If you’re setting out on a new journey and you aren’t exactly sure where you’re going, but you like to think that it’s a journey you’ll be making with relative frequency from now on as the destination sounds pretty exciting, then would you rather make this journey alone or have someone to guide you?  Someone to help point out landmarks along the way that you can then use to guide yourself the next time you come this way, even if you’re on your own.


I like to think of trance as a journey.  So many people focus on the destination (being in trance), but there is a lot of pleasure to be found in the journey into trance as well.  I’ve developed a technique which I use to help you appreciate the pleasure that can be found in the descent into trance (as well as in trance itself).  This technique also helps you “signpost” your experience so that the next time you enjoy trancing you’ll find it easier to slip back into trance.


So – how does it work?  In essence, everyone’s journey into trance and their experience of trancing is unique to them.  There may be similarities, but your journey is your own and special to you.  There will be certain physical signs that will become apparent as you begin to go into trance and as you go deeper into trance.  Many times you won’t be consciously aware of these changes, however training yourself to recognise them can allow you to appreciate what stage of trance you’re at and be confident about the direction in which your experience is heading.


Doing this without any support can be tricky, so I aim to support you during live Skype sessions by picking up on the subtle changes I see as you go into trance and reporting these back to you, bringing them to your conscious awareness.  I appreciate that at first glance this sounds a little odd – after all, won’t it simply be an interruption and draw you back out of trance?  Interestingly, the opposite is actually true.  Talking/responding won’t stop/interrupt the trancing process, but being guided to be aware of the physical signs of your descent into trance can help you self-verify your experience and provide empirical proof that your trance experience is evolving.  These signs vary from person to person but common iterations include breathing slowing and deepening, blinking, increased focus, etc.


This isn’t a technique that I am aware of other hypnotists using, and I do appreciate that on the surface it seems counter-intuitive but I can assure you I have had a great deal of success utilising this technique.  It’s a great way for you to learn about your own trance experience and to be able to fully embrace and appreciate the pleasure that comes from going into trance, as well as being in trance itself.  Once you have a better understanding of your own personal trance journey, then the next time you trance (live or to mp3 recordings) you will be better placed to feel more secure in your ability to trance and to enjoy the experience of being able to trance more effectively and deeply.


This technique, when applied properly and appropriately works with a wide range of people including analytical people and/or those who have previously struggled to trance.

If you’re curious about experiencing this for yourself, drop me a message at info@queenofdreamshypnosis.com and ask me any questions you may have.  It’s also worth checking out my Skype page at www.queenofdreamshypnosis.com/skype/