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What is it.  Every day, every hour, every minute is is captured, classified and defined by the ticking of the clock…  It is characterised as a finite resource… something of which there’s never enough of, something that we’re constantly running out of, something which we hoard and gather and jealously guard.  

But Time, is an illusion.  If you can allow yourself to slow down enough to pause, then you can pause long enough to sit and if you can sit there long enough listen then i can show you how easy it is to just make the world


focus on my words now…  take a deep breath in…… and sigh it out…

This recording is a gentle and contemplative journey into trance…teasing and guiding your mind to relax and enjoy new insights, ideas and directions…a soft, serene experience designed to expand your mind.  All you have to do is listen, focus…and breathe…

Length: 9 minutes 11 seconds

1 review for Time

  1. noinpa (verified owner)

    This one fixed me in place, held me, and as I was held I fell into something majestic, something beyond myself. I felt as though entering something beyond everything, yet I was held safe, and lifted back up and buoyed up as I emerged. I felt something profound happened, but it’s mysterious to me. A gorgeous, quick, refreshing recording.

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