It is what it is… (induction)

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This is a gentle, sensual induction…almost meditative in quality, it guides you softly to a safe space where you can allow yourself to be safe, secure…where you can simply allow yourself to “be”.

Like being wrapped in a warm, safe embrace this recording is ideal if you’re new to trance, seeking reassurance or simply want to center yourself.  Allow my voice to softly guide you to a place of calm, relaxed bliss…embrace the pleasure for me.

Length: 8 minutes 13 seconds

1 review for It is what it is… (induction)

  1. Robert

    This session is a gem.

    It begins almost as a discussion, and your conscious mind barely notices the subtle change in Her voice as She continues. It’s done so smoothly and naturally that when the session ends and you finally realize where you are, it comes as something of a delightful surprise.

    If you want a quick, effortless escape, you want this session.

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