Conditioned To My Voice

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Length: 3 minutes 36 seconds

This file has been created specifically for you, to allow you to be introduced to or become more familiar with my voice and my style, to allow yourself to more easily succumb to the pleasure of dropping into trance whilst focusing on my words and how good they make you feel.  It is short, but you can enjoy listening to it over and over again to release the relaxation and enjoyment.

5 reviews for Conditioned To My Voice

  1. NT

    It helps to think of this session, as well as Lady Jessica’s other shorter sessions, as a means of mixing and matching your trance experience. Each one, and this is a prime example, is a short and powerful link in the chain of learning and growing as a subject.

    Yes, you will be hypnotized by the end of this session, and yes, the next time you listen to it or to any of her other sessions you will respond faster. The sound quality is good, and it is worth at least what you will pay for it.

    The other great thing about this session and Lady Jessica’s other short sessions is that you can experience real and powerful hypnosis is a short amount of time, so if you don’t stay under long or are pressed for time, this sessions and the ones like it are perfect!

    5 Stars for delivering exactly what it promises, and for doing so remarkably well!

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    This one sort of amazed me. With her style, and the length of this recording, I figured it wouldn’t take me into trance, or if it did, that deep. Well, once again, I was wrong. I actually felt myself going into trance for her rather quickly, and had a very pleasant experience. Like the other reviewer said, this is more of a quickie, go under and enjoy trance, rather than a longer drawn out scene. But the more you listen to someone, the easier it is to go into trance, and this worked perfectly.

  3. hoseaaaa

    This is a fun file for when you need to go under as a quick fix. The words to get more and more powerful, which is the other part of the fun. IT helps all the other trances.

  4. roy_uk (verified owner)

    This is a surprisingly wonderful recording. It is one of the first recordings I listened to and Lady Jessica’s voice is so lovely. It is very different from most other hypnotists because I had no idea that I was, whilst enjoying her sweet voice, dropping into trance. It just creeps up on you without you knowing. I love it so much I put it in a track list before another recording so that I am already under her spell when the next one begins.

  5. baragnaw (verified owner)

    Just listened to this file and all I have to say is, wow. Her voice is so soothing and relaxing. Had the audio on loop and once I woke 10 minutes had past, was thinking “awesome”. I can get used to this.

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