Discovering Obedience

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This is a gentle, instructive mp3 aimed at those who are new to the D/s dynamic and are perhaps just beginning to explore their desire to submit and surrender.  It is intended to encourage and guide you – to support you in discovering yourself and what submission means to you.

This mp3 wasn’t written specifically with hypnosis in mind but you may well still find that my soft, gentle, seductive voice lulls you into a light trance as you listen…allowing your mind to open to the possibilities of submission and learn to embrace your desire to surrender and obey in your own time, at your own pace, in a productive and satisfying way.

I encourage you to explore your desires and remind you of how important communication is – both giving and receiving.  As a submissive you have worth – you are worthy of respect and consideration, and you are also expected to offer the same to the individual you have chosen to submit to.

Enjoy exploring your submissive journey.


Length: 8 minutes 50 seconds

1 review for Discovering Obedience

  1. A very grateful subject

    As the description indicates, this is not a “session” in the true sense. Nonetheless, and also as the description indicates, it’s quite likely that the end of the recording will find you drifting quietly, pondering Her words.

    And I realized that those words applied to me personally. It was as if She was speaking directly to me, knowing my questions, my curiosity. She explained and I listened raptly, taking Her guidance to heart.

    If you’re curious, concerned, or confused about submission, listen to this recording.

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