I’m back in the UK!

So – due to the unprecedented issues relating to the COVID-19 virus, I am back in the UK earlier than anticipated. I had to plan moving my entire life from one continent to another in 3 days and it’s been exceedingly stressful and expensive.

I am working on getting my studio set up so I can continue with sessions/recording, but I am starting from scratch so bear with me as it may take some time.

In the meantime, your ongoing support is much appreciated. These are uncertain times and being self employed I face more uncertainty than most to begin with.

I promise as soon as I have a desk and chair I will be recording/offering sessions again. If you’re aching to trance for me and want to help expedite the process, please consider purchasing items from my amazon wishlist:


If you want to really make a difference and support me, then “say thank you”

Say Thank You

Thank you to all those who have continued to make purchases over the last week. Good boys!

Exciting New Experiment

I am always looking for ways to improve my website and your experience. To that end, I’ve decided to try a new experiment for a month…it’s a loyalty points/reward system.

Basically, once you have registed with my site (I appreciate most of you will already be registered in which case no need to re-register) you have the opportunity to earn loyalty points by completing various tasks (e.g. leaving reviews, commenting on blog posts, making purchases, etc). The more points you earn, the more rewards you get.

Rewards include special badges for your account as well as potential discounts on future orders.

I’ve also included a “level up” membership connected to the points system. There are 3 levels at present – bronze, gold and silver. Each time you “level up” you’re rewarded with a permanent % discount on future purchases on my site.

I am trialling the software for 30 days to decide whether it is worth investing in. Whether this project will continue beyond 30 days depends on you. Like it? Want to keep it? Then use it and give me feedback!

Remember and let me know what you think. I’m open to ideas for improvements such as more badges/different rewards.


New MP3s celebrating my love of words

New MP3s celebrating my love of words

I love words. I love how they can be blended and woven into hypnotic tapesteries. I love how they can be used to conjour magical visions and sensations and experiences.  I have touched on this with two free recordings to date Power of Words and Power of Words 2 but now I wanted to take things a step further and focus on celebrating and enjoying specific, unusual words which elicit sensual and pleasurable responses. I wanted to play and have fun with them…a literary hypnotic dance.

To that end I have developed three (to date) special recordings. Each focused on a different, unusual word specifically chosen to entrance and enthrall. The first recording to be released is Eutony, but for those of you who simply cannot wait I have also released an advanced bundle of all three recordings (Eutony, Logolepsy and Orphic) with a discount for purchasing all 3 (each recording separately will retail for $9.99 whereas the bundle is $27).

I sincerely hope you enjoy these sensual hypnotic literary explorations and very much look forward to hearing your feedback.



Live Skype Hypnosis Session Price Change

I wanted to advise that as of 1st August 2019 the price of Live Skype Hypnosis Sessions will be changing. The new prices ($USD) are listed below:

1 hour session: $150

1.5 hour session: $222

2 hour session: $300

Amending the prices is not a decision I have taken lightly.

Any sessions booked/paid for from 1st August 2019 onwards will be at the above prices so if you want to book a session at the current prices you need to book/pay for your session/s before 1st August (the sessions themselves can be for after 1st August but they need to be booked and paid for before this date for the existing (soon to be old) prices to be honoured).

If you have any questions, please comment here so I can respond.

New Payment Processor & 10% discount code

In order to give you the best possible experience I have switched to a new payment processor – CCBill. They’re well known and established (especially in the adult industry) so safe to use, and if you set up a “Pay With CCBill” account with them (option to do so is on the checkout page) then you will only need to enter your payment details once and they will be (securely) retained (by CCBill – I have absolutely no sight of any financial information) to make your checkout experience smoother moving forward.

It’s taken some time to set up, and there may still be a few niggles (I’m hoping not, but you never know!). Please be patient and if you experience any issues let me know so I can help you ASAP. The payment processor accepts visa, mastercard and many other options as well.

As a thank you for your patience I have set up a 10% discount code which is valid for one order per person (you can purchae as many items as you like, but they must pchecked out in a single order). The discount code is valid until the end of April 2019 and the code is “yayforspring“, minus the “”.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to let me know.