Pleasure Overload: Trained To Obey JOI

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This is a JOI experience like no other.

Discover the sublime satisfaction of surrender.

I command, you explore.

I direct, you feel.

Feed that aching hunger…that deep need…soothe the incessant craving inside you for deeper submission and more intense pleasure.

Feel your mind surrender to my voice…your body bend to my will.  I will show you how deeply and fundamentally I control your mind and body and by following my commands you will be exposed to pleasure unlike any you have ever felt before.

You will do as I command. You will submit to my training. You will be rewarded with exquisite pleasure.

Be aware – this is an intense, mindfuck of an experience. You will be taken. You will be owned. You will follow my instructions. You will discover new depths to your submissive desires you never even imagined.

Are you ready to truly submit? Are you ready to embrace a pleasure overload and be trained to obey?

2 reviews for Pleasure Overload: Trained To Obey JOI

  1. Michael

    This file really made me lose myself in Lady Jessica’s exquisite control. Her voice and control made me feel the most intense pleasure imaginable!

  2. Dp

    Don’t think I’ve ever listened to anything like this before. I’m not great at following instructions since I’m easily distracted. But Mistress’s voice got me to do exactly that. I was following instructions without even knowing I was. Thank you for the explosive end

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