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I have an interesting question for you, one that might leave you deep in thought, in consideration, in a very mindful state of being. If this thinking somehow leads to mindlessness, please don’t be alarmed; through a state of mindlessness, you may find exactly what you were looking for, which leads me to my question:

What if one day, you, among others, woke up with the most untenable, unquenchable, most irresistible need for the deepest of pleasures? Can you imagine how many steps it would take the average person to search for a pleasure to satisfy like nothing else in their lives can? How long a drive? How far-and-wide a journey? How many separate items are would it take to construct your desire? How much money would you need to make to make your needs happen? What if you found yourself to be the luckiest of all the seekers, because all you needed to do was virtually nothing? Just to sit back, recline, relax, and resign yourself to the words you are listening to as I speak.

This recording will immerse you in bliss like you have never experienced before…encouraging you to surrender your mind and body to the power of my voice…to feel…to explore…to have me stroke your mind with my velvet words as you stroke your body at my command. What could be more intoxicating and pleasurable than succummbing to your deepest desires…to feel triggers being implanted and used…to feel your body respond without thought…

Are you ready to stroke for me?

Length: 59 mins 13 seconds

1 review for Stroke

  1. Marmaduke Jones

    This just might be the best recording I’ve ever listened to. Maybe it was the length, but I found myself going very deep, deeper than I’ve ever been outside of a live session, and the pleasure was ridiculous, and when it was over I spent about half an hour in an awed daze, basically unable to function because of the feelings that continued to flow through my body. It’s masterful.

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