Mindless Obedience

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Length: 10 minutes 5 seconds

Allow yourself to be transformed and become mindlessly obedient to my voice and my will.  Go on…you know you want to.


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4 reviews for Mindless Obedience

  1. J R

    One of my first and favorite recordings from Lady Jessica. Becoming mindless and obedient is easy to do with such a voice like hers leading downwards into the sensual depths of her control. The longer I listened, the sooner my mind was vacant except for her words and will.

    I love coming back to this session often; very recommended.

  2. TP (verified owner)

    This is only the third day or so since I’ve begun trancing to Lady Jessica’s recordings. But this file totally slammed me, in the smoothest, sweetest way, taking me so deep, so fast, I’m still not sure what happened. It’s a short file — perfect for listening on the odd break during the day, perfect as a compliment to Lady Jessica’s longer files like Surrender & Obey. The effects are intense, the pleasure all-enveloping. It’s much, much better than other ways a guy might find pleasure during those odd breaks, if you know what I mean 🙂

  3. Cinnead (verified owner)

    Mindless Obedience should be approached with respect (but not caution… screw caution… caution is for sissies!!!) A short file it very quickly takes on a life of its own. Lady Jessica even warns you… She does, i distinctly remember her saying ” If your not ready to proceed, i suggest you stop listening”.


    You have been warned….

    We can now proceed.

    I very quickly noticed how subversive this file is, it rapidly fades into the background….talking to my subconscious whilst i continue doin what i do… After a couple of minutes it gets that i don’t even really notice that its playing.

    At all.

    But it is….

    In the dark corners of your mind Lady Jessica is subtly nudging your perceptions… You may not notice initially but certain preconceived notions are casting slightly different shadows. Familiar and comfortable positions now offer an altered vista… Oh… And did i mention that even if you do notice then there’s nothing you can do??

    She warned you.

    She did.

    Its there at the very beginning…

    “If you walk through this door then you, for the duration of the file,





    Now….. And here’s the kicker. This file loops like you would not believe…. It finishes… And quite clearly gives you an offramp from this highway of obedience, but you’ve gotta be quick cause if you’ve set your player on repeat, and if you drlay for mere seconds, you have the irresistible tones of Lady Jessica asking you, one again.

    “Do you want to go deep??”

    Dare you refuse??

    CAN you??

    And that’s it, your stuck.

    You’ve been sucked into an endless loop….

    Becoming blanker and blanker,

    More and more obedient….

    Ad infinitum.

    Got help you if you’re submissively inclined before you listen to this file, and if you aren’t then chances are you soon will be.

    Oh… And queue it up with Oblivion…. And mibbee Surrender-Obey

    Go on.

    I dare ya.

  4. jg (verified owner)

    I’m writing this review after several in-person sessions with Lady Jessica. This session had me drifting in a light trance of obedient bliss for the first part. The trance was pleasant, reassuring, firm, inevitable. Then, at one point, the word “now” is said by Lady Jessica in only so ever so slightly a firmer tone of voice than most words before; the word comes at the end of a sentence which embeds a irresistible command. The depth of my trance increased ten-fold. I think Lady Jessica’s style is defined by a perfect balance of subtlety and power — and that sentence with that word gets right to the essence of that belief for me. Thereafter there was just drifting blankness and (pardon the cliche) mindless obedience. And after the session, I drifted with some wonderful, vivid fantasies.

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