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Length: 29 minutes 44 seconds

Come with me and explore a journey designed to expand the limits of your pleasure, surrender and submission.

An intense mind-fuck of an experience, this recording will lead you into deep trance and deeper pleasure…exploring all the facets of pleasure and arousal that exist and opening your mind and body to new possibilities and experiences.

I will guide and command you to a mental climax the likes of which you have never experienced…an explosion of exquisite and unstoppable pleasure.  By the time I ask this of you, you will be so deeply under my control you will be helpless to resist and eager to obey.  Riding wave after wave of pleasure for me as you sink deeper into submission for me.

Are you ready to discover the depths of pleasure and surrender you’re capable of?

4 reviews for Mindgasm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    TP (verified owner)

    Listening to this recording for the first time today, I undeniably, uncontrollably, URGENTLY need to MINDGASM. And Lady Jessica makes it happen. Here’s how I experienced it…

    During the trance, which starts easy and in conversation, I felt so good and dreamy, drafting along and almost consciously aware of Lady Jessica’s words dancing across my brain. It felt very good, as each wave of sound caressed me, and turned into a wave of mounting pleasure. I’m sure I was writhing and moaning by the middle of it.

    Coming out of trance, I was fresh and wakeful. Feeling actually totally “normal…” Because I felt I had woken so completely, for a moment I just lay there and thought, “meh… that was… interesting…” but forgetting for that moment that i’d just been writhing and moaning in ecstasy… It was as if I had no memory on waking at all… I did but I didn’t… and the effect was as if a cloud had cleared out of my mind, and with it all recollection of Lady Jessica’s commands… But THEN…

    …about a minute after waking, it hit me. And FUCK… my mind was utterly INVADED by Her words… It was as if a wave of pulsing, flashing pleasure had just crashed into my brain … A wet, soaking, rushing wall of intense sensation. Yes… in post-hypnotic stupor, I was having a MINDGASM… My cock was probably a rigid spike of iron between my legs… but I didn’t even CARE… all that mattered was ***OBEY LADY JESSICA… OBEY YOUR MINDGASM***

    And I did… I had a fucking massive, mind-centered, body-dry orgasm. Rocking and writhing, bucking and moaning. Uncontrollable post-hypnotic MIND fuck.

    Lady Jessica uses this file to open, inundate, and penetrate.
    By the time you waken, Her words deeply control you, totally own you. All you’ll think, all you’ll need is *** OBEY LADY JESSICA… OBEY THE MINDGASM ***.

    That’s all that I could think for, like, 20 minutes after this session (if “think” is what I really did during those 20 minutes… it’s more like non-thought, total brain-wiped openness).

    So yeah. Buy it. It’s good for you 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    What to say about this file… To start with it is fairly innocuous…. Gentle even. Words trickling from her lips into your mind, lulling you into a state of calm… Fingers massaging your scalp. It is distracting, it is deceiving…. In the blink of an eye those fingers have become talons and they are embedded in your mind. Controlling, directing, commanding. She has something on her mind and that something is pleasure… Over and over again her words stroke your psyche, like your soul being stroked with a velvet glove… By the end of the file your whole body feels as though your holding in a laugh, stifling a sneeze, scratching an itch youve NEVER been able to reach… all at the same time…be warned…. Hours later you can still feel Her there… Inside your mind… Making herself at home

    I listened to this as part of an experiment… A meeting of minds, an artistic collaboration if you will. The results were quite beautiful. This file is pretty intense. It needs to be listened to. At least once

    Then twice… Then again…and again and ag….

    Well, you get the idea im sure lol

    Go on,

    Treat yourself

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jake (verified owner)

    Mindgasm is intense. But it doesnt start off that way. First Lady Jessica will lead you gently down through a casual induction into a relaxing trance. Slowly she goes through the gears until before you know it, her words become gospel inside your mind. The thing I loved most about this file was Lady Jessica’s slow, deliberate assumption of complete control. If you trust her and let go, you will feel pleasure like youve never felt before. By the end you’ll be shivering with pleasure and begging for more. Ok, now im going to listen to it again…

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Billy (verified owner)

    Where to even begin??

    I am incredibly new to trancing, and only discovered erotic hypnosis three days ago. After a quick google search, I found Lady Jessica, and had to get in touch!

    I was a little nervous, but her inviting nature was evident from the first email and complerely settled my mind.

    After a bit of back and forth, Lady Jessica suggested I listen to Mindgasm.


    I tranced deep on my first listen, and even deeper on the second. Her voice filled me, and I instantly submit to her will.

    I am yet to experience the full mindgasm, however the waves of pleasure have got more and more intense on each listen, and I can feel the full eruption just around the corner.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go listen again…

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