewhere under her compelling spell. Recommended for any fan of Lady Jessica or of a soft and soothingly domineering trance.

  2. NT

    The Decent is a powerful first few steps into the world of submissive play and the natural dominance that a hypnotist can choose to exude is she chooses to. Lady Jessica makes just that choice.
    She focuses, in her own words, on being an erotic hypnotist and not a dominatrix, but that does not mean she’s a stranger to imposing her will in easy, effective, and lasting ways on the listener. Her understanding of the power of suggestion and the means of framing them to be the most effective as possible is on full display in this session, and anyone who wants to experience a longer trance from her should check this session out immediately.

    In my listening, there were several issues with pops an crackles, but I could not tell if it was amplified by my headphones or a part of the recording.
    Either way, these sounds are not invasive and do not diminish the quality of the session in any real way.
    These sounds are the cost of doing business when not employing additional tracks to mask and otherwise hide the raw sound of natural recording.

    5 Stars for being and exceptionally creative and well paced journey into submission that allows this truly skilled hypnotist to employ her considerable talent in truly titillating and overwhelmingly potent ways.

  3. hypnojunkie (verified owner)

    While I am new to Lady Jessica, I have been listening to erotic hypnosis recordings for many years. Lady Jessica is truly unique in my experience. I don’t know if it’s Her seductive voice or the words or the rhythm She uses or a combination of everything but somehow Lady Jessica slips inside my mind and brings me deeply down under Her spell.

    It’s so easy just to focus on Her voice and at some undefined point, She has taken me so deeply down under Her control. And I feel such desire for more, such an ache to be Her’s, feeling that belonging to Her feels so good and right.

    This is a high quality recording and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

  4. Cinnead (verified owner)

    Descent is the perfect name for this file (though “Freefall” would have been apropos as well). Here Lady Jessica doesnt so much invite you down the rabbit hole as she drags you (I’d like to say kicking and screaming but that’d be a lie of enormous proportions lol) off the edge and into the darkness of your own mind. Whilst there she leaves you in absolutely no doubt as to who exactly is in charge. Her voice fills you, leaving echoes of her influence emblazoned on your mind. Just an FYI… This file stacks up amazingly well with Surrender/Obey, Mindless Obedience and (especially) Oblivion. (Just make sure you have plenty of time to spare )

  5. Bill

    This was my gateway drug for Lady Jessica’s hypnosis. I’m sort of new to hypnosis and am still just learning to trance. But this file, put me under so smoothly, I don’t even know when it happened. Each time I listen, I drop more quickly and easily as I find myself needing to hear her voice and trance more and more for her.

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