The Coin Toss

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Length: 43 minutes 40 seconds

Can you imagine yourself hypnotized in the span of a coin toss? Do you think it would be hard to envision your wakeful self before the coin is launched into the air, and so ready to or already slipped under someone’s sleepy, blissful hypnotic spell? Or would it be easy? Does it take little effort to coax you into that state because you know how good it feels to be wrapped in the comforts of one’s soporific words? Since you’ve come to this point with me, with topics as random as hypnosis and coins being tossed in the air, you’re at least a little bit curious, interested, and it will be fun to see where that interest takes you, won’t it?

You will receive two versions of this recording – one with appropriate sound effects and one without.

This recording was made as a collaboration with the wonderful me-chan (

You can read the full script here:


  1. The Coin Toss sample Lady Jessica 2:38

1 review for The Coin Toss

  1. J R

    This recording is another example of how fun it can be to give a hypnotist an interesting idea to work with, of how she’ll make it her own and take you along for seeing things from her perspective.

    Jessica speaks so candidly about it that it’s really easy to find myself there as the coin is discussed, flipped, analyzed, and changed like thoughts that undergo the same treatment. How she prolongs things with so little time is especially a treat in Coin Toss; last time I heard it, I felt like she’d turned the length of the recording to half a day of rest, relaxation, and her hypnotic control.

    An interesting idea turned into a hypnotic reality where it doesn’t matter how the coin falls, but I’m still raptly interested in the fall. Thanks very much Lady Jessica.

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