Discovering Relaxation

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It’s very easy to get caught up in the relentless buzz of modern day life…24 hours a day, 365 days a year things are happening….to you…around you…a kaleidoscope of news, events, tasks, jobs.  You think about what you have done…what you need to do…when…how.  It can be relentless and at times overwhelming.

Taking time to be gentle with yourself is important.  You matter.  Your well being matters.  Always remember to find time in your day – no matter how busy – to be kind to yourself.  To give yourself what you need to allow yourself to be satisfied and to heal.  Find time to escape from the noise and bustle of work and society and life…honor yourself and remind yourself of your own worth.  Take time to get to know yourself and discover who you are.  Relax and simply be in the moment.

Length: 14 minutes 24 seconds

1 review for Discovering Relaxation

  1. Cinnead

    This is an absolute gem of a file, the soothing tones of Lady Jessica sinking effortlessly into your mind. Relaxation is what it is all about and strange though it may seem it is something which a great number of people have an issue with (myself included) but with Lady Jessica’s gentle (but irresistible) persuasion i dropped. I dropped deep and i dropped fast. If deep, guided, relaxation is what you want/need then this is absolutely the file for you.

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