Obedience is Pleasure

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Learning to obey…learning to please me…is learning that obedience leads to pleasure…obedience is pleasure…and pleasure is obedience. It’s the natural way of things…pleasure and obedience interwoven with submission and your strong desire to please me. A perfect, pleasurable and satisfying combination…the more you allow yourself to indulge, the stronger the connection becomes…more part of you…your desires, your way of thinking…of being…of existing and embracing pleasure. The source of your pleasure becomes inextricably linked with your submission and obedience to me.


This is why you’re here after all…to fulfill that aching need inside you…to serve…to obey…to embrace pleasure.  It’s what you crave…what you need…and you know that what you desire lies here…in surrendering to my voice…to my control…to the absolute solution and satisfaction that comes from indulging in what is right…now.

Length: 26 mins 01 secs


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3 reviews for Obedience is Pleasure

  1. kwgust (verified owner)

    It’s amazing, only five days ago I found out about the brilliant hypnotist Lady Jessica and now I already bought 4 files from her rich fund of audio mp3s. I really love them all and am unable to describe which of them I like most.
    So I just returned from listening to “Obedience is Pleasure”, a recording containing everything a submissive listener like me needs to go under very deep and experience exactly what the title predicts. I think I’m already well conditioned to the elegant style of how Lady Jessica juggles with her hypnotic words and how they spread rapidly through my mind and body and makes me feel true bliss. This is such a great file and makes it so easy to surrender, to obey, to give in … and just let Lady Jessica take command. And without any effort she convinced me to experience the most stimulating sensations out of blind obedience to her – wow, and it felt sooo good!
    I felt extreme pleasure throughout the recording and the final, well chosen, positive suggestions for everyday live filled me with true happiness – so amazing!
    A perfect recording for me and a perfect recording for everybody who wants to “learn” obedience and submission – you will be top of the class in no time.

  2. Brian

    Only just started listening to Lady Jessica and she already has me hooked. Giving into her voice and obeying is such an experience that I can’t put it into words, you have to listen for yourself.

  3. estate1776

    About 6 months ago, I had my first sessions with Lady Jessica and she magically molded my mind and took me under with grace and ease. I got my first taste of her hypnotic power and incredible hypnotic style, (and maybe a couple mindgasms along the way).

    Not two weeks later was I back on Skype having my next session. Lady Jessica brought about an even deeper submissive desire than I realized I wanted, and brought me more pleasure in a single hypnosis session than I have EVER experienced!

    After a long hiatus, the itch to hear her velvet voice and fall deep under her powerful presence returned with a vengeance, and along with scheduling my next session with her, I wanted to purchase a recording to train and practice with prior to our next meeting. Lady Jessica recommended “Obedience is Pleasure,” and it does not disappoint! I had only planned on listening to it a handful of times to train, but have ended up listening it to it daily (often multiple times) to great success. I have learned that obedience and pleasure are synonymous, and those words…”obedience is pleasure, and pleasure is obedience”…even writing them now brings me those exquisite feelings that only Lady Jessica can grant a good boy. Every action I make, every thought I take, when they are with purpose and especially when done with initiative, pleases Lady Jessica, which rings pleasurable for me as well.

    Than you, Lady Jessica, for this absolutely incredible recording.

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