Hypno Addict

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Addicted to trance…addicted to obedience…addicted to pleasure

Admit it. You’re a HypnoAddict. A trance junkie. You need my voice. The source of your pleasure. The enabler of your addiction to the pleasure of trance.  I know you crave my voice and the places it takes you. I know you love how deeply my words penetrate you…to the very centre of your being.  When you’re not trancing for me, part of you is always thinking about it…yearning to feel my control in a more visceral way. It’s inescapable…the need…the desire…to succumb to the power of my voice…to fall more deeply into trance at the sound of my words.  You never feel as liberated as you do when you’re under my control. Trancing for me gives you an escape. You’re free to unburden yourself from the stresses of everyday life and willingly commit your mind and body to my service…to my control.

Discover how to indulge your addiction and satisfy your cravings in a positive, healthy way…a submissive journey to self improvement that aligns with the pleasure of surrendering to your addiction and desires.

Go on…give in. You know you want to,

Length: 31 minutes 57 seconds

3 reviews for Hypno Addict

  1. kwgust (verified owner)

    Nobody ever listened to this recording? So it’s an honour for me to write the first review. This recording was the perfect mindfuck for me and took me to depth and pleasure beyond any compare.
    And the beginning is so innocent and easy listening, but before even noticing it, Lady Jessica had full power over my mind and body and her voice started to become overwhelmingly erotic – almost too intense to bear. I already knew that I’m addicted to Lady Jessica’s hypnosis mp3s as soon I listened to the first one out of her shop. She fits so perfectly into my understanding of erotic hypnosis recordings because this is TRUE hypnosis compared to so many wannabe-hypnotists. I love being addicted to Her hypnosis because it’s such a sane addiction in every way and I think it’s very healthy, too!
    But back to the file: It’s just incredible how great pleasure and lust is running like a golden thread through the whole recording which seems to never end, only driving you deeper into bliss. I’m a hypno addict and hypno fetishist over years and never had such an experience of deepest trance combined with most intense arousal and pleasure ever before.
    Beware! You will never be the same after having finished listening to this wonderful recording 😉

  2. Marmaduke Jones

    I’ve been listening to this file off and on for months now. Some mp3’s can get boring on repeated listening. Not Lady Jessica’s. They seem to just get better and better. I like the ideas in this recording. That being addicted to trance is good for you because what makes her happy are things that are good for you. There are certain phrases in here that are so arousing it’s ridiculous. Highly recommended.

  3. John

    Mistress’ words, so soothing and caressing, she makes you feel so safe. As she caresses you and pulls you deeper, her words are so seductive, I desire to be a better version of myself to please Mistress so she will take me into trance again!

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