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Length: 45 minutes 42 seconds

A chance encounter with a seductive woman leads you on to a special date in a rather unusual location.  Allow me to guide you on an unexpected hypnotic journey…an exquisite guided visualization leading to a blissful surrender to the power of my voice as you enjoy trancing deeper for me…discovering precisely how pleasurable surrender and obedience can be.

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  1. J R

    This is a recording I’m obviously a little bias toward, and wish I could give it six stars. Authoring “Xenagogue” and sharing it with Lady Jessica, I was just hoping it would meet her approval. I never knew she would turn it into an amazing piece of audio-hypno joy.

    Even knowing where most of the words were going, Jessica’s voice drew me in almost immediately into an adventure within an adventure. It felt like she went beyond the words and gave it her own feel. I never expected the hypnotist to be defined so well, but Jessica claims the role like she claims the mind for this journey.

    Her playful, soothing voice always keeps my attention, urging me along with her voice, making me willing to follow her without question. The world unfolded seamlessly, the sensations of walking, kneeling, breathing, and being caressed by her suggestions were very strong.

    Bias or no, this one is highly-recommended, and a great example of Lady Jessica’s ability to make dreams come true; probably an easy feat when you’re the Xenagogue.

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