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Total Length: 25 minutes 17 seconds

Odyssey: a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune


2 reviews for Odyssey

  1. J R

    Highly recommended for new or avid fans of Lady Jessica. A multi-part journey that wonderfully to let go of everything while embracing the pleasure of her voice. The journey by sea her Siren-like voice seduces with is long and yet not long enough, but I love how well it can compliment her other mp3s as well as modifying parts if I’m short on time. I love the gifts she bestows within; it’s probably the closest audio recording to what a live session with her is like, and I’m sure it’s made my sessioning with her even better.

    Thank you Lady Jessica

  2. mxwilbur (verified owner)

    Lady Jessica’s recordings are new for me. Her voice is seductive, soft and magical all at the same time. As i began to listen Her voice quickly became the focal point of my mind. Before i realized i was taking a journey with Lady Jessica guiding me every step of the way. i was so deep and captured by Lady Jessica’s voice and words that all i was aware of was Her words (my body had disappeared). This recording is relaxing and pleasurable…complete understatement. And as J R mentioned, the gifts She bestows are treasured by me. i would recommend to newbies like me in addition to avid fans. Too good to miss. TY Lady Jessica

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