Hypnotic Wordplay

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Length: 15 minutes 17 seconds

Words can be magical…woven together to cast a hypnotic spell.  If you know me, you know how much I love expressing pleasure through words…gently opening your mind to all the possibilities that exist.

In this recording I gently lead you in and out of trance…giving you the opportunity to discover how easy it can be to allow yourself to surrender to the pleasure of my voice and words…seducing your mind and body into a blissful hypnotic state.

This is a fun, relaxed recording aimed at allowing you to explore and enjoy how powerful words can be when woven together in a hypnotic spell.

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5 reviews for Hypnotic Wordplay

  1. J R

    A new favorite of mine, one of Lady Jessica’s most spell-binding recordings yet. It’s almost indescribable the exact words, the playful mood she has, the descriptions, how everything comes together to make this file such a hypnotic concoction.

    It feels like the kind of recording made for you without even knowing you wanted it; Jessica speaks intuitively and confidently about her way with words, convincingly proving how enjoyable it feels to listen and obey, and wanting to obey. The way it feels like my head is sometimes played with after feels like a very special touch.

    As a fan of Lady Jessica, you know you’ve got a good one on your hands when a file is the first one you consider over many great ones she’s made. Maybe one day I’ll be able to better articulate why it’s a favorite, but I’ll jus say thank you for this great file for now.

  2. hoseaaaa

    This recording was very relaxing and I certainly remember going in and out of trance. I also remember hearing your voice the entire time. I fell deeper and deeper and deeper. Then at some point, I was awake. I felt great, but I was unsure of what really happened. That is, of course, until a quick chat revealed how powerful your words have become. Deliciously pleasureful and a must-listen for anyone.

  3. G (verified owner)

    This recording is very powerful. I use it as a stand-alone file to deepen by ability to trance to Jess’s voice and afterwards I always feel a beautiful, warm physical glow.

    I have also found it to be excellent to use immediately before listening to a new file. It puts me in exactly the right frame of mind and takes me to just the right depth. When I listen to the new file, I don’t stand a chance; I am utterly hypnotised. This is what Jess and I both want!

  4. Cinnead (verified owner)

    Total word porn. Seriously. If yoyve listened to Lady Jessica then youve heard the voice. Youve heard her articulate, heard her vocalalise verbalise postulate and enunciate. Teasing and taunting and tempting you in and out of trance. Exposing the beauty of the written word. With a smile in her voice she shows you how easy it is to pull you down only to release you… again and again. Every single word uttered in honeyed tones….

    Lady J could honestly read Moby Dick and send you so deep in the process that youd believe your name truly was Ishmael…

    Hypnotic Wordplay is a wonderful introduction to Lady J and her methods of trance… A very effective and relaxing file. One to fall asleep to…

  5. Dustin (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this file. A lot. I am new here and have previously struggled with achieving trance (and staying entranced once I get there), but I’ve found that Lady Jessica’s style really resonates with me. After trying a few of the free files and finding them to be rather effective, I got this file. I am writing this while after my first listen to it, and I’m feeling warm and enthusiastic thinking about how I felt while entranced by her voice. It has me excited for future listens!

    Tl;dr – I recommend giving this file a shot!

    If you are still unsure about purchasing this one, go try out Imagine – it’s free and it’s only four minutes long. This file gives that same feeling of mental realignment, but it feels deeper, and it feels more pleasurable.

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