Mental Cleanse



If you’re stressed, anxious, have an analytical mindset and/or have struggled to trance, know that I have made this recording specifically for you.

This is a mental escape. An opportunity for you to calm your mind and liberate your body from tension. It’s a means to simply, calmly and safely explore trance and its peaceful possibilities.

There are no countdowns…no boring, predictable progressive relaxation. Instead you’re guided gently and serenely into trance in a way that works for you.

It’s so easy for our minds to become crowded…bustling with thoughts and worries and concerns…to get so taught up in the day to day dramas and tensions…sometimes without even realising. Then we begin to worry about how much we are overthinking…how much stress we are under and it all becomes a repeated, overwhelming pattern.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an escape. There is a way for you to liberate yourself from all the stress and tension and worry. A way for you to embrace peace and calm and bliss – To cleanse your mind. And it’s simple. More simple than you probably realised. And you can achieve it.

You are capable.



Length: 25 mins 56 seconds


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