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Length: 27 minutes 52 seconds

This is an intense recording that will fuck with your mind in deep and pleasurable ways but rest assured there is no humiliation.

If you want complete surrender…desire total obedience…and yearn to be my hypnotic plaything then you need this recording.

7 reviews for FuckToy

  1. roy_uk (verified owner)

    This recording by Lady Jessica is very powerful and very dominant. If you feel you are into total control by Lady Jessica then you should listen to this recording. It is different from all her other recordings I have listened to where submission and surrender are subtly introduced here the more dominant side of Lady Jessica takes over. I absolutely loved being taken down into trance in this recording and the way Lady Jessica makes surrendering and being her plaything is wonderful. This is a very powerful recording and for me it it made me even more submissive and obedient not only in trance but out of trance too. Total obedience and being a hypnotic plaything for Lady Jessica is nothing but pure pleasure. Whilst it is a dominant recording there is no humiliation just total pleasure at loosing your mind and surrendering to a powerful woman.

  2. Peter (verified owner)

    This was my first audio file by Lady Jessica (although I wasn’t a complete newbie as have had the honour of a couple of Skype sessions) and… Just wow! This was so powerful, and left a lasting impression afterwards. I don’t tend to remember much after hypnosis sessions and this was no different, but I do remember Lady Jessica taking complete control in what seemed like mere moments. I love how Lady Jessica induces trance with nothing more than conversation and this was no different – one minute I was listening to the intro and the next I was totally spellbound and falling deeper than ever. Because there is no explicit “now you are in trance” style induction, this is great for those who tend to have difficulty shutting down in trance as there is no moment of expectation. It just happens. Then, all is just happy mindless obedience and surrender to Lady Jessica. I mentioned the effects last after the recording ends – I found myself totally unable to muster the will to move for a substantial period of time – that’s how powerful the surrender to Lady Jessica’s control is. And how utterly pleasurable it is to be under Her influence.

  3. J R

    It’s wonderful knowledge that even a benevolent domme like Lady Jessica can be a strong tease and temptress, confidently treating listeners like puppets dancing and moving at her whim. To be Lady Jessica’s Fucktoy is to have your world rocked, shaken, and be laid before her to be played with.

    Her intent is spelled out from the beginning, with such surety, of easily I’d succumbed, and I loved how right she was, or often is. It felt like my mind was unraveling like string, while the hypnotic feline couldn’t help playing with the string. It felt like a special kind of lost in her power in this recording; I can’t remember all of where it took me, but I love how I could trust her to protect me and take advantage of me at the same time.

    Lovers of the more insistent hypnotic domming shouldn’t miss this recording. Lady Jessica makes me wish she could have more recordings like this, among my favorites of hers.

  4. m (verified owner)

    The title says it all: a nice, straight-to-the-point, deep, penetrating, irresistible, trance by which you are made Lady Jessica’s fuck toy. The aesthetic simplicity and the honesty of the session gives it an unusual degree of hypnotic power. Be prepared for new and profound feelings of submission that last well after trance has slipped away and the real world returned to beneath your feet. Or knees, as may well be.

  5. Marmaduke Jones

    This was my first introduction to Lady Jessica. It’s no doubt one of her more intense recordings. Probably would have been better to start with Mindgasm or Hypno Addict. Anyway, after booking a couple of live sessions, this mp3, like all of Lady Jessica’s mp3’s, is quite powerful. Her voice is incredibly erotic and before you know it you will find yourself doing everything she asks without even trying to. It’s quite the mindfuck!

  6. kwgust (verified owner)

    English is a foreign language for me but every single soft word spoken by Lady Jessica that is flowing so easily into my mind has an instant and lasting effect on me. In this recording I was molded blissfully into Her helpless and obedient fucktoy and Her perfect control over my wishes and desires was irresistable. Listening to this recording, my mind was so open to Lady Jessica’s suggestions like it never has been before. This is how I always imagined hypnosis should be, just feeling and obeying every suggestion, surrendering with ease and relinquish control to the hypnotist. Meanwhile this craving to give up control and to be dominated and submissive is already so strong after only a few days of listening to this recording.
    Yes – I like being Her mindless fucktoy and I cannot describe the pleasure anymore that She ignited so profoundly in my innermost self during this half hour of intense and deep trance. It’s just beyond everything I ever experienced before in a hypnotic state.
    Lady Jessica’s just magic!

  7. gwydre (verified owner)

    My first experience with Lady Jessica, and I have come across a direct video, She loves you, and She takes you, without you being able to do anything but accept what the Goddess says, her laughter seeing your helplessness, her authoritarian voice… And all of a sudden, you realize that all she says is what you want. Thank You Goddess

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