The Ecstasy of Surrender

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Length: 8 minutes 51 seconds

Abandon yourself to a sublime experience of ecstatic surrender…enjoy succumbing helplessly to my voice and discover a new taste of pleasure to enjoy.


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4 reviews for The Ecstasy of Surrender

  1. J R

    It’s always nice to be reminded just how much ecstasy there can be in surrendering. Doing so for Lady Jessica feels incredible with the confident, sensual dominance in her voice, and her persuasive words detailing how it could happen, and how much I wanted it to happen.

    I loved the steady increase of pleasure with every word she spoke, and how long this recording felt compared to how long it really ran. This one I definitely like listening to often.

  2. curiousnca68 (verified owner)

    Another great recording. I just feel so very good right now. Lady Jessica makes you feel so fantastic as you surrender to the ecstasy her words bring. Each one of these recordings I listen to takes me deeper and deeper, and I feel more and more pleasure. I highly recommend this one to anyone who still is deciding on giving up control. Thank you Lady Jessica

  3. DaveP (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from Lady Jessica after first of all trying out the free gifts on the site. And to say I was pleased would be a massive understatement! I am a natural submissive, and the sound of Lady Jessica’s voice just melted me from the start. I was a little bit nervous, not knowing what to expect at first, but the soothing tone of Lady Jessica’s voice soon had me very comfortable. I soon dropped into trance, surrendering to the words. I felt myself talking, although I have no idea what I was saying, I was in too much of a euphoric state!

    By the end of the recording I wanted to listen again as I felt so good, so I did! I realise I have given up control to Lady Jessica, and it is so worth it for the pleasure. Excellent file and I will be purchasing many more.

  4. anders

    Lady Jessica’s voice and tone are so perfectly pitched: her words are delivered in a way that is so comforting and so easy to take and absorb. But focus on those words (“desire to obey her completely”, “you will simply follow”), and the softness cloaks unquestionable power and control. The ideas she articulates resonate deep inside me, in my brain, even in my body. The idea of giving up control, of surrendering, and doing so in an ecstatic way have me thrumming like the strings of a guitar.

    “Each word you choose to listen to holds power”. This is a short recording, but every minute of it is intense and compelling.

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