Nothing To Fear

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Halloween. That unique, curious time of year that signifies transition, emotion, and even celebration. A time settled seemingly in the center of a seasonal change, a time when feelings run at their peak, observing and recognizing them in one important night. It means so much to so many.

Embracing Halloween doesn’t mean having to embrace the concept of being scared.  This recording shows you that once you submit and surrender to my voice you will discover that there is nothing to fear….and everything to gain.

A slow, sensual and atmospheric recording designed to alter your perceptions…to open your mind as you close your eyes and discover new and exciting possibilities.

Face your fears and learn that in the end…there is nothing to fear.

Length: 33 minutes, 21 seconds

  1. Nothing to Fear sample Lady Jessica 2:33

2 reviews for Nothing To Fear

  1. TC

    Although this session mentions and discusses Halloween, since that’s the time of year it was recorded, it has a much broader relevance. It can, if you’ll let it, smooth over those anxieties one can have about letting go and submitting. That opportunity taken leads to many sensuous rewards, including those provided by this file.

    I find it effective and affecting night-time, looped listening, particularly paired with “Obedience is Pleasure“.

  2. Brian

    I have found this file after asking Lady Jessica for help going into trance due to being nervous or anxious. I listened to it and I’ll say it worked better then I could have hoped. No fears for submitting, if anything now I look forward to it. I recommend listening to this on loop if you can, especially at night

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