Positive Thoughtlessness

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5 reviews for Positive Thoughtlessness

  1. G (verified owner)

    This is a slightly different recording from the others I have listened to so far (most of them as at the time of writing!). There are two aspects which suggest that Jess is using alternative techniques. It seems to be a little more assertive than the more nuanced recordings I am used to. Additionally, there appear to be slight confusional techniques being used. I won’t go into any more detail, other than to say “I love it because it works!”

    There is a point in this recording beyond which I cannot remember what has been said (excepting the first listening). There are no suggestions to forget in this recording; its just very effective at knocking me out at a certain point leaving my sub-conscious free to absorb the rest of the recording unhindered. I actually don’t need extra help following Jess’s voice; I am proud to admit I follow without question. However, I love the way this strengthens her control.

  2. TP (verified owner)

    Lady Jessica in this recording completely replaced my voice with Her own. People reading this review who have tranced really deeply will understand how beneficial that act of replacement is. It marks your mind as ready for much deeper programming, much fuller achievement of what you desire to get from hypnosis. If you’re just starting to get into trancing, then this file is equally a “must listen.” It will open you up to the hypnotist’s voice and let the process work for you. And, because the hypnotist is Lady Jessica, you’ll be sure, like me, to be coming back for more.

  3. rcmilton007 (verified owner)

    As my first MP3 from Jessica. I found it clear positive and Jessica’s voice so calming. To be honest listen few times each time Jessica is clearer. Positive ? Not sure but. But I say apart. Very worth listening to.

  4. Jonathan (verified owner)

    This is a file i love but also really hard to review.
    Why is that? I keep zoning out completely somewhere along the way. I have listened to this recording multiple times now and at a certain point i am just gone. I hear her voice but the words no longer register. Not only that but once the file has ended, and i know it has, i just don’t want to wake up. I am just lying there with my eyes closed, my whole body utterly relaxed.

  5. A very grateful subject

    At the beginning of this session, I was sort of dreamily enjoying wondering where She was going with it. Suddenly She was inside my mind – or maybe I should say She WAS my mind? – and where She led no longer mattered. I’m not certain how to describe what followed, other than to say I’m certain that Her voice and Her words are now a part of my mind and my thoughts. At the end, as with many of Her other sessions, I found myself lying there with echoes of Her voice in my head, unable to find the necessary impetus to even open my eyes.

    This session, while only 10 minutes long, packs one hell of a punch.

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