Pocket Watch Pleasure

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Have you ever fantasized about being seduced into a deep trance by a beautiful woman wielding a hypnotic pocket watch?  Well, now is your opportunity to transform that fantasy into reality.

Allow my voice and the swinging watch lure you into a deep, irresistible trance…feel yourself drop deeper and deeper for me…your eyes following my hypnotic watch as your mind surrenders to my blissful voice and succumbs to my powerful words.

Find how easy it is to follow the watch, like nothing else matters but the watch and the woman who weilds it

There is no wakener included in this recording so you can remain in trance as long as you want to and emerge when you are ready to.

This is a profoundly effective video – you have been warned!

Length: 10 minutes and 09 seconds.

2 reviews for Pocket Watch Pleasure

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    I loved your video. With your sleepy eyes, soft voice, and the comfy couch you were on, it was like you were providing a model for the effects of your own hypnosis.

  2. gwydre (verified owner)

    I’ve previously bought fucktoy. Naturalness is how I would define Lady Jessica. She talks and everything happens, she always says what you want to hear and knows what you want to do, and that’s why it’s so easy to surrender. I’m looking forward to a Skype session.

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