Mental Cleanse

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If you’re stressed, anxious, have an analytical mindset and/or have struggled to trance, know that I have made this recording specifically for you.

This is a mental escape. An opportunity for you to calm your mind and liberate your body from tension. It’s a means to simply, calmly and safely explore trance and its peaceful possibilities.

There are no countdowns…no boring, predictable progressive relaxation. Instead you’re guided gently and serenely into trance in a way that works for you.

It’s so easy for our minds to become crowded…bustling with thoughts and worries and concerns…to get so taught up in the day to day dramas and tensions…sometimes without even realising. Then we begin to worry about how much we are overthinking…how much stress we are under and it all becomes a repeated, overwhelming pattern.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an escape. There is a way for you to liberate yourself from all the stress and tension and worry. A way for you to embrace peace and calm and bliss – To cleanse your mind. And it’s simple. More simple than you probably realised. And you can achieve it.

You are capable.



3 reviews for Mental Cleanse

  1. Jon (verified owner)

    This does exactly what it saids in the description.
    This session is designed to relax you and boy is it good at it. I listened to it 2 times so far and the first time i was super relaxed and felt i was floating (first time ever) and the second time i was so relaxed that during the middle portion i simply zoned out. All i know that when i woke up i was really relaxed and happy.
    There is no typical hypnosis things like countdowns or progressive relaxation here, you simply follow Lady Jessica’s words and if by magic, she lulls you into trance.
    Highest recommendation for feel good session.

  2. Robert

    I have to start by simply saying, if you are analytical, get this session. It’s that good.

    The first time I listened it was like an epiphany. After years of trying, this one session showed me that being analytical did NOT have to prevent me from going into trance. Lady Jessica not only explained that it was possible – She proved it. No countdowns, nothing like that. She just quietly, calmly, and irresistibly went about showing me… not how wrong I was before.. nothing like that… but how easy it really was. And you know what? She was right. (Of course.)

    Many recordings and several Skype sessions later, I am still quite fond of this particular session. I go back to it now and then as an old friend almost, and to be amazed by how it simply drops me these days.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re analytical, get this.

  3. johnmaker11111

    Just bought this and listened to it! Lady Jessica had recommended it. I am a very analytic person and my mind goes a million miles an hour on multiple threads. My computer desktop usually has at least 15 windows open of different applications I’m working on simultaneously. And I get very stressed out to where I can’t sleep at night with such active thinking about negative possibilities. This recording from Lady Jessica worked and works miracles for me. The first time I listened to it, I drifted off in like a soft blanked of comfort and well-being – I lost track of time in the last part of the recording. The next time I listened was at night when I had one of those “episodes” and it incredibly put me into a very relaxed place with all of my thinking slowed down, just basking in the warmth of Her voice. And it helps that I love the idea and feeling of being blank-minded for Lady Jessica. Lady Jessica definitely uses Her incredible skills here and its like just a really comfy conversation and before you know it, you’re gliding along without any worries on Lady Jessica’s smooth ride!

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