Tease & Denial

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To you like to be teased?  Does it excite you?  Do you shudder with pleasure every time a woman seductively runs her finger across your body?  Of course you do.  But those women only play with your body.  Me?  I seduce, tease and control your mind.  How many women can do that?  Hhhhmmm?  Tease and seduce you until your will and desire to resist crumbles and you melt into a pool of pleasure at my words.


Do you even know yet how easy it is for me to achieve that?   How simple it is for you to abandon yourself to me when I am ready for you to?  But not yet.  In a while, but not yet.  You will be mine on my terms, when I want you to.  For now you can allow yourself to simply focus on my voice and wonder where I will choose to lead you.  The anticipation is palpable, and the journey has only just begun.


Are you ready?

1 review for Tease & Denial

  1. mxwilbur (verified owner)

    Oh my. i don’t want to spoil anything. Lady Jessica plays with your body and mind…and even spirit. i was surprised at how quickly i fell into a deep trance state. At that level my senses were heightened and the real teasing began. Lady Jessica played with me and easily ratcheted up my arousal. She can do this with great ease. The power of Her voice over my arousal is frightening and exhilarating. She gave me a ride that i didn’t want to end. But alas the recording did end and … ;-D Sweet dreams!

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