Scarlet Seduction: Hypnotic Nails Painted Red

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A decadently enthralling hypnotic seduction awaits you.  Did you think you could resist my power? Think again.  WIthin seconds I will have you focused completely on my hypnotic hands and the vivacious, captivating shade of red I use to paint my nails.  Whilst your conscious mind is focused on the brilliant colour and mesmerising movement of my hands, my voice will slip quietly, unassumingly and deeply into your subconscious mind.

Before you fully realise what has happened my voice and my words will have deeply penetrated your mind and body and you will be helpless to resist my pleasurable suggestions…or the deep cravings and desire to continue to surrender to my voice at every opportunity.  Flashes of red from now on will simply ignite your desire and strengthen your need to act upon what you truly need…surrender to my voice.

Length: 11 minutes, 32 seconds

3 reviews for Scarlet Seduction: Hypnotic Nails Painted Red

  1. Marmaduke Jones

    I think it helped that I booked a live session with Lady Jessica before I watched this. If you’ve ever been hypnotized by her, you know that she uses her hands a lot. Which is quite effective! After a live session, I watched this video and was put into a trance almost immediately, and was kept there to the very end. She makes it very easy to go into trance. Her voice is super seductive and stays with you long after the trance is over. I’ve seen this video a few times now and it gets stronger every time. Highly recommended.

  2. Hypnonaut (verified owner)

    This file is all about discovering the flavor and the style of Lady Jessica. In this file she really connects with the viewer in a way that can give you a lasting impression. It can definitely entice you to learn more about this hypnotic Lady. The way it makes you feel, safe, protected. cherished, played with, but still quite deeply tranced, and, well, subjugated is very unique and hard to find elsewhere. Also aesthetically a very nice video, and she makes a perfect use of her nail polish and her beautiful red nails.

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    This is the second video I’ve purchased from Lady Jessica (Trance Lite being my first). I’ve been focusing more on audio files over the past few months. Damn, do I wish I’d bought another video file sooner!

    To anyone thinking ‘what can she do to me in just eight minutes – surely it would take longer?’ Well trust me, this woman can do magical things. I would say it took less than a couple of minutes to have me transfixed and deeply affected by her incredibly powerful voice and words. The effects had me thinking and feeling ‘wow wow wow!’

    Don’t think about purchasing it, just go for it; you won’t regret it!

    P.S. thank you Jessica, for your time in recommending my latest investment.

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