September Goals

So…this blog post references my personal goals for September (And to some extent beyond) but feel free to take the idea and run with it yourselves – consider what goals you have and how you plan to implement them.

As for me…I’ve been musing over my goals for a few months now. Thinking about what I want to achieve and how I will do it. What the logistics are, what’s realistic, etc.

So – I decided to create a list and here it is:

1. I want to take a trip back to UK for 10 days/2 weeks in either September or early October to catch up with my best friend and my great aunt (who turned 101 a few months ago) and who I am very close to. Flights will cost around $500-$700, plus car rental (another$300-$400) plus potentially Airbnb and spending money.

2. I want to visit friends in the USA. This is more vague location and date wise as I have friends all over but it’s something I want to achieve in next 12 months.

3. Go out with friends to celebrate the fact I have been in Canada for an entire year!!!

4. Make a bigger deal out of my birthday (which is September 8th). For the last decade or so I’ve never really acknowledged or celebrated my birthday in any real way. I would like to change that this year.

5. This one is still only a possibility, but I am considering getting a second cat. Those of you who know me know my cat Moose is a bit of a weirdo (to put it mildly) and is not the meek and mild cat I was told he was by the place I rescued him from. His behaviour is making me think he may benefit from a feline companion so it’s something I am looking into. Adoption costs will be in the $200 range, plus cost of extra food, accessories, money to put away for vets bills.

So yeah…those are the main goals I have, especially the UK trip.

If you feel like supporting me in these endeavours, all contributions either through tributes or Skype, mp3 and/or video , purchases are *much* appreciated.

Musings on maintaining professional boundaries

Full disclosure – this blog post serves no purpose other than me getting my thoughts down regarding what was a rather mixed bag of a week.

It was a busy week, which was great – I love hypnosis and the more opportunities I have to enjoy it the better. But it was also a mixed bag in terms of clients. I had a mix of what is typical for me – really lovely clients, both old and new – but also more than one client who presented challenges. What do I mean by that? They were either rude/abusive or messed me around/wasted my time.

Thankfully such instances are incredibly rare but it did make me realise that I need to take a firmer approach to reiterating that I am a business a I suspect some of the aggressiveness I encountered was from me initially being too nice and letting things slide when I shouldn’t.

I love what I do and I am always happy to answer genuine questions from prospective and actual clients, but for some clients this seems to encourage a blurring of professional boundaries. They will either reach out to me on my site “Just to chat” or get frustrated when I do not respond to questions they have quickly enough.

I reiterate that people like this are in the minority and I still believe many of those are not being deliberately manipulative but as a businesswoman it does get frustrating to have to repeatedly reinforce professional boundaries.

I love hypnosis, I love being able to enjoy sessions with clients. I am friendly and approachable and don’t intend to change that – but me being friendly does not mean you have permission to take advantage of me or my time.

I understand why many Dommes request tributes before interaction. It weeds out timewasters. I don’t ask for tributes simply to talk with me – all I ask is that you respect my time. Be reasonable. I’m happy to answer genuine questions, but please be mindful of my time. Time I am spending answering questions for free is time I could be spending earning money.

I happily give some of my time for answering questions because I enjoy being able to give back to the hypnosis community but it doesn’t mean I am free to chat just for the sake of it, or give you in-depth details you can later use to jerk off to (again, a minority but it does happen!)

Striking a balance between being available and not having people try to take advantage is not easy. If I didn’t love hypnosis as much as I do, I probably would have sought another job a long time ago. But I am here and I remain passionate and committed to what I do.

I’m also aware that I am very lucky that the unpleasant clients I have to deal with are definitely in the minority and most of my clients and those who interact with me do respect my time.

My intention here isn’t to stop people from reaching out to me. I’m here to help. All I ask is that you be respectful of my time.

And to my amazing clients, both from last week and in general – thank you for being so wonderful. Without your support I couldn’t continue doing what I love. You rock!

The benefits of being owned

Whilst it’s true to say that I operate primarily as an erotic hypnotist rather than a hypnoDomme (meaning the Dominant/submissive [D/s] dynamic is optional), I do enjoy truly special relationships with some very good boys. A genuine relationship takes time to establish as trust and mutual understanding must be given the opportunity to evolve and flourish, but the results can be truly incredible.

As a case in point, I enjoyed a lovely Skype hypnosis session (find more info here) earlier today with a very good boy who I have known and interacted with for a good while.  We enjoy a strong D/s dynamic and he has found a great deal of comfort, reassurance and pleasure in choosing to surrender to my control. I take great pride in empowering my submissive boys – encouraging them to be the best version of themselves that they possibly can be, and I love watching my boys gain confidence through submission and truly shine.

In the Skype hypnosis session we enjoyed today, we tried a little experiment. I put him into trance and had him write a note for his conscious mind. His conscious mind would have no recollection of writing the note, nor any input into its contents.  I gave no guidance or suggestions regarding what to write – the content of the note was entirely up to his subconscious mind to share.

The results ended up being so beautiful and eloquent I immediately asked my boy if he would mind me (anonymously) sharing it and he kindly agreed.

Here it is:

“This butterfly is auxillary, it flutters up, and shows you something.

The benefits of being owned are numerous and inobvious. There is the level of relaxation it can bring, the peace of mind, the feelings of focus and devotion.

The incomprenensible depth of pleasure.

The sensual pleasure of exploring yourself, knowing your Mistress is exploring with you and that the depths you feel are exposed to her control, that your pleasure is her pleasure, that you can be consumed and utterly give yourself to her power.

That you can appreciate the beauty of her voice, her body and her mind, her will, her power overwhelming you with bliss, your consciousness overwhelmed and subject to her power, her beautiful power and strength, and grip.

The pleasure of relinquishment, of feeling her will at your core, of feeling her words as your own thoughts, of her words becoming your own mind.

The freedom of not having to think, to worry, to strategize, but just to obey what is given to you as a sensual gift”.

Such a beautifully written, eloquent expression of his experience of submission to me. Of being owned by me.  I wanted to share it with you to give you a glimpse into the possibilities that exist in submission to me…the potential for pleasure and personal growth.

Every dynamic is different – every boy chooses to express their submission in different ways – but submission is a gift, and there is pleasure to be had in both gifting yourself through submission to a Domme you trust as well as reaping the benefits of submission and surrender.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the possibilities.

Thoughts? Opinion? Questions? Please share by leaving a comment (or two) below. Thank you.

A little update (of sorts)…

I know I have been super quiet the last week or two. I don’t want to go into a whole lot of detail as it is personal (health reasons) and honestly not all that interesting, but I also don’t want you to think that I have forgotten about you.

I love hypnosis. I love engaging with you and others who share my love of hypnosis. I love enjoying sessions and watching the progress you make in each one.

But experience has taught me I also need to know when to take a step back – even from things I love – and look after myself. I can’t do what I love if I am exhausted, mentally and physically.

A little self care goes a long way, but I also have to balance that with the realities of being self employed. Namely that I don’t get sick pay, or paid holidays or any other perks. Sure I benefit in other ways but being self employed can be stressful – even if you’re doing something you love.

So if you notice I am quiet, it’s a signal that I could do with your support more than ever. Same goes for people in general – it’s the quiet ones, the ones that don’t tend to draw attention to themselves that often need support. Remember to check in on friends and colleagues and make sure they’re okay. I hope you have friends who also do the same for you.

As much as this is an explanation (of sorts) of why I have been quiet, it’s also a reminder for you to take care of yourself. Be realistic about what you need and don’t be afraid to prioritise your own wellbeing when you need to.

It’s also to reassure you that I’m not going anywhere, and I am still available for sessions – although in the short term availability may be more limited so if you want a session, let me know – preferably with as much notice as possible so I can make sure I am rested/available. I do really, truly love and enjoy live sessions and am looking forward to doing more.

Also hoping to record more once my energy levels coincide with a quieter environment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and know that your ongoing support means more than you will ever know.

The hypnosis experience can be a surprisingly intense one

The hypnosis experience can be a surprisingly intense one.  Immersive in ways it can be difficult to comprehend until you’ve lived it. Experienced it first hand. Being in trance….feeling and embracing the possibilities is incredible and transformative but such pleasures and the expansiveness of the experience can also be overwhelming. Especially if you’re also including additional emotional elements such as submission and/or realisation of additional fantasies and desires.

Hypnosis can take you by surprise. Its effects can feel temporarily overwhelming and that’s okay. This is why I always encourage open and honest communication as well as engaging in trance with a hypnotist you trust. Being able to talk through your feelings and emotions openly and honestly, confident in receiving reassurance and support is very important.

Engaging with someone you trust and feel safe with is grounding. It can help you navigate and cope with what can feel like a very vulnerable situation.  Your hypnotist should be an anchor. They should focus and ground you, offering a safe space to explore the infinite possibilities hypnosis offers. I appreciate the pull of the temptation to dive right in.  To abandon yourself to the experience. To completely give yourself a favor, no holds barred. The potential is intoxicating. possibilities are alluring and addictive. Once your mind and body get a taste what hypnosis feels like, it’s like a gateway drug.   You want more. You want to take the next step, to explore and discover and to drink in the new possibilities. That excitement and anticipation perfectly reasonable and understandable. I’ve been practicing hypnosis for years. I know exactly how potentially addictive  cassia can be. How exciting the possibilities are, and how easy it is to crave more.

It’’s for these reasons but I always recommend researching, taking time understand who it is it will be playing with your mind encouraging your explorations, guiding you in what can be one of the most pleasurable experiences that you will ever enjoy.  Because to be able to fully enjoy and appreciate the pleasure, you have to feel safe in the environment you’re exploring. This involves enabling and establishing a level of trust with the hypnotist you are working with, which in turn opens doors to even more incredible pleasure and possibility.  Once you trust them, once you understand they have your best interest at heart, you’re able to let go and embrace the experience of hypnosis in an entirely new and Incredibly powerful way.

Establishing trust and communication means it in those moments when you feel overwhelmed, when things just become too much, you are secure in the knowledge  that you can communicate any fears,worries or concerns these will be listened to and acknowledged by your hypnotist. they can reassure you, offer explanations and tailor your hypnotic experience to ensure that it is as beneficial and pleasurable as possible.