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I know you’ve been aching to feel my voice slip deeper inside your mind…to feel your body succumb helplessly to my words…to feel my control penetrate to the very centre of your being.

Consider this an opportunity to embrace your deepest desires…to submit to what you’ve always known deep down you really need – surrendering to my control. Softly, deliciously…feeling your mind and body becoming embraced by the utter inevitability of my control over you.

Feel me hypnotize you deeply…taking control, guiding you to where you have always known you need to be. Allowing you to give yourself over to complete, mindless surrender and obedience.

Seductive, arousing and powerful – you will find yourself helplessly under my spell. But isn’t that precisely where you belong?

Length: 17 mins 45 secs


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2 reviews for Control

  1. struwalker (verified owner)

    As always the wait and anticipation grows as a new file is released and like always never disappoints.
    This is a soft and gentle recording with Lady Jessica’s voice delivering that level of seduction and control that takes you into a deep trance . In no time you will be under her control hanging on every word.
    An effortless journey that brings contentment and joy.
    Another great recording for those exploring their submissive side

  2. Dustin (verified owner)

    Listened to it last night – loved it. Listened to it again tonight and loved it more. If you’ve scrolled down to read the reviews on this one, odds are pretty good that you’ll love it too!
    It’s a pleasure-forward audio that focuses on the listener’s submission and on their enjoyment of that submission.

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