Deeper Into Pleasure


Surrender is easy when you allow yourself to embrace the blissful pleasure of my voice and control. Feeling your body relax and your mind open to the unlimited possibilities that exist when you are safe within my control.  My words deeper inside your mind…my voice gently guiding you to where you want and need to be….safe, secure and willingly embracing the bliss that comes from trancing ever deeper for me. Knowing that right now…in this moment, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

This is a divinely blissful recording designed to guide you deeper into trance…perfect for boys who enjoy listening to multiple recordings, “Deeper Into Pleasure” is meant to be slipped into the mix…a pleasurable encouragement to trance deeper for me…to be a good boy for me and embrace the pleasure of surrendering to trance…of going deeper and succumbing to the seductive and sensual power of my voice and control.

Length:  7 minutes 13 seconds


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