Surrender To Temptation

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Length: 16 minutes 27 seconds

I know what you want.  I know what you secretly yearn and ache for.  That unfulfilled, hungry need and desire deep inside you.  I understand how it gnaws at you and demands satisfaction.  How you try and fight it and ignore its distraction – but it’s no good.  We both know that no matter how hard you may try to fight it or deny it, you yearn to surrender to temptation…to surrender to deep trance and feel those warm feelings of pleasure envelop you as you slip deeper under my spell…surrendering to the power of my words and the control of my voice.

4 reviews for Surrender To Temptation

  1. hoseaaaa

    I have been listening to this for a while now, and it has always been a wonderful trance. It’s a wonderful journey into deep relaxation, but it’s more than just that. I love to continually let go and go deeper, break through the walls of my resistance and fall for such a lovely voice. Today, however it was much different. I have broken through a new level of consciousness and depth of trance. IT was much more powerful than i could have everh hoped and it was so good, so peaceful and so pleasurable. I can only hope for more to come.

  2. roy_uk (verified owner)

    Lady Jessica’s voice is so beautiful and this recording just gets better and better every time I listen to it. Whilst I have tried other hypnotists I have never been able to really overcome my resistance but this recording took me so deep I just had to fall completely without reservation for Lady Jessica. I have listened to this recording a number of times and I just go so deep so quickly now that it is a wonderfully exciting experience, I just had to surrender it is so lovely to accept without reservation.

  3. J R

    It’s said that the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Yielding with Lady Jessica usually begins when you push play with one of her files, and as the title says, you will surrender to temptation.

    I love how persuasive and insistent, expectant in a softly-dominating way Jessica is in this one, from the first word, she drives thoughts right into the place she wants them to be. The erosion of choice, or the enflamed desire to rid yourself of it, comes sweetly through the sound of her voice. It’s hard to imagine how to feel after that as often you’ll forget there was ever an opposite to the concept of “surrender” and “temptation.”

    It feels good to listen to this one, once or multiple times in a row if you have the time. Just another example of the ever-tempting power of listening to Lady Jessica.

  4. max (verified owner)

    Lady Jessica speaks to you with a lovely sweet seducting sound. It brings you so much pleasure to surrender to this temptation that i truly recommend you to do so.

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