Accepting Yourself

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Have you found yourself struggling to accept yourself and fully explore your submissive needs and desires? After all, giving yourself up to submission can be a challenge, can’t it? So many worries can prey on your mind, holding you back from that acceptance. Allow me take those concerns away from you and draw you into confidence in your own obedience and deep acceptance of who you are, how you are, and what you need.

In this recording, I guide and direct you towards gently exploring, accepting and embracing every part of yourself and discovering what you can accomplish when you succumb to your submissive desires.

Are you ready to accept yourself, embrace submission and begin a beautiful journey?

If so, you need this file.


1 review for Accepting Yourself

  1. Robert

    I’ve been learning to surrender to Lady Jessica for some time now. My initial surprise at being so strongly affected has already given way to a growing acceptance, and craving, of Her power over me. Seeing the title of this session, my first thought was, “I don’t really need that.” That thought lasted about one-tenth of a second before it was replaced by “ANOTHER CHANCE TO LET MYSELF GO FOR HER!” Needless to say, I purchased it.

    And I have to say, as I lay there, feeling my mind melting to Her words, my few coherent thoughts were along the lines of, “My God, she’s right here talking to ME.” As mentioned, I do accept how things are – but this session simply reaffirmed it. I could identlfy with everything She said, and believe me, the effect that has is quite profound.

    I don’t “NEED” this session. But I want it. I want to admit to Her how I feel, and as She reminds me that is’s OK to feel this way, I’ll just float on Her voice and enjoy the pleasure of Her control.

    Do yourself a favor. Get this session, even if you don’t think you “need” it. You know, deep down, that you want it anyway. Like me.

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