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Length: 27 minutes 48 seconds

Everyone has times when they want to simply let go…an opportunity to completely lose yourself and submit to the exquisite bliss of mindlessness and oblivion.  A deep and profound yearning to simply surrender to a deep and powerful trance experience…I know you feel that ache…that desire.  How part of you craves that empty, mindless feeling of giving yourself over and succumbing to the inevitable.

The excitement and anticipation that comes with this journey…knowing what is to come…the path laid out before you and simply waiting for you to take the first step.

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Oblivion (recording) Explanation


6 reviews for Oblivion

  1. J R

    Oblivion turned out to be a great file for me to let go to for the sake of enjoying trance, and just for the sake of letting go. A great half-hour reprieve from daily worries and letting Jessica’s words put things into calmer, peaceful perspective.

    I often love hearing about Lady Jessica’s logic and descriptive words, but it blurred so well into a blissful, thoughtless narrative in this recording where I was prone to feeling instead of just listening. It was nice to have a tender moment in Lady Jessica’s power, and come back to the day with a much brighter outlook.

    Thanks Lady Jessica for Oblivion; it’s a great place to come during the day, and I think I’ll want to return often.

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    This was the second recording of Lady Jessica’s that I have listened to, and I enjoyed this one even more than the last. She is NOT like every other hypnotist out there, which is a GREAT thing. A style all her own, and I found myself dropping deeply into trance for her. This recording had a profound effect on me, which I enjoyed immensely. Do yourself a favor and download and listen to it today.

  3. Hoseaaaa

    I put this recording on and I completely disappear. It truly is oblivion and it feels so good. I have never been so deep and so disconnected from my body. It still feels dreamy to me even now.

  4. Cinnead

    I have tried to write a review of this remarkable file many times but every time i attempted to do do after listening i lacked the words. By this, i don’t mean to say i couldn’t articulate what i was thinking, i mean the i literally lacked the words. Now to someone as loquacious as i consider myself to be this was particularly frustrating. Listening to this file most definitely leaves a lingering mark that is deliciously slow to fade.

    The original plan was the bookend Oblivion with two other files… Start with the delicious “Down the Rabbit Hole” and conclude with “Mindgasm”. Playlist created i settled down for an hour or so of delightful trance. Disaster..My mind was floating in delightful the weightlessness of DtRH when the recording jumped straight to Mindgasm. Now as delightful as this combo is (seriously, try it) it wasn’t what i had planned so i reset and tried again… And again….. And again. Why wouldn’t it play Oblivion!!???!!!

    That was when i noticed the time and another explanation suggested itself to my incredibly fog addled brain….

    Turns out the playlist had been playing all three tracks each and every time but as soon as my Lady Jessica’s Oblivion starts insinuating its way into my mind I’m gone. Quite literally it is like the flick of a switch. Lights OFF. Within a couple of lines of Mindgasm beginning my consciousness swims back into the light but with regards to Oblivion i am yet to experience anything other than a blanket of darkness woven by my Lady’s eloquence.

    This file is initially a bit disconcerting in its strength and effectiveness but as D.H. Lawrence once said… “Sleep is but a hint of lovely oblivion” and never a truer word has been spoken.

    Oblivion is 27 minutes of wonderful engulfing darkness smothering the mind of every waking sense. Without a doubt, with this file, Lady Jessica has crafted a masterpiece.

  5. noinpa (verified owner)

    I have different reactions to this session at different times. Sometimes it draws me in
    to a tranquil quiet, taking me to a point of comfort and connection. Other times it is
    invigorating, leaving me feeling vibrant and sensuous. Lady Jessica draws me in and take
    s over, completely subjugating me so sweetly. Then, on to bliss in nothingness and, eventually, back. I really like this recording.

  6. Bill

    This file delivers exactly what it says … Oblivion. I frequently have insomnia, but for the past two weeks, this file has been putting me down for the night. I don’t really know what’s in it, but I wake up feeling absolutely amazing.

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