Glittering-minded deathless Aphrodite

Glittering-minded deathless Aphrodite

by Sappho | Lady Jessica, Queen of Dreams

‘Glittering-Minded deathless Aphrodite’

Glittering-Minded deathless Aphrodite,

I beg you, Zeus’s daughter, weaver of snares,

Don’t shatter my heart with fierce

Pain, goddess,

But come now, if ever before

You heard my voice, far off, and listened,

And left your father’s golden house,

And came,

Yoking your chariot. Lovely the swift

Sparrows that brought you over black earth

A whirring of wings through mid-air

Down the sky.

They came. And you, sacred one,

Smiling with deathless face, asking

What now, while I suffer: why now

I cry out to you, again:

What now I desire above all in my

Mad heart. ‘Whom now, shall I persuade

To admit you again to her love,

Sappho, who wrongs you now?

If she runs now she’ll follow later,

If she refuses gifts she’ll give them.

If she loves not, now, she’ll soon

Love against her will.’

Come to me now, then, free me

From aching care, and win me

All my heart longs to win. You,

Be my friend.

Come To Me Here From Crete – Sappho

Come To Me Here From Crete – Sappho

It’s no secret that I love words…poetry in particular.  That’s why you will likely find that, from time to time, as well as sharing hypnosis recordings, I will also choose to share poems I enjoy with you.  To me they have their own special hypnotic quality – the language can draw you in beautifully and transport your mind to all sorts of special places.

This poem hails from ancient Greece and a poet named Sappho who hails from the island of Lesbos.  Though only fragments of her poetry remain I personally find the language she uses to be hauntingly beautiful and emotive and I hope you enjoy listening to this poem as much as I enjoyed recording it.